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A Good Blog is…

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of May 2005 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Ken Smith from Weblogs in Higher Education has a good post where he attempts to describe a ‘good blog’ – he writes:

‘A good blog has a focus, a field or topic where the writer keeps up with what’s being said. The writer attends with interest to the work being done by others, and the writer’s thinking is provoked and advanced by the particulars of the work others are doing. The writer is generous with others, responding to their work and risking and sharing ideas with them in return. These values imply character on the part of the writer; anyone who writes seriously — has the character to keep at it — will develop a voice or style appropriate for the subject matter. This voice implies the writer’s character.’

I like what he’s included in this statement – it resonates with me on lots of levels. Particularly this statement about the ‘generosity with others’ and ‘risking and sharing ideas’ with others fits in nicely with my current series on relational blogging.

How would you define a good blog?

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  1. Blogs can be good in so many ways….Starting from a vibing design, to a rich contect….so there is no absolute define for a good blog…


  2. What sets a blog apart from a website on a particular subject is the interaction. That is what I hope sets myself apart from other websites on photography. The option to ask a question and see it answered.

    A good blog is also one that inspires it’s readers through the authors writings. Whether it be about blogging, technology, volunteer work or whatever, a good blog will get your motor running and get the gears in your head unstuck.

  3. In my field, one must position themselves as the source of information that gets the readers to come back. You have to provide your readers with information they want. Get to know your visiters by knowing what brings them to your blog. Pay attention to the searches that bring them to your blog and grow from there. Watch for patterns of searches and provide the readers with more information on those patterns. This is what I try to do and it gets traffic.

  4. I’d say a good blog would allow people to feel that they are on an equal footing with the author. I love when I feel that I’m adding something just by participating in comments….. like here.

  5. Grant hit the nail on the adverbial head.

    Relevant content of theoretical or practical value to the the audience, according to user studies, not assumptions.

    Notice how often and easily we slump into describing marketing tools with what we want to accomplish, how we want audiences to react, what we need, what we think…

    …when all that matters, at first and throughout, is user needs and interests.

    Many other factors help boost credibility, readability, actionability, curiosity, etc.

    But if the design repulses within the first few seconds: bail out.

    If the content then is not satisfying, coherent, presented well: bail out.

    More important than what makes a good (effective) blog…

    …is what makes a good (ethical) blog.

  6. It’s so hard to find today, but original content. I don’t care about the author’s opinion of someone else’s article. I can form my own opinion. Give me something new. Oh, and if you write a commercial blog (i.e non-personal blog), don’t tell me about what you had for dinner last night or how cute your new puppy is…we don’t care. Keep it professional.

  7. contrasts challenging contrasting crouched intentness – Tons of interesdting stuff!!!

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