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8 Killer Tactics to Grow Your Blog with LinkedIn

Posted By Guest Blogger 12th of June 2012 Social Media 0 Comments

This guest post is by Josh Turner of LinkedSelling.

Is your blog a business, or do you hope that it someday will be?

If you answered yes, then you should consider refocusing some of your social media activities toward the world’s largest social network for business.

That’s right, LinkedIn isn’t just for big companies or finding a job. There are a ton of practical tactics and strategies that you can engage in to build your blog on LinkedIn. Here are eight of my absolute favorites.

1. Join groups where other bloggers hang out

It’s surprising how few bloggers take advantage of the free communities available on LinkedIn. While paid membership sites flourish, completely free membership groups exist within LinkedIn that offer many of the same benefits.

LinkedIn groups

Consider getting involved with groups such as Professional Bloggers or Small Biz Forum.

These types of groups are full of people just like you: they’re eager to build relationships with other bloggers, looking for guest posting opportunities, and engaged in daily conversations about being a small business owner.

2. Use the LinkedIn Share button to promote content

ou likely have Twitter, Facebook, and maybe a couple other social sharing buttons on your blog. If you don’t have a LinkedIn share button, you may be really missing out.

The Share buttonY

Using the LinkedIn share button, you can quickly post and promote your content in every group that you are a member of.

If your content is relevant to your target audience, and the LinkedIn groups that you belong to are relevant, you’ll see an immediate and sustainable spike in traffic by consistently utilizing the LinkedIn share button. The key to growing that audience, as with almost anything, is that you provide great value through the network, and deliver it consistently.

3. Use premium features to discover new influencers

Would you be interested to find out any time somebody added “Community Manager” or “Blogger” to their LinkedIn profile?

With a premium LinkedIn account (about $30 per month) you can save searches such as these, and receive a weekly digest including every person in the world that recently added these words to their profile.

The LinkedIn people search

As somebody who is looking to build a real business with your blog, connecting with these people could be HUGE for your business. Consider that people new to the game are eager to build relationships, for one.

But the real power play here is the ability to identify new managers of larger sites. By approaching them when they are new to the position, you’re going to be one of the first. Tons of value here.

4. Find Strategic Groups to Explore Partnerships

If you’re like most people, you might not have much of a plan for how you’re going to leverage LinkedIn to build your business/blog. This presents a great opportunity for you if you’re willing to utilize LinkedIn to its potential.

One thing you can do to advance your business is to build strategic relationships on LinkedIn. Here’s how you could do this:

  1. Identify 10-20 sites or blogs that could really help to position your blog in the spotlight.
  2. Research who the players are, find them on LinkedIn, and join the groups that they are active in.
  3. Stay on top of their activity within groups.
  4. Engage with them in their conversations.
  5. Build a relationship.
  6. Take it to the next level.

Darren Rowse is probably not reachable through this method, but the people that run his operation likely are. You have to do your homework, but spending some time on the front end could really open some doors for you.

Darren on LinkedIn

5. Demonstrate your expertise to land gigs

There are a number of ways you can demonstrate your expertise on LinkedIn to generate real, paying gigs.

For most of us, it is consulting income or our “real job” that feeds the family.

The wrong way

Consistently sharing your content and engaging people within groups are two of the best ways to do this. Don’t forget, I said consistently. Dabbling won’t get the results you’re after.

Be sure, if this is the type of work you’re after, that your profile clearly states that you are “for hire.”

From there, demonstrate your professionalism and skills, over and over. Be a good person. Build quality relationships. The rest will take care of itself.

6. Use LinkedIn Ads to promote your products or list

If you sell products on your blog, or you have a budget to work with for building your list, consider exploring LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn’s advertising platform can be accessed with as little as a $10 per day budget. The beauty of the system is that you can target your ads to an exact type of person. Want to position your ad in front of managers, at Los Angeles businesses, with between 10-100 people, and over 35 years old? LinkedIn can take care of that for you.

Whether your offerings have a broad appeal or are more niche oriented, the LinkedIn ad platform could be a great way to get the word out.

7. Use LinkedIn Signal for competitive analysis

LinkedIn Signal is essentially LinkedIn’s search function for the entire network. Enter a phrase that you’re interested in, and you will see every related bit of activity from within every nook and cranny on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Signal

The power of Signal is that it exposes you to people outside of your first-degree connections. You can see status updates for every person on LinkedIn, and group posts for every group on LinkedIn. Powerful stuff.

Signal is a great way to stay up to date on competing blogs, to research new content ideas, and to find new people who are worth following and connecting to.

8. Follow companies that are in your space

If you’re operating within a specific industry, there are certainly hundreds, if not thousands of companies represented on LinkedIn. There are nearly 2.5 million businesses with registered company pages on LinkedIn. Clearly the actual number of business owners with a presence on LinkedIn is much higher.

Consider following the companies that matter to you. This gives you the ability to receive updates from them, stay current with their news, and it creates visibility for you within the company’s network.

Following a company

You should also consider researching their employees listed on LinkedIn. This can be a great way to get in with the people that matter, providing a channel for interview requests, and positioning your site as a leader in the space.

Are you building a business?

If the answer is yes, you need to be on LinkedIn.

Whether you are writing about dog bones, margaritas or minor league badminton, there are some serious tactics at your disposal within LinkedIn. If you’re interested in building relationships, building your list and building your income, LinkedIn should be a major part of your business strategy.

So how about you? Are you using LinkedIn to build your blog?

Josh Turner is the founder of LinkedSelling, a LinkedIn marketing firm that offers training and outsourced LinkedIn campaigns. Get his free 10-part video training series, How to Convert Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Lead Generation Tool.

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  1. Nice article! These are some sick points to make use to promote your site. I will definitely use the points I have not know before.

    I have been using groups quite well, and have been having great results with them. Connection are always great to get and keep building them.

    LinkedIn is a site not to miss in order to get more traffic and maybe even more sales!

  2. This is a nice detailed approach. I never even considered Linkedin with the aspect of blog growth. I already have an account on there with a few people added, but never really paid much attention to it. I’ll go and have a look on it right now!

  3. this is very useful information….i will try to follow them.
    thanks you.

  4. Nice article. I’ve been trying to get more involved in the big 3 – google, Facebook, and twitter. Maybe I need to make it the big 4. I especially like how your article has a lot of actonable advice. I especially like the advice that you need to be consistent not dabble when it comes to social media. The more involved you get, the more success you will have with it.

  5. I dnt Know abt that Linkedin Share Button till now. Linkedin ads also very good idea to promote. Very Useful Thank you.

  6. thanks for useful posts. LinkedIn is a social network would brings large traffic sources if correctly exploited, post is a tutorial very detailed and accurate for marketing strategies on social networks

  7. I’ve known LinkedIn for quite sometimes but had not done or to fully utilize its functions. I have registered an account and will apply your technique Josh !
    Thanks for sharing…

  8. Nice tips, you’ve highlighted a few things I hadn’t thought about.

    I use Linkedin a little (not too much), but I do see it’s value. I’ll have to think about a few of these tips. May need to immerse myself more:)

    Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)

  9. Hi Josh, very informative post. Especially your tip about groups and their leaders is very good, I must try it.
    Thanks for sharing, Chris

  10. a really great trick it works thanks now i can grow with linkdln thanks

  11. Very Interesting! I’ve been a big fan of LinkedIn for many years but never thought about it as a tool to promote my blog.

  12. Great ideas here for utilizing LinkedIn Josh. I have not been much of a user but after reading your post I got some great ideas.

  13. Great article indeed Josh!

    I have just started with your free 10-part video series a couple of days ago and I plan on making some serious changes to my Linkedin profile really soon. Not sure if I’ll be able to wait after 10 weeks have passed though ;)

    One thing I will definitely do is linking up with bloggers and groups for bloggers. I think posting updates when you have written a new value-packed article or post will catch some interest, provided it delivers amazing value of course.

    Thanks for the great tips; hurry those videos okay? ;)

    • Hey Ruan, thanks for the comment. I agree, your content has to be really great. Without that, posting updates won’t get you much traction.

      We will hurry those videos along! :)

  14. Nice tips. Never occurred to me that I should check out bloggers groups in Linked In. Will definitely do that:)

  15. Linkedin is one of the most overlooked traffic sources that everyone should tap on. It only takes a few minutes to share your great post to the groups and you will definitely get targeted traffic visiting your website. The other thing I would love to try out is the ads.

    How does the conversion comparing to Adwords or FB Ads?


  16. Very solid practical advice. Gave me some good reasons to consider doing the LinkedIn upgrade. In the fever over FB and Twitter, LinkedIn often gets ignored. Thanks for reminding us why it should be at the top our our social business activities.

  17. I use LInkedIn but never really got into the groups much. I’m going to have to try looking into that more. I wasn’t even aware you could share directly to groups, I thought it just shares it in your status update, which seems kinda useless to me since I have my Twitter feed tied to it. Thanks for the tips!

  18. Nice info Josh! You know your stuff!

    When it comes to LinkedIn combined with blogging, you can always create a new discussion in a group based on one of your blog posts and drive traffic to your site from there.

    The less obvious way to use your blog on LinkedIn though is when you find someone who is a potential client and connect with them, you can offer them links to a few of your top blog posts that apply to their sitution. It’s a good way to introduce yourself to somebody new and get them to your site without being “salesy”.

    We should compare notes sometime.

  19. Is there any special LinkedIn communities that you may recommend? Thanks for naming some of them. Article is very useful for me too.

  20. Thnk for this very useful info. I’ll try to follow this tactics to grow my blog. Hope it will bring me success

  21. Thanks for the awesome info! Just when I think I am making progress and I actually feel like I know something… I come across an article like yours and I am back in the newbie category! lol So much to learn… and all the time in the world to learn it! Love it! thanks again! :)

  22. I didn’t see you mention LinkedIn Answers. I’ve gotten a ton of traffic and new subscribers from answering other peoples questions, adding value and pointing them towards my blog.

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