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7 Days to Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of July 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Rediscover-Blogging-Groove--1Are you finding it hard to sustain your blogging inspiration at the moment? This week I’d like to help you get your blogging moving again.

Have you lost your blogging groove?

If you have – you’re not alone. Last week I chatted with a lot of bloggers who are either feeling disillusioned, uninspired, uncreative or just plain bored with their blogs. The result was that their blogs were suffering.

Perhaps it is the time of year (many in the northern hemisphere have all the distractions of summer while those of us in the south are feeling the winter blues) or perhaps it’s something else – but I’m sensing that many bloggers could need a little bit of a boost right now.

So this week I’d like to invite you to participate with me in a little project called the ‘Rediscover Your Blogging Groove‘ project.

Each day over the next week I’m going to announce a new type of post that I’ll invite you to write on your blog.

I’ll attempt to make them general enough to for most types of blogs (some of you might need to get a little creative) and will write a few ideas and thoughts on how to approach the type of post that I’m writing about. I’ll also try to give a few good examples from around the blogosphere of each type of post.

The object is simply to take the post type and write something on your blog that bounces off what I write.

  • There’s no need to link back here (this isn’t about me, it’s about you getting your blog groove back).
  • There’s no prizes (this isn’t an official ProBlogger group writing project, hopefully the reward is simply feeling a little inspiration to write some good content)
  • I’m not going to create a big list of posts that you all write (although you’re welcome to show off your posts in the comments announcing each day’s post type so we can see how you approached it).
  • There are no ‘rules’. Take my suggested post types in any direction you’d like, tweak the, change them, ignore them, do it over a longer period if you can’t manage 7 posts in a week – do whatever you like – but have fun with it.

The Daily Tasks

Day 1 – Write a List Post
Day 2 – Answer a Question
Day 3 – Write a Review
Day 4 – Write a Link Post
Day 5 – Write a Tip Post
Day 6 – Ask a Question
Day 7 – Tell a Story

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. This is a truly awesome idea and I look forward to participating. :-)

  2. Look forward to playing. I would really like to upskill my practical experience in blogging with different objectives / styles.


  3. Talk about great timing! I’ve been suffering one of the most severe blogger’s block ever. Would be looking forward for the coming installments.

  4. Looking forward to it ;)

  5. I agree with the other comments… On my click for nick site, I am afraid that I am not offering the users not enough interesting things to read… sad :(

  6. Darren, good idea. I wonder how you people think of such new things. Maybe thats why you all are “Pro Bloggers”. This one is surely going to help me. I hope it will get my blog a new face. Thanks Darren.

  7. Wow, thanks Darren! This may be just what I need. I have been blogging just over a year and I am hitting the big ‘slump’ now. I cant wait for it to start!

  8. Great idea, Darren. Sounds like online coaching, and the best of all it’s free :)

  9. I like the sounds of this. Thanks for thinking of us.

  10. What a fabulous idea. This should be very interesting.

  11. Every morning I need to rediscovering my Blogging Groove :-p

  12. I think we are in time where we sit back wait for elections to be over and celebrate the new beginning.

    2008 will be dramatical change for usa

  13. Thanks for the excellent idea. The well was starting to run a little dry as I begin to work more on projects and write less about the projects. I’ll try to follow it.

    I just wanted to let you and your readers know I’m testing out a new pluging that gives Prime Placement Text Links from my high traffic blog for just $1.

    Check it out (or edit this out if its too commercial): http://www.oneyeargoal.com

    Thanks for the great posts.

  14. Great idea Darren. My solution to get back in the groove was 31 straight days of really useful posts for my readers. 20 days to go.


  15. I find that developing an editorial calendar helps keep an objective perspective and helps me not to become trapped in trying to fill the “immediate” day’s blog.

    In other words, strategic thinking is necessary.

  16. I have no shortage of inspiration and a very healthy backlog of draft posts, but this looks like fun! Great idea.

  17. Sweet. Will do.

  18. Darren

    This is a great idea. I’m so pleased it isn’t just me! I’ve just written a very brief post on the fact that I’ve been suffering for the past few weeks and not written a thing!

    Encouraging to see I’m not quite alone!

  19. I think we all have the summer time blogging blues, so thanks for the inspiration. But sometimes burn out means we need to take a break and do something else, like exercise, watch a movie, read a good book, or take a short trip.

  20. I’ll participate, Darren.

  21. I like this. Very creative, Darren!

  22. I am never disappointed when I visit you at problogger. I am doing pretty good with my blog. I am not bored nor am I feeling uninspired. I am feeling VERY busy. I appreciate the list posts. I shall try it later today. It should help me get some good information out with spending the hours I tend to spend writing my blog posts.

    I came here for one thing this morning and I got something else.


  23. Thanks, I’ll try to participate too, although I’m pressed for time

  24. Just found out about this, and am Excited to participate as well. Always a big fan, Darren.

  25. I can’t stop laughing at that pic, Darren.

  26. Awesome advice! While I haven’t “lost” my blogging groove, I’m certainly trying to find one. I’m fairly new to blogging… and your advice will certainly set me on the right track. Thanks again!

  27. thanx for the ideas mate

    gr8 post

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