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51 Minutes of Video Streaming Q&A on Blogging

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of July 2009 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Over the last few days I’ve been running a number of impromptu video streaming sessions on ustream (on my ProBlogger channel). The sessions have largely been Question and Answer times with a lot of the questions being the kind of questions I get asked a lot – so today I thought I’d record the session and make it available to others who were not on the live stream. Here it is (I hope Ustream is able to keep up with the demand – it’s been a bit slow for me today and I’ve heard a few others say they’ve struggled to see it):

If you’d like to know when I do these Ustream sessions I tend to announce them on my Twitter account – alternatively follow me on Ustream and I’ll hopefully answer your questions next time.

Update: Apologies to those not able to view this. For some reason Ustream’s ability to play this video for quite a few people is compromised – I’m not sure what the problem and feel your frustration – in fact I’m not even able to view it myself. What’s the problem Ustream?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • It is bit slow here as well. But I will try it in different times. I am sure los people are watching this right now. Anyway thanks a lot for providing it. I am just looking forward to watchin it.

  • Hmmm. I can’t even get it to play. I’ll check back in a little bit. I look forward to seeing it.

  • I go with my interest when it comes to topic’s most of the times, video gets restarted after a while :( what’s wrong? have replayed it 5 times in a row now :(

  • Hey darren, Can’t you arrange a pdf written transcript of conversation please?. I suppose it will be better for most of us here.
    We can either watch or read or both. multi learning :P :) sits long and deep in mind

    thanks anyways and always

  • I’m having trouble getting this video to play. Nothing happens when I go to play it.

  • Useful bol. I just started it and then waited for it to load a bit and it was fine.

  • Hi Darren,

    Video restarts after 46 seconds or so.. not sure why it’s doing that. Does the same here as well as on ustream


  • I loved the answer to the question about your most bizarre experience lol. Nice video and I like the community of bloggers that gather here on your site mate. Cheers!

  • Thanks Darren, I was able to view about the first 10 minutes before the stream became kind of dodgy, but I’ll come back at a later time, and hopefully Ustream will have gotten their act together.

  • This was cool. Thanks for answering my question. I’ve learned a lot from you. I am a new blogger but an old journalist. A lot of fun!

    I write mostly on B2B and social media but throw humor in there now and then (like today). If you’re interested, my blog is at

    Would be honored by views from you or any of your audience!

    Mark W Schaefer
    [email protected]

  • Thanks for sharing your experience on blogging, I didn’t have trouble watching the video. The community questions were all very interesting, so I’ll be waiting for the next Q&A session.

  • Firefox crashed shortly after I pressed play and the video opened in a new tab.

    I vote PDF as well, lol. I just lost some work I was doing. :(

  • Quite a few questions about obsessions, and people seemingly getting a little overwhelmed with all the various tasks that go with “running a blog”. I think you said it best when you advised one of the first ones to set a schedule.

    Regardless of which task you do yourself or which ones you outsource, I think it’s extremely important to set detailed schedule for tasks, and posts on a weekly basis. If you just sit down, and “wing it” each day, you’ll end up spending more time staring at the screen wondering what to do next or watching videos on other people’s blogs instead of working! ;)

    Great Q&A (although it start to cut out on me after a few minutes, I’ll be back to check the rest)


  • Was able to watch only a few minutes of it. Will try again.

  • is it just me or the video it not playing ?

  • Hey Darren, I am really interested in watching the video, but for some reason it is not playing or even buffering. Do I have to download something before I can watch?


  • I can get your “ProBlogger Impromtu Video Session” to load via but unfortunately the same trick isn’t working for “ProBlogger Blog Tips 07/09/09 12:08AM” ( ) It seems to get stuck when getting data from . Kind of bazaar that one will load that way and not the other. I’m guessing they have some data issues. Oh well, at least I get to watch one of your videos now even if it is older :D

  • not able to see. Firefox hang….

  • Video worked ok for me, as usual l learned a lot.

    Also there seems to be something different about you;)

  • It means quite a bit to a lot of people that Darren takes the time to answer questions like this. Becoming a successful blogger is not easy, and it is good to have someone like Darren who can help guide people through the growing pains.

  • Can’t get it to play. Will try again later.

  • It’s working fine now, though the ad for pre-owned electric walkies is a bit puzzling.

  • Not working just yet :(
    But I will be sure to come back in a few hours. Can’t wait!

  • Not working here also, i support PDF as well. Let know what can be done.


  • Same Problem here as well can you please upload the video at youtube


  • Thanks for doing these streams. I have participated in 2 of them so far. Really useful.

    I am looking to do something similar on the topics of Sustainability and the Environment.

    These tips will come in handy indeed.

  • I loved this post

  • I’ll check back later!

  • Awesome project, Mel! Wow! I love your idea with new use of digi-images! Thank you for sharing tutorial, templates and your wonderful inspiration! more templates easy to download

  • I think that’s a good initiative from your side Darren for making us reader get the opportunity to interact you via video stream. Thanks a bunch.

  • Was able to watch only a few minutes of it. Will try again.

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  • how can i see my left message faster.i am not sure whether my message has been uploaded .

  • Yes, for me I’m having trouble getting this video to play. Nothing happens when I go to play it.

  • I’ve only been able to watch the first few minutes, then it stops , but will watch out for the next one on twitter….