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5 Things You Should Know about My Dad the ProBlogger

Posted By Darren Rowse 6th of July 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

My-Dad-BloggerThis guest post has been submitted by my son – little ‘X’ – who turned 1 today. I thought it was an appropriate day for him to make his debut as a blogger.

I’ve been watching my Dad being a ProBlogger for a year now – here’s 5 things that I noticed about how he does it:

1. My Dad Reads More than He Writes

One question I hear a lot of people asking My Dad is ‘how much time do you spend writing each day?’ I think it’s a good question, but a better one would be ‘how much time do you spend reading each day?’ You see my Dad reads more than he writes. I think he does this because his writing gets better after reading what others say and because it means he’s learning more about his topics.

2. My Dad Talks All Day to Other Bloggers

Another thing my Dad does all day is ‘chat’ to people. He talks to them on his Skype headset, he types to them on his instant messenger and he even meets some of them in the cafe down the road for something called a ‘cafe lartay’. I think My Dad does it partly because blogging looks like a lonely job but also because it helps him blog better. It gives him new ideas, helps him get people to read his blog and link to it more and it even finds him partners to work with.

3. My Dad Only Uses a Few of the Ideas He Comes Up With

I was looking on my Dad’s computer the other day and found a folder called ‘posts in progress’ which is filled with text files of half finished posts. Some of them are just blank text files with a post name as the file name, others have 10 points that need to be expanded. Others are half thought through ideas or questions from readers. My Dad has hundreds of files in this folder and he puts more in every week. On days when I’m being a little bit naughty and he can’t think straight to come up with a new idea he goes to this folder to help him get started.

4. My Dad Works A lot – but less than he Used to

My Mum tells me that My Dad used to work from when the sun made my room light to after she used to give me the last drink of the day (I don’t have that drink any more because I’m a big boy). That seems like a very long time to be looking at the computer box. He still does look at it for a lot of time in the day but less than he used to. My Dad now takes me for walks every afternoon where we go to the park for a swing and on the weekends he sometimes doesn’t look at the computer box for a whole day. I think he’s a good blogger because he knows he has to work hard but especially because he knows when to stop working.

5. My Dad is Different, like the Wiggles

I don’t read any of Dad’s blogs (I want him to start one of the Wiggles and then I would) but I met a few people that do read them and they tell me that one of the reasons that they first started reading what he writes is because he had something different to say. I don’t know how many blogs there are in the world but I would say it is at least as many as all of my My Mum’s, My Dad’s, My Grandma’s and My Grandpa’s and my toes and fingers all added together (and maybe more). That is a lot of blogs and to get people to notice yours you need to stand out a little – like the Wiggles do in their colored skivvies!

I could probably think of a lot more things to tell you about blogging and perhaps one day I will (although I think I could make more money writing it as an e-book for you to buy – I am an Ontraprenor like My Dad) but I have to go and have my morning sleep now.

I hope you had fun learning about My Dad with me.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hello Little X, as you’ve gleaned some lessons from Daddy, you’ve helped me, too. Great post, Darren. No wonder Liz picked it for SOB Cafe!

  2. I love this post! You have a handsome son. I always enjoy seeing the personal side of the blogger.

    I can relate to spending a lot of time behind my MacBook Pro. I’m a business owner and work from home. I can relate to have unfinished posts I have many and some of them just have a title.

    My daughter is four years old and has been using my other notebook HPdv6000t. She calls it “Zizzy”. Occasionally I’ll let her use my Mac.

    One of the main reasons I like your blog is you’re very personable that is important as the excellent advice you give.

    Oh by the way I love the computer I have the 17″ MacBook Pro also.

  3. One of the best posts i’ve read in a long time. Very well done. Those who have left comments are, as you said, the ones who didn’t read the whole post.

    It is good to see a personal touch in your blog every now and then. I am not married and don’t have not kids, and I still found this post very appealing and informative.

    Also happy birthday to X. Looking forward to read his own blog one day :p

  4. The cutest baby bloggers on earth….Very nice postMay you’ll be a Problogger like your father. hehehe…. :)

  5. Really enjoyed reading your blog post, thanks for the laughs.


  6. Thank you…the post emanates calmness.

  7. Here’s hoping all of your son’s birthday wishes come true.

    Point No. 4, drives it home for me. Blogs come, blogs go, but families and true friends are what it’s all about.. I think all bloggers should learn how to “shut it down”, create memories with loved ones, and spend a day, or at least a few hours, with no thoughts of blogging, stats, posts, etc….

    Darren, you’re posts are always timeless, so if you decide to take additional time off to spend with your family, us loyal readers won’t mind waiting.

  8. It’s cool..! awesome..!.. the world youngest blogger..he..he

  9. Awesome post. Your son will be a brilliant blogger just like yourself

    Gordon Swaby

  10. Awww lovely light hearted post, yet it rings very true. Little ones are precious and you’ve got to make the most of it while they’re young.

    Thanks for making my morning that bit brighter :)

  11. Thats so sweet!
    You are really innovative Darren! Thats what makes you different from others and a successful Blogger!
    Sooooo much to learn from you!
    Thanks always!

  12. I don’t usually leave a comment on your posts because I am so new and still learning so much from you that I have little wisdom to add at this point. – I read every word.

    But I am an authority on one subject as a grandmother.



  13. thanks for speaking for all of us blogging parents!

  14. Happy Birthday to your one-year-old! This was an amusing post!

  15. Pamela Harper says: 03/22/2008 at 10:15 am

    Hi X,
    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to tell us about your Dad and you. Sounds like you know your Dad pretty well already. He really does a great job of balancing life and work. I think that this must be one of the major keys to success as a problogger.

    Happy Birthday X and many many more!


  16. LOL!

    It was so fun reading this. And hope it is really true that your son was the one writing this one.

    Money Making And Blogging Tips

  17. Great idea publishing a post in the form of other’s point of view.

    I have started doing this and getting a family friend to write articles pointed at Mum’s who want to save money:


    and visit mum’s corner.

    Working quite well and my readers love it so far. Many posts to come as a result!

  18. Ah, bless you, little dude. Your dad’s obviously learnt a lot from you..! x

  19. Thanks for sharing this on Twitter. I would love to know how to get promoted to being included in step two. Perhaps your son will share that in a future post.

  20. That was really nice post.
    Please say “Hi!” to the little ‘X’. ;)

  21. cute post!

  22. This is a very interesting way to bring a message across! :) Great post!

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