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5 Lessons I Learned About Blogging in Queensland #QLDBLOG

Posted By Guest Blogger 4th of September 2012 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

This guest post is by Rebecca Cooper of simpleasthatblog.com.

It’s hard for me to believe that just three short months ago I was in sunny Queensland enjoying the sites and attractions across the world from my homeland of Canada. Being chosen as one of the ten bloggers to go on this once in a lifetime trip was exciting to say the least! I was thrilled for the adventure and equally as thrilled to learn what I could about blogging while there.

5 Lessons I Learned About Blogging in Queensland #QLDBLOGThough I’ve had a blog now for over five years, I’m relatively new to the idea of monetizing and was feeling ready to take my blog in a new direction but I needed some help to get there.

Amidst helicopter rides over the Reef, ocean kayaking and zip lining through the rainforest, we had the chance to sit through two blogging workshops with Darren and the open discussion and interactions between all the bloggers was so helpful and really opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities in this world of blogging!

Besides the obligatory Koala and vegemite souvenirs I brought home for the kids, here are a few blogging tidbits I brought home from Queensland with me.

5 Things I learned about blogging in Queensland

  1. Blogging buddies are the best: Discussing blogging with other bloggers is a lot different than chatting on the subject with my husband, who does not blog. So very different!
  2. Make products prominent: If you want to sell ebooks, or other products for that matter, make them easy to find.  I had links to my ebooks on my blog’s sidebar, below the fold, and I was only selling a handful. It was recommended I move them to the top of my sidebar. I was so surprised to see my ebook sales more than double just by doing this. It’s something so simple and obvious to some, I’m sure, but I told you, I’m new to this monetizing thing, remember?
  3. Write with intent: One thing that really stuck with me from Darren’s blog workshops was to ask myself what is the one thing I want my readers to do after they read each post. I find myself asking this question before I hit publish, now. Whether it’s to have readers purchase a copy of my ebooks, have them subscribe to my RSS feed, or simply to feel inspired, with this intent in the back of my mind as I write, I’ve found my posts being more driven and accomplishing better what I want them to. I find myself writing with more intent.
  4. Editing published content is wise: Going back and adding to past content is okay. I learned a few things about what I should have done in past posts, so I fixed them. I went back through my past photography-related posts and provided links to my ebooks, for example.
  5. Believe: One of the biggest things I took away from my experiences in Queensland is to be confident in who you are as a blogger. Believe that you have something to offer, that your content is valuable. That belief in yourself really does shine through.

While I still have a very long way to go in growing my blog and monetizing it the way I’d like to, the things I’ve learned and the small steps I’ve made so far have certainly made a difference.

Sitting down with the other bloggers and doing an open critique of each other’s blogs was one thing I found especially helpful during the workshops and I came home with a list of goals and ideas I can’t wait to implement in my blog!

What new ideas do you have on your blogging to-do list? Let us in on them in the comments.

Rebecca Cooper is a mom, blogger and photographer from Alberta, Canada. When she’s not busy taking care of her four kiddos she enjoys crafting, running, being outdoors, taking photos and blogging about her family’s adventures at simpleasthatblog.com.

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  1. One very true aspect is discussing with people who are really interested in what you are talking about(fellow bloggers) its not just for the point of discussion – they give you insights and which in a way encourages us to do better.

  2. point no.1..very true..more fun discussing blogging with bloggers

  3. I do podcasts and post it on my blog. I’m on my 38th podcast and counting.

    I interact with fellow bloggers and it really feels great to share information with my audience. I’m learning and they’re learning. At the same time I get to share my thoughts on the subject too if I know something about it. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

  4. blogging is effective way to get backlink & blogging has become most effective & valuable part of online marketing ! I appreciate your these top 5 lesson about blogging ! As the direction of blogging you sharing in your article. It would more effect & help.

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    Super helpful tips!

    Holding a pure intent can improve your blogging tremendously.

    Blog with a purpose. Make that purpose helping your readers.

    Never post because you need to post. Or you are supposed to post. Bad intent.

    Intend to help your readers with problems, or questions. Make this intent your driving force and never hit Publish until you have fulfilled your intent.

    Blogging buddies make your job easier. Inspiration, support, cross-promotion…you can’t put a value on your network.

    Impact people each day. Create helpful comments. Churn out helpful comments.

    Promote others. Reach out to others. Tailor discussions, personalizing your campaign.

    The more connections you make the less you compete with anybody.

    You can simply create, or co-create, and leave the whole idea of competition behind.



  6. This post is really inspiring and actually fascinating! Blogging is a cheap and enjoyable work if only you take into consideration where your weaknesses and make rectification once and for all! I have a new idea also to make my blogging become successful. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  7. Number five stands above all, you must have total confidence in yourself. You must believe in yourself before others believe in you, never loose focus just remain focused and everything will turn out positively well. Do blogging because you have passion for it not because you want to make money out of it, write with passion and follow the above tips to the letter.

  8. Interesting points. I particularly agree with the intent. I’ve noticed that if I don’t care about SEO and getting found by search engines, it simply won’t happen! On the contrary, when I have it in the back of my mind, something automatically tells me where to do what to gain that result.

    Rahman Mehraby
    TraveList Marketing Blog

  9. We have the power to turn anything into something because we have got unleashed potentials within us. All we need to do is to take a good look down inside us and find the fantastic gifts there waiting to be explored. We should be willing to take an extra effort to make whatever we are doing perfect we can do everything if we want to, because we have got all the power.

  10. I completely agree to the fourth lesson. I hate to believe I have made a mistake and won’t be able to correct it, but if you can… why not do so?

  11. Nice post Rebecca! I am excited about my guitar tuition blog because the site redesign/ rebrand is all happening and once live i will be way more comfortable marketing it. I like the idea of the ebook in side bar above fold in all posts. My challenge is presenting the various products and services I offer. I want to be able to sell my ebook as well as Skype lessons and private lessons locally. Any good ideas anyone?



  12. Well thanks for such an inspiring article. I loved your saying – Sitting down together to critique each other’s blogs. It is absolutely true because it finally leads to boosting up blog’s fame.

  13. Hi,
    I must say that these five points that you have shared are just great. Well, I think the most important part of your blogging plays in your content. More unique and fresh the content of your blog is, the more visitors it will attract. And most of all, visitors like to read unique concepts. I like the third point that you have highlighted in your post that editing publishing content is also not a bad idea indeed. Rewriting contents with some more points being added to it is not a bad idea after all. Thanks for the share!! This post is definitely very helpful for all the bloggers.

  14. Hey Rebecca,

    It is great to read about your experience and the nice you are blogging on, I really appreciate the time you take out from your busy household work to this totally new world of blogging.

    Your experience is quite new for me as I haven’t been a part of any such journey that you are mentioning here right now. I’d like to be a part of that kind of journey though there is no chance of that. :P

    Last words, I do the same thing over groups that we have in FB. Loads of blogger are helping each other in terms of blogging queries.

  15. Great post! Great Tips! I would love a blogging buddy! It’s like duh! I have a buddy for my art practice and the support has been invaluable.
    I have had my blog for several years but only recently have I decided how I would want to use it. The confindence in that is huge. If you build it they will come ;)
    Thanks for the post!


  16. All the points are very relevant, but I particularly like the last point – believe in yourself. The fact is that your personality shows itself from your blog posts. Your readers can make out if you are less that confident.

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