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47 Lists of Bloggers to Watch in 2010 – Check them Out!

Posted By Darren Rowse 27th of January 2010 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Earlier this month we published a list of 30 bloggers to watch in 2010 that caused a lot of conversation and debate in the comments section of that post. Of course the list of bloggers were simply one persons opinion and fairly much focused around that persons interests – so a week later I invited readers to create their own ‘bloggers to watch’ lists and submit links to them in the comments of that post.

47 bloggers have created such lists so far. The great thing about the submissions is that while there are some themes there is also a lot of diversity in the lists submitted. There is everything from food bloggers to watch, to Mom bloggers to watch, to greeen bloggers to watch, to personal finance blogges to watch to diabetic bloggers to watch. While not every niche is represented it is a great celebration of the blogosphere.

As it’s been a couple of weeks since I called for posts I thought it might be time to combine all the lists of bloggers to watch into a list of posts.

I encourage you to surf through the list – find the posts you resonate with – link up to them, tweet them and add to them with your own comments and posts.

You are welcome to keep submitting your posts of bloggers to watch in your niche but I probably won’t compile the list again unless there are a lot submitted.

  1. Saving Money Bloggers to Watch
  2. Dance Blogs to Watch in 2010
  3. Top Business and Finance Magazines, Blogs and Journals
  4. Bloggers to Watch in 2010- Translation and Localization Industry
  5. My Women of the Web
  6. Faith Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  7. Sewers and Quilting Bloggers to Watch
  8. 11 Famous Food Photo Bloggers to Watch This Year
  9. Owen Greaves Bloggers to Watch
  10. 15 Simplicity/Minimalist Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  11. Six Win Bloggers to Watch for 2010
  12. 5 More Blogs to Follow in 2010
  13. Personal Finance Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  14. 5 Laser Sailing Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  15. 10 Food Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  16. Music Therapy Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  17. 10 Top Bloggers to Follow in the WordPress Community
  18. Blogs I’ll be Following in 2010
  19. Green Crafty Reading List
  20. Coupon and Deal Finding Bloggers to Watch
  21. My Fave Blogs
  22. Decluttering and Getting Organized Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  23. Moms Plus Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  24. Bloggers to Watch Out For
  25. A List of the Best Gardening Blogs
  26. 25 Blogger Active Roster
  27. Israel Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  28. A Few of My Favorite “Mom Blogs”
  29. My 2010 Blogs Watch
  30. 10 Blogs to Watch in 2010
  31. Top 50 Diabetic Bloggers of 2010
  32. Fun and Frugal Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  33. Green Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  34. People to Watch and Learn from in 2010
  35. 50 Personal Finance Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  36. 62 More Personal Development Blogs – Watch List 2010
  37. Blogs to Follow in 2010
  38. Social Media Bloggers to Watch
  39. Vegan Blogger Reading List
  40. The Merch Girl’s Blogs to Watch in 2010
  41. 5 Frugal Blogs With the Best Strategies to Save Money
  42. Watch List of Bloggers
  43. 11 Kingdom Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  44. Bloggers to Watch in 2010
  45. List of Green Women Bloggers
  46. 45 Cross-Cultural and International Bloggers to watch in 2010
  47. Four Personal Development Bloggers I’m Watching in 2010

Thanks to everyone who submitted lists!

PS: an interesting piece of feedback that I had from quite a few of the bloggers behind these links was that the posts were among the most popular posts they’ve ever written. These kinds of lists do have a habit of generating traffic and conversation!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Great list

    however, is there any summary from these ?

  2. Darren, great lists, great reading material!

  3. Hey Darren, thanks for the effort. It is nice to know all the different niches in the blogsphere!



  4. very good stuff
    can you give some advise for my blog : http://ebookku-gratis.blogspot.com

  5. There are really many great bloggers around, and what have you listed is just few of them though i really appreciate your effort of sharing these lists.

  6. Man …….. I’ve seen some lists before, but this takes the cake!

    I wonder if you took that list and lived with it for a year what type of a problogger you would turn out to be. It would have to have a killer influence! O.K ……… that’s the point I know!

  7. Enjoyed looking at the lists … and still working on one to give you Darren! Keep up the great work folks.

  8. Sweet baby, jesus! How would a girl get any blogging done if she went through all those lists? ;-)

    It is interesting to see what types of blogs even warranted a list, but I’m disappointed there aren’t any real entertainment blog lists. It’s hard to find resources specific to us.

  9. If only I had made a list of bloggers myself.

  10. some huge lists .. don’t know what criterion have u put into listing these but … some are very good and few are very poor … i hope i will get featured in a list from you in 2011 ..

  11. hahaha. .. ready to subcriber their all of rss

    thankz for this list man

  12. Nice, Darren! I love these lists because they’re one of the best ways to meet and learn about new blogs and bloggers

  13. Wow, looks like there’s a lot to watch out this 2010.. don’t forget to keep us posted Darren.

  14. Great lists. I will be checking out many of these blogs.

    Sad though that I didn’t make any of the lists. :(


  15. Darren,

    Thanks for including my list (green women bloggers – #45).
    We are doing all we can do green our planet and it’s nice to know that people will be visiting these blogs because of your list.

    I’ll be checking out others.


  16. these are great lists and may of them i will be able to use for our museums’ upcoming exhibitions – i have been able to find a few art/culture blogs but if anyone has started to compile a list i would sure appreciate your sharing it with me (and it will benefit others in the museum world, too) – thanks

  17. I congratulate the 47 bloggers who took serious effort in creating these list posts. I hope every one should have received good sum of comments in these posts.

  18. wow!, I was listed in two of the above lists, big thanks to all the bloggers who put these lists together.


  19. Darren, so nice of you to list these blogs. I really love some of them. Well done, and Keep going…

  20. I can’t believe my list I did made this post. Its almost like I feel famous now because I have a link back coming from this site and the master Darren :)

    btw, I’m #44

  21. I do not believe the list that much, maybe it’s time began to follow them and get something useful and better. Thanks!

  22. I think that I seem to generally surf looking for interesting blogs – when I finally found out about them, and I will definitely come here more often – now bookmarked! I will check out the ones that you say!

  23. thanks a ton darren for this exhaustive list…

  24. Darren, you’re right this has been a very successful post for me and has attracted one of the largest number of comments on any post.

    Following excellent feedback from my readers, I’ve now updated my list (number 30 on your list)

    And now have 20!

  25. Top ten author blogs to watch in 2010


    Great resource!


  26. And that would be a list of 33 personal development bloggers, gently seasoned with some evergreen A-listers:


    Thanks :-)

  27. Wow! That’s a huge list. I’ll start checking them one by one when I find time. Thanks for sharing darren!

  28. Hey Darren,

    Good List! I hope they’re & will passing a lot of informative stuff with everyone.

    I wish to be part of the list as I’m also blogging on http://emarketinguide.com regarding online marketing tips.

  29. I’ve made my list of 5 favorite bloggers, outside of my niche but with regard to it.
    Check it out: http://www.encob.net/blog/2010/02/02/lean-blogging/

  30. Urgh, I’ve had this thing in my drafts folder for weeks. Too late. Silly me. Ah well, i’ve added some great blogs to my RSS from the above lists.

    Ten Heavy Metal music bloggers to watch in 2010

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