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3 Video Tips from A-List Bloggers

Posted By Darren Rowse 4th of August 2008 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Thomas Crampton emailed me links to a series of video interviews that he did with three fairly prominent bloggers (that’d be an understatement) which might make some interesting viewing this weekend for some of you with 20 or so minutes to spare:

The interviews are:

The experience that those three bloggers have together is pretty amazing – hope you get something out of the videos.

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  • Thanks for the links. I got to look at these. They look very promising.

  • Whether you’re an old jack or a bloggernoob, you’ll need to check out those vids

  • Thanks, some good advice there.

  • Look like Great Link especially TC blogger would be interesting.
    Thanks Daren.

  • These will be very helpful as a relatively new online writer. Thank you for sharing these videos with me (and everyone else).

  • Thanks for the links, darren… gotta check em out

  • Very helpful indeed.
    Thanks for sharing Darren.

  • aha!!! exactly what i needed at this moment!! i was planning on doing a video blog and it will be my first. and i certainly don’t want to end up looking stupid so this was very helpful. thank you!

  • These are great resources. Thank you. We are just starting to implement video over at our real estate technology blog.

  • Thank you for always sharing your knowledge and experience.

    I am subscribed to at least 4 “make money blogging” sites but I enjoy your “daily letters” the best. I think it’s because you sound “very human” to me. You come across to me as someone who sincerely likes to help other people make a living online. I feel and see that in all your writings~the passion, the compassion. Sorry that I have to somewhat contradict you here, but I think this sort of “genuine interest” for other people is something even your site can’t teach.

  • Quite interesting. Some good and useful advice here. Thanks.

  • thanks for great advice..

    go ahead man.. you doing well.

    best of luck


  • Excellent interview Darren. I just watched the one with Tech Crunch. Let me go ahead and what the others.

  • Thank you for the links. Great videos, great interviews of 3 great blog gurus.

  • Great advice there.

  • Denise

    Just watched all three. What a resource! All had great pieces of advice. Appreciate you sharing Darren.

  • Good tips! Enjoyed it.

  • Informative videos, thanks for the links Darren. I especially like the video blogging insights as I would like to start doing some video blogging soon.

    If it’s ok with you, here’s a link to a few videos I referenced on my blog about how to craft a better website (one of which includes one of the videos above LOL).

    Glad to see you back on SU

  • great videos. I especially like Cory’s tips, very useful, and I totally agree as a user.

  • Thanks for the links!

    Gearing up to offer vids to my readership…

    ~ Alex

  • Cool tips, thank you. I believe video is the big thing for blogs now.

  • hi darren, that was a very awesome video blogs.. very helpful to bloggers. just stumble upon this post.

  • Some great links there Darren!
    I will be sure to check them out when I have some spare time (maybe on the weekend). Thanks for the heads up

  • Great video finds! I just wrote a post this week asking “what are former newspaper writers doing?” The industry is buying out employees in droves and it’s great to see someone like Thomas Crampton finding his own way successfully. I would love to see how more communications people are making their way on the internet. Thanks for the videos!

  • I have to say, the Cory Doctorow video was awesome. He highlighted everything that completely pisses me off as a blog reader and things that I’ve tried to avoid in my own blog as a consequence. I recommend the video for everyone out there who has a blog.

    A lot of people understand blogging, but don’t necessarily understand blog readers. Cory, being a blog reader himself, seems to have a great grasp of who is reading blogs and how they read them.

  • Excellent links!

    Must save and share resources.

  • Darren,

    Those were three powerful videos. In only a few minutes I learnt so much great information that I can apply immediately.

    Thanks for sharing these lessons from these mega bloggers.

    Miss Gisele B.

  • Awesome Post.

  • Timmons

    Here’s another tip that i found that i would like to share. Seems like it’s all rounded from all perspectives and it’s supposedly a ‘Globalization Edition’.

    It teaches pro bloggers and new bloggers on how to penetrate the web. Author has been on the Web since 94 so i guess he/she has a lot of insight to offer. The link below. Very good read and worth sharing.