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3 Tweaks that Helped Double My Blog Traffic Almost Overnight

Posted By Guest Blogger 20th of May 2011 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

This guest post is by Onibalusi Bamidele of YoungPrePro.com.

Like you, I really love to get traffic to my blog, and I’ll do anything just to make sure my traffic increases. Recently, I made several changes to my blog that doubled my traffic almost overnight. The tips I’m about to give you won’t cost you thousands of dollars—in fact, implementing these tips won’t cost you a cent. And they can easily be implemented by any blogger in any niche.

1. Capitalizing on my bio

One thing many bloggers don’t know is that irrespective of who you are, you’re a very unique individual with at least one or two factors that will greatly interest your readers. By making use of these factors, you can easily boost your traffic.

So many people believe there isn’t any importance in making themselves known clearly—we’ve all seen blogs that have no About page. But it is evident that the most successful bloggers are those who make themselves known to their readers. A great testament to this point is Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com.

I’m not talking only about having an About page: I’m talking about showcasing your bio, linked to your About page, on every page of your blog. By doing this, I’ve made my About page the most viewed page on my blog, and my blog traffic has increased tremendously.

What I did differently was showcase my About page on every single page of my blog while indicating clearly why readers should read my blog. The area “above the fold” on every blog is the section of your page that your readers see when they first arrive, without scrolling down. What I did was make my author bio the number one thing readers will see when they visit my blog. I highlighted my success and unique factors (which is making $5000 online monthly and being only 17), then linked to my About page so that readers could learn more about me.

My reason for making this change was just to make myself more known to my readers, yet my traffic skyrocketed overnight. I started seeing more traffic to my blog, more links to my blog, and more emails from readers.

2. Changing my homepage’s title

Maybe you have also seen the advice that having an optimized homepage title is the best thing to do for your blog. But which is better: having an optimized homepage title, or a more solid personal brand? I’ll choose a more solid personal brand. Visitors who reach my blog by typing its name into a search engine spend the highest amount of time on my blog and, because of a single change I made, my blog name is now the most-searched term that brings people to my blog from the search engines.

What I simply did was put the name of my blog first, before the keywords in my homepage title. By doing this my traffic increased in leap and bounds without my search engine traffic being affected (despite what most people will tell you).

My former homepage title was something along the lines of Young Entrepreneur Blog|Young Blogger| Achieving Online Success. I simply changed it to ìYoungPrePro — Young Entrepreneur Blog| Helping You Achieve Online Success. You’d be amazed to see the traffic increase I got from search engines through searches on my blog name—as well as through direct visits to my blog. Prioritizing your readers and brand ahead of the search engines can go a long way to increase traffic to your blog.

3. Displaying my income and traffic report

This worked like charm. My income and traffic reports are the most popular articles on my blog. My blog posts average about 300 views in one month (except for the really exceptional ones), but all my income reports have exceeded thousands of views. In fact, my first income report has been viewed almost 3000 times, generating more daily traffic and subscribers.

I know there is a limit to what every blogger is comfortable sharing, and some people detest the act of sharing things like their income on their blog. My point is to try to be more personal by using personal case studies on your blog. I blog about making money online and marketing your business, so there’s no case study as realistic and relevant as showing people how much money I make and how much traffic I get—as well as how I do it.

Try to look for a way to show your readers that you truly know what you’re saying while being more personal. My income and traffic in my reports aren’t just bragging—I also teach people extensively how I achieved those results. Readers really don’t care about what you do; they only care about how you do it.

Are you ready to double your traffic?

These tactics aren’t something I just guessed—they weren’t my original ideas. I learned the first and third tips from Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. They work well for him, and the fact that it works for me is another great reason why you need to give it a try. No amount of reading and no amount of new tips will help you if you never implement what you read, so take your time, and start implementing right away.

Of course, if you have other traffic tweaks you can share with us, we’d love to hear them!

Onibalusi Bamidele is a 17 year old entrepreneur making over $5000 online monthly. Download his free ebook on How He Makes Over $3000 Online Monthly and visit his blog at YoungPrePro.com to learn more of what he does.

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This post was written by a guest contributor. Please see their details in the post above.
  1. Another excellent tidbit of information. Although I had an About page, I’ve now updated with a little more personal information, added a photo and made it so that a link to that page displays throughout my website. Great info.

    • Mind blowing story oni….I just reading your traffic and income report parallay.And again your About me page conception is great.I have a page like that but now will promote this tactfully.

    • I also noticed a difference when I added a photo to my about page and added more personal information. I am going to try these other tips too.

      Great article!

    • Hi Oni, Nice simple tricks. I tried editing my About me page, but didn’t find enough stuff to put into it. But included my pic and put links to social networking acoounts and I think that this would help. Thanks a lot man! :)

  2. Good post, i have a doubt, by revealing this type of information are we not cautioning our fellow competitors ?

  3. Great info! I’m not so sure I’m ready to post my income report, but the title is worth considering and I definately need to get workin on my bio page. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Onibalusi!

    A general theme of your post is to “make it easier for traffic to find you through the ways it wants to come.” You’ve been developing your visibility multiple places around the ‘Net, building your traffic naturally. Each of these techniques takes advantage of people looking specifically for you – not just any old Onibalusi with a money making blog. :)

    As your traffic and influence grows, I’d love to see another article from you later, detailing your great traffic optimization strategies at different levels of traffic. What was best when you started out, and what worked better when you hit the next level?

  5. Thanks for the tips Onibalus,

    I am fairly new to this and realised I didn’t even have an about page. Taken care of now, very simple but a start right?

    I had a look at your site, well done, congratulations for doing so well for someone so young.


  6. Recently I have used the Google In-Page Analytics and found that there 4.9% of my visitors are watching my About us page.

  7. People like money. the number three is the best ways to increase your traffic. People do not care who you are except you are celebrity or famous people. They may also do not care about your tittle site.

  8. Like the information in there… Just noticed how out of date my amout me bio is and going to be getting that fixed ASAP. Thanks for sharing the stats and inventory too, gives us all something to look to for inspiration.

  9. Showing income is sometimes good to make people believe as they need to see whether the system of the solution does really work. So programs does clearly needs to show the income earned as this creates a like and trust for the program. Sometimes this types of information can be dangerous but you have to be caution as to how much you share. Good point though…

  10. With all due respect, I’m weary of following your techniques. Quite amazing how you were allowed to be accepted.

  11. Good tips on adding value to the About Me page. I’ve noticed that it is often times the most viewed page on my website, so it makes sense that I make some changes so that it really adds value to the reader. Thanks for the tips…I’m off to edit my profile/about me pages!!!

  12. really helpful tips worth trying out. I see that I should start posting my income reports in the future. My readers often ask me how much I earn, but I never post my reports. Thanks for the idea!

  13. So how personal should the bio (about page) be? And when you talk about renaming a home page title, I really dig that! One of my blogs gets 300 page views per day just on the home page alone! And I still don’t know why! I’m not going to change it because something is working right for me there. But I am going to write a better “about” page now!

  14. This young guy knows what he is about. Thanks for these helpful tips.

  15. Question: I have a blog that I’ve been writing on for 4 years now. For some news topics it’s been the “go to” blog for, it’s been mentioned on a nationally syndicated late night talk show and got a huge jumo in readership.
    My problem (maybe a problem?) is that the Blog title is kind of long, consisting of 5 words, that for everyone but myself…makes NO sense.
    I’m thinking I should change my name but what will happen to all those places were I linked my blog to? Like in forums?
    I used Blogger/Blogspot btw. Will people automatically be redirected to my new url? I’m thinking of getting my own domain through blogger but I don’t want people to be completely confused. I will make a post about it to warn regular readers but I’m most worried about having a DROP in readership. Will this happen?
    I have 70 people following me using Google Follow (friendconnect) but I check the data and it seems most people find me using Google search on various topics.

    Please help!

  16. If you are using blogspot I guess you can buy the same domain name, and you can redirect your current blog traffic to your new blog.
    Links on forums will be difficult to replace, but forums which are giving you good traffic and where you have good reputation you can replace links there on forums.

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