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3 Lessons for Bloggers, Gangnam Style

Posted By Guest Blogger 27th of January 2013 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

This guest post is by Ali Zia Khan of

The PSY Gangnam Style video: you watched it … but missed some key points about blogging.

That’s right, blogging. As bloggers, we can learn extremely useful lessons from things that are unrelated to our topic.

Yesterday, I listened to the song. Replayed it, and replayed it again. I kept listening to the song for around half an hour.

Why did I keep listening to the song? Was there a marketing trick hidden in it?

I did some research and discovered three aspects of Gangnam Style which can be applied to your blog.

1. Innovate

Innovation was a major reason for my addiction to the song.

I’d never seen anyone getting inspiration from horse-back riders, and turn it into a dance move. That move is completely new, and people love new.

Look at your blog. Look at your competition. Is there a difference between you? When you are the same as others, how can you stand out of the crowd?

Innovation takes effort, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Focus on doing something extra that can be loved by your readers. Yes, you will have to think hard, but if your mind is caught by the right idea, you will be on fire like Gangnam style…

2. Never take anything as insignificant, even if it’s small

Another big cause of Gangnam Style’s popularity is Gangnam itself. Gangnam is a city in Korea which is not big. People never proclaim that they are from there. But now, everybody wants to be from Gangnam, and to have Gangnam Style. It’s a case of the small thing gone big.

Most of the bloggers follow the big trends that are mostly created by the top blogs in their niche. Yes, those topics might be trending, but there is problem: everyone is writing about the same topic, so it’s difficult to get attention by writing on it.

If you start writing about something else that is given little importance, you have the chance to create a new trend in your industry. This also leads back to innovation. The more innovative your idea is, the better your chances are that it will go viral.

3. Inspire the influencers

PSY was not a big pop star before. The thing that took him to that position was the fact that he inspired the influencers in the music world, who spread it all over social media.

You made an innovation. You’ve spent time thinking about it and developing it, but now you’re wasting that effort by keeping it limited to your blog only. Step outside your blog! Tell the big names in your niche. They might like it and tell their audience, too.

In a nutshell: you can learn a lot of things from the famous song Gangnam Style including the importance of innovation, never under-estimating the power of small things, and the potential to inspire the influencers in your niche.

Tell me now. Have you learned anything from Gangnam Style?

This guest post is by Ali Zia Khan who gives blogging tips on his blog. Recently, he also started a guide about starting a blog and his eBook is launching on 20th February.

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  • Great post! I agree. Specially the second one is very important.

    • Did you note the title! That’s actually innovative!! Its a great keyword too!

  • Nice job. You definitely got my attention with the title! You’re right, we are all influenced by topics that don’t necessarily have anything to do with our areas of expertise. I blog about real estate and I can say that the points you make are equally valid for me as for anyone else. (Although writing about “something different” is a challenge when it’s the same questions that come up again and again with buyers and sellers).

  • There is something special about being the first! Everyone remembers the first thing that was made, built, or created. The second or the next thing is always left behind.

    I believe you can find a lot of marketing, business, and blog tips everywhere you look it’s just pulling it out and having the right perspective.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective now back to listening to that song!


  • A new Style with Unique ideas are always appreciated by the Audience if Placed at Right time and Right Place. That’s what we can learn from PSY Gangnam Style. Google Always welcomes Fresh Content and Appreciate it for rankings

  • I’m new to this blogging thing so I’m definitely no expert but I completely agree with you on being yourself and writing in your own style. To me it makes a blog personal, interesting and different from something more formal you might read elsewhere. I seem to have missed the grammar classes at school too but I don’t let that bother me!

  • You have explained the topic well and what a example you have choosen. Everyone has listened gangman style and also seen it. The one who is blogger and listened the song can well relate his/her blog to the competition. I will keep this points in my mind.

  • I loved this! I have been trying to figure out why that video is so addicting and mainly I agree — I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s goofy and funny, while also making a social statement. Now the hard part– HOW to be innovative on my blog and how to inspire the influencers? “Never take anything as insignificant” is good advice, and even if something is trending already, my own perspective on it may be unique.

    • Hi Jan,
      If you want to inspire the influencers, write epic shit on your own blog (As Corbett Barr says). Then try to show that content to as many (right) people as you can. If your content is really worth, some infleuncers will pick you up. Thanks for the comment.

  • I’ve learned that people are weird! You never know what the heck will hit and what will miss. I’ll continue to write, write, write using techniques found here and on other helpful blogging sites. I’ll let my readers surprise me with what goes viral. In the meantime, I’ll have some Gangnam style fun with my content!

  • Excellent story taketh in point number two that caught my attention and it is absolutely right that sometimes the smallest things lead to success


  • Great blog post. Yes, definitely one should start small and end big. Think of an idea that is uniquely different and somehow make good hopes that people will love your innovation. Sometimes your success depends with the people surrounds and once you hit that lucky pot I am sure you will be very successful in no time.

    • Hi Arwin,
      Just thinking innovately is not enough. A good plan with solid approach to the goals is necessary. Thanks for your time.

  • Gananam style become trend everywhere. Really nice video, which earns millions of dollar from Youtube.

  • Gangnam Style blogging lessons, very funny but useful. You explained the topic with proper examples. that’s why I thank you for this informative article.

  • We as bloggers get inspiration from the most farfetched stuff from our blogging line. Thanks for the share. I don’t know why but something keeps us from innovation even those we know it’s the key. I’m launching out jo! I’ll start a news blog in our local english dialect- Nigerian Pidgin english. Na so my Oga

  • I prefer the first one “innovation” and cheer up the audience. Btw, I appreciate yours.

  • I saw an old Hong Kong movie where there is a scene and the actors are on a theatre stage and perform similar horse moves in a line. It’s not a dance sequence. But they move the hands over the heads and also prance like horses and do similar hand movements like in the recent song.

    It might be Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars made in 1986, a Jackie Chan film; towards the end of the film. Has anyone seen it and can confirm?

  • You’re right Zia, we can learn life lessons sometimes from the unrelated topics in our daily life.

    I always get motivation from songs, I’m a music lover.

  • It’s very interesting post :) I like Innovations… For example I’m writing a blog about New York City. Actually, I’m trying to earn money for my trip to New York City… I have a vision to get all money from blogging for my trip to NYC. So, I think I am very innovative with this idea :)

  • Innovation is the key. Very good observation.

  • Hi,
    Excellent post. Every one is a fan of that song but no one think about those three lessons. ;)
    I think that video also teaches us that we should keep on doing the same thing as he was doing a same step in that song.
    Thank you

  • Mike

    I don’t see the significance of this article. However, I do like the attempt to say that if you dance like you’re on a horse it might get millions of dollars. Who knows?