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270 Bloggers that Use Facebook

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of October 2008 Social Media 0 Comments

Facebook-LogoA few months back here at ProBlogger I held a social media love-in experiment where I asked readers to submit their social media profiles so we could all get to know one another in different social media settings. The result was fantastic with lots of great connections.

We produced lists of bloggers who use Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg and Plurk.

One of the other popular type of profiles submitted was Facebook. So over the last week we’ve constructed a list of Bloggers who use Facebook (or at least those who participated in the ‘Love-In’). You can see it here there are 270 included in the list).

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. That’s quite a list! This is just another great example of how the Internet, blogging and social media has helped countless people connect in ways they never could in the past.

    I’ve been using different social media sites/platforms to connect with other bloggers/blog readers and have been blown away by how easy it is to find great new friends as well as subscribers to your blogs.

  2. I use facebook, twitter etc but haven’t found Facebook that useful for networking – mainly because of the amount of effort to message an individual. Much easier to leave a comment on their blog or ping them via twitter

    Of course, this could also be because I rarely check my Facebook messages – self fulfilling prophecy, I don’t check them, so I don’t see them as being that useful =)

  3. Why are the comments turned off for that post?

    Lara Says: It’s a page, Jesse. Not a post. And they’re turned off for all of them (all the “collections”). We don’t want people abusing the comments to add their URLs to the list because they missed out on the event. Sorry. We’ll have another “love in” where people who missed adding themselves the first time can add themselves the next. No guarantees on when we’ll do it, but we will.

  4. That’s not even everybody. I’m sure there are hundreds more that didn’t know about your opt-in list. I didn’t sign up to be listed, so there’s at least one.


  5. This is a great and long list.. but I think needs some zero more.

    I do know more than 10 bloggers that are not in the list and they use extensively Facebook (and twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Plurk, … ) and fore sure most of the readers of this blog know bloggers as I do…

    But it’s a great promotion for the 270 in the list ;-)

    Well done! Happy for them!

  6. What a cool experiment. Sorry I missed the social media “love in.” If I saw it, I might have made your list. Maybe next time. Very interesting post!

  7. Yeah I didn’t know to get listed either Steve. It’s cool though that I can add the people from these lists. It’s always really good to network with other bloggers!

  8. Just a note, not sure if it’s just me, but when I try to add:


    It says: Page Not Found

  9. @Dominick – The URL there is missing a slash….

  10. I just went back thru 600 comments and saw that I had added
    some but not Facebook which I see you spending alot of time on
    and I have been able to actually catch up with childhood friends after 30 years it’s amazing. Looking to network with all bloggers thanks

    I made a group on FB called Bloggers it’s getting HOT
    ALL are welcome Thanks

  11. Wow! I thought FaceBook was simply for friends and family that you knew, and not necessarily to add people because they blog or have a similar interest. I must be way wrong on that!

    I’m always learning something new here Darren, thanks!

    I’m still building my network of friends with similar interests on Digg, Stumble, FaceBook etc…

  12. Why is half the list “rel=nofollow” and half not? It almost seems random :P but still a great list

  13. Here’s mine:


    It looks like some profiles need to have the “.new.” to work

  14. We know that there are TONS of people who use FaceBook and other social media tools a lot. But they didn’t make it here before the deadline on the original call for people to give us their links.

    PLEASE don’t abuse the comments section here to get your links out. Instead, go to those who made it onto the list and add them yourself, rather than expecting everyone else to add you.

    Bottom line? If you’re a regular subscriber to the site, you won’t miss the stuff like this that has deadlines! *smile*

  15. I really appreciated that social media love-in. I made so many new connections through that. Thank you!

  16. Twitter, FriendFeed, etc. are great tools for discovery because their feeds are completely public. Facebook can be great for tracking, but horrible for discovery. The only thing available for discovery on Facebook is the search tool, so you pretty much have to add people you come in contact with in real life. That is what Facebook is built for – real life interactions. I think both discovery and tracking are components of good networking – therefore a combination of tools may be necessary for the optimal experience.

  17. I never saw the invite to all these social media love-ins sorry I missed it I would have loved to have been added.

  18. Not trying to be negative …just trying to “get it”,

    I still don’t get the whole Twitter thing ?

    Can someone point me to anyone who’s really interesting to follow ?

  19. How do I always miss the social media love-ins? I check this blog just about everyday…

  20. OK, I now have had a timely reminder of why I need to subscribe to this site. I’m off to do that now so that I can be involved in these in the future. Thanks for the comment Lara, I have taken note and, taken action :)

  21. Awesome, Nappy… Now you won’t miss stuff like this!

  22. IMHO. Social networking is the most effective way to communicate our “mind”. It gains more exposure than other type of communication media.

  23. I use Facebook for personal stuff, If I want to talk to someone I generally try to email them, comment on their blog, or use aim.

  24. I use facebook as not all friends and family check my blog regularly so I try to post occasional pics there of our life in Central America. Also found it useful to include my 2 blog links for friends who did not know I started blogging so they can check out what I am up to.

    Keep seeing twitter but am hesitant to join yet another site. Can anyone give any feedback on why they found twitter useful?

  25. Something else worthy of mention is that many of these social media platforms have very powerful advertising tools. The tools search profiles for interests or keywords that apply to the product advertised, and are apparently very successful at drawing clickers back to the site. These social media sites are not just a way to connect in the personal sense, having become an attractive way to form new connections through the business side of things.

  26. The thing is, Facebook is more of a social network for keeping in touch with people you’ve met. I don’t necessarily think its the best social network for meeting people on a wide scale. There’s just too much personal information involved for this kind of interaction.

  27. Thanks again Darren for the networking support!

  28. I have never pushed my social media contacts with work. MAybe that is a mistake but I like to leave some distance between work and play.

  29. Very nice list of people who use Facebook. It helps me to make friend with some of them, one of ways to increase my Blog traffic. Thanks for sharing.

  30. I just spent the past hour sending invites and having fun meeting all the new folks. Even though I was late for the “love in” thank you for the fun.

  31. I don’t use facebook regularly, but yes stumbleUpon is a good way. I do use that for varieties news.

  32. Impressive list! Too bad I also missed the “love in”.

  33. shoot I even use “myspace”

  34. Yeah I’m guilty for waving countless hours a day messing around with facebook, myspace, twitter, plurk, bebo and Stumble Upon, shameless really.

  35. Dear Darren,

    Kindly please add my profile too:


  36. Can you please add me too. My facebook profile is at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1130761441&ref=name

  37. That’s a good example that shows the relationship between social bookmarking and blogging

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