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About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanx for this cool information, want to start immediately gearing my brain

  2. I’ve tried everything when my brain gets cramps, why not try 22 more things that could help me out.

    Thanks for directing me to the article. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  3. There are no specific rules that can help you overclock your brain… Every person has a method to get them going (it would be kind of boring if everybody person on Earth was the same), but they have to find that out for themselves! Some people require a nice walk to get them going (and I’m one of them), while others need a cup of cocoa to sip slowly in front of the TV. From all the 22 ways that are suggested, my favorite has to be “Laugh”, since laughter is the most valuable thing that humans have to get them going. Laughter means exercise (yes, it’s true), puts you in a good mood and fuels creativity! So, go ahead and laugh – then start blogging!

  4. ahah, that’s interesting.

  5. I would consider reading this article the “23rd way”. Very stimulating!

  6. Excelent link. Thanks.
    When I was young, my Nana kept telling me to do crosswords and word-search puzzles. I know what she was talking about now!
    Not sure her about her G&T habit though!


  7. Yes indeed a great link.

    Happened to read it last night :-)

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Number 19 was especially appropriate – “Write to be read”. So blogging is worthwhile even if you never intend to make a dime off it.

  9. Great link — As an executive pastor, I am always looking for ways to get more processing out of this old x86 brain….Thanks for the link and a timely one as we think aboutall our New year’s resolutions.

    Steve Lavey
    Park Community Church
    Chicago IL

  10. Wow, this article got a lot of coverage. I have seen this article on digg.com, lifehacker.com, and problogger.net just today. I better check it out.

  11. A great list, I’d be sure to make a printout of this. Though I’ve read and heard of most of the tips before, it’s nice to find them all in one place.

  12. […] Forget tools and technology, it’s your brain that really makes you pimp out your work.  You can have tons of cool tools and still not be effective if your mind isn’t up to snuff.  Likewise I’ve seen some amazing things done with the crappiest technology.  So via Darren, I found 22 tips to boost your brain, which should make all these pimpalicious tips, even pimpier.  Here’s the intro before the list, it says it all: […]

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