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20 Ways to Up Your Blogging Fun Quota

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of January 2010 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

A Guest Post by Christie Burnett. Image Source.


Feeling sluggish about blogging in the new year? Being innovative on your blog can be a great way to re-energise yourself. The process of being creative and trying something different can definitely up your blogging fun quota when you are feeling stale and uninspired. Trying something new also has the advantage of showing readers a new side to your blogging persona and this could have the added benefit of engaging a whole new set of followers. And you never know, you might just start a new blogging craze. Let me give you an example.

In November 2009, I published my first “From My Notebook” post. I basically replicated what I had written that day in my own personal journal, presenting it on a graphic notepaper page, and the response from my readers to the format was extremely positive. I had lots of Twitter questions about how I had created it and positive comments left in response to the post. And I enjoyed the process of doing something different. It was fun, challenged my creative processes a little and was a much quicker post to put together than many of my others – no photos to edit, no laboring over what I was writing, no research to include. It was simple, yet effective.

Every now and then throwing in a new style of post keeps every one on their toes. So, here are 20 words to get you thinking about fun ways to step away from your usual style and give readers something fresh.

1. Draw

Put pencil to paper or pen to tablet and say something with illustrations, instead of words.  

Check out Miao & Wafupafu for inspiration.

2. Photograph

Set yourself the challenge of telling a story without words, just photographs.  

Telling Your Story with Words and Images offers great tips for choosing the right photographs.

3. Share

If your blog is usually full of product reviews or technical information, turn things upside down by sharing a personal story instead. Or tell readers something about you that they never would have guessed.

In Why Stories are an Effective Communication Tool for Your Blog, Darren shares his reasons for why stories engage readers on an emotional level.

4. Measure

Insert a graph, pie chart, table or diagram to make your point.

5. Debate

Invite another blogger, preferably one who usually takes an alternative stance to you, to enter into a debate with you via online chat or Skype and then publish it on your blog.

6. Laugh

Make your readers chuckle – self deprecation, jokes, comic strips – whatever works with your target audience.

7. Watch

Give vlogging a twirl or insert a relevant video from YouTube to get readers talking.

8. Give

Give something back to readers by hosting a giveaway. Or donate $$ to your favourite charity for every comment left on a post.

9. Teach

Make something from scratch, and then create a tutorial to teach others how to do it too.

10. Introduce

Invite a guest blogger to be featured on your blog and introduce readers to someone new.

Try You’ll Never Know Unless You Ask for more information about inviting others to guest post on your blog.

11. List

When was the last time you write a list post? If it has been a while, compile a list which will be useful to readers today.

Check out Ali Hale’s guest post at Problogger, 10 Steps to the Perfect List Post.

12. Resource

Develop a free downloadable resource for your readers.

13. Colour

In colour psychology, blue equates to serenity and calmness whilst red is strong and gutsy, dramatic even. Think about creatively using colour to add intensity to your post or to set the mood for readers.

14. Solve

Do readers email you with questions, problems or dilemmas? Take the opportunity to channel ‘Dear Abbey’ and help them out with some useful advice. I did this recently with, “The Case For Not Packing Away.”

15. Inspire

Source relevant inspirational quotes to share with readers. Or include statistics or new research findings.

16. Ask

Find out more about your readership by asking them to participate in a survey or poll.

Read more about surveys – Survey Your Readers and Discover Who They Are and How You Can Be More Useful to Them.

17. Headline

Use the powers of the internet to source news stories relevant to your niche and readership. Include your personal reaction and thoughts.

18. Re-package

Re-package your post differently – standard content wrapped up in a new look. Present it as a postcard, a journal page, a post-it note, a shopping list, a recipe, or a collage.

Try Super Stickies for a bit of fun.

19. Link

Create a list of great posts, linking to other blogs in your niche. Keep them relevant and your links will be popular with readers. You might even find that you get linked back to in return.

20. Challenge

Develop a challenge for your readers and offer to publish the best submissions you receive. It could be a group writing challenge, an online photography exhibition or any challenge that best suits your niche and target audience.

Keep this list handy and come back to it for inspiration whenever you are feeling stale or depressed about blogging.  You are limited only by your imagination and willingness to try something new.

Christie Burnett is a trained early childhood teacher, presenter, writer and, most importantly, Mum. She blogs at Childhood 101 about all the things that contribute to growing a memorable, healthy childhood, with lots of ideas, tips and information for families.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. A very interesting and broad post on how to write different posts on your blog. I like your suggestion basically to offer challenge to the readers.
    Love to try all this methods..

  2. These are great ideas. I’m not naturally the most funniest person in a group. Well, actually always screw up the punchline in a joke. Anyways, I do believe this will help me to spice up my “fun” quota! I really needed this:-).

  3. Thanks for all of the great new ideas Christie. I’ve used several of these ideas already (this week had my first guest poster and a new giveaway). And, I actually have a few of the techniques in the works as we speak, including a new weekly series, teaching my readers how to do something, etc.

    In the future, I think I’ll try employing the Ask and Photograph ideas. I think they’ll go well with my niche.

  4. Christie… Thank you for the great blog post… I’m right there with @Sudeep, I’m looking forward to playing around with all of these ideas for blog post.

    I just checked out your blog, it’s summer here in Montevideo too… Not only will I be taking your advice here; we’ll be implementing the 10 ways to extend water play this afternoon…

  5. This is a wonderful post, but i never felt sluggish about blogging, I’m more and more determined every day.

  6. Definitely good advice, although a little on the generic side. I always try to add interesting photos and quotes to my pages. I also try to inject a dose of personality into everything I write, and I am always open to new ideas when creating a blog post. Sometimes I share something introspective and personal, while other times I share a scientific study and its implications for the real world.

    Having a variety (and having fun) is probably one of the few things I do really well at my blog.

  7. Great post with inspiartional ideas, recently I have tried using video photo slide shows with background music.

    Thanks for the more ideas you have given me here.

  8. Christie, excellent choice of the notebook paper as the background in that post. I’ve seen different renditions of that over the last few years and am always impressed.

    This is a good starting list. I especially like the self-depricating humor part. It’s always good to make fun of yourself, because your audience will see you more as one of them.

  9. Hey Christie,

    At the end of the day, everything we do should be fun.

    There’s no inherent rule on Earth that we must be po-faced serious with something, that we need to “grow up.”

    We should be responsible (family, business, income, safety), but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while we do it either.

    The more fun you have, the happier you are, the harder you try, and the better results you get.

    Which is a more effective business: the struggling serious-faced stressed-out entrepreneur, or the one with a smile firmly plastered on face who sees the “business” as an enjoyable activity they’d be doing anyway?

    Which is a more effective family: the dad who’s trying to be a “good” dad and is super-serious about it, or the dad who has fun with his wife and kids?

    Writing and blogging is no different.

    When you have fun creating your content, chances are others will find it fun and enjoyable to consume. If you’re able to provide them with genuine value and put a smile on their face (which is also value), don’t you think they’ll return for more of that awesomeness?

    Here’s to having fun, and trying different things like the ones you listed when we feel stuck,

    PS. Awesome idea with the notebook style on your site.

  10. Awesome idea you have there Darren, this is very important especially for those who are really feeling low right now in what they are doing.. to be always creative and to try something new would surely help. Thanks for the tips.

  11. Teach, why not occurred to me to teach others? Some bloggers who successfully achieved very little hope to give information on how to get something high quality, like a SEO secret that I do not believe it!

  12. This is fun! I have been in the doldrums of late and your post has helped to give me the kick start needed. I use #17 already but the tips that suggest one tap into their illustrative creative side is of great are of great interest to. I will definitely be giving them a shot.

    Thanks :)

  13. @ITrush-
    This is not by Darren, this is a guest post.

  14. some good tips for sure.

  15. I have only been blogging for about a month so far but I love it. These are some new things I can think about and implement into my blog. As my reader base starts to grow I want to get my readers more and more interactive in the blog via profile pages, voting and answering questions. But till then these are some great ideas to keep me on track thanks.

  16. Love the creative aspect! All these suggestions will keep us refreshed as we write! Thank you :)

  17. yeah, your new posts are followed by drawings…
    good job darren

    you really improved your blogging skill well

  18. This list is so wonderful and inspiring, I’m not sure where to start. Just full of such awesome awesome ideas!! What a gift of a blog post. Thanks, Christie. And Darren.

  19. I love how my blog has become the go-to place for dating advice and now I receive so many dating questions that it’s actually become a little hectic to answer all of them in time. I’m not complaining though, it’s been a great beginning of the year. It’s also great for content because with so many questions, I never run out of ideas for what to write, so I suggest other bloggers ask readers to ask them questions if they believe they have the experience to actually give solid advice. It’s always interesting to read other people’s problems, because when you actually give solid advice and they thank you for it it’s a great feeling, knowing that you’ve helped someone. Cheers.

  20. Love it love it love it! I’m off to work on a new post! Thanks for the tips. A senior citizen is what I am and need all the brain food I can find….

  21. Fun Fun Fun…..and the fun continues on this post. You’ve highlighted some excellent ways to get creative and spice it up a bit. Loads of adrenalin here….

    I’m particularly loving the 17th (Headlines)….and both 1 and 2 because they it has been said ‘a picture paints a thousand words’.

    Nice one – enjoyed immensely!

  22. Wonderful post Darren,some useful advice and tips to get rid of the dull and boring post. Your writing is always like a magnet,makes me keeps coming back! Cheers.

  23. I think although it is harder to find money makers for entertainment type blogs, we do have an edge on the “fun factor.” I mean, hey, how can you NOT have fun writing about rock and roll and horror?

    The “debate” suggestion has my creative wheels turning…as I cover more than one genre of music, that presents some interesting opportunities I’m going to mull over.

    And maybe an online photography challenge from other aspiring music photographers.


  24. This is a very interesting comment. I write it in an attempt to leech off of the success of this blog by getting people to click-through to my very own website. I hope you guys have enjoyed this comment, and do not forget to click my name.

  25. I have been wanting to inject more fun into my blog for sometime now. All of these are excellent ideas! I’m going to try telling a story through pictures. Thank you so much! :D

  26. Some great tips!

  27. Thanks Christie! This very inspirational; a fun way to spice up posts. All these great ideas have got me thinking and I’m mind mapping already.

    I’ve done nos. 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 12, but list posts have been a never-while with me, something of a wonder when they’re so easy (and fun)

    Well, New Year, new blog design, fresh new ways of communication. I plan to have fun.

  28. A blog which makes you laugh and therefore creates user interest in the post is definitely something which hits home with what I’m trying to do. Personally if I read a post which makes me chuckle I feel a bigger relationship to the blogger than someone which writes a factual but ultimately boring post.

  29. What a great list! The only thing I might add is Photograph. It can so much fun, and share more with your readers.

  30. Photographs always add some spice to a blog.

  31. Wonderful list Christie! I’m particularly loving 4(measure) and 3(share).

  32. 20 Ways to Up Your Blogging Fun Quota – great list that inspires one to never run out of blogging content for their blog.

    This list has definitely gotten my brain on overdrive and I have so much more ideas and possible blog topics to post about and experiment with.

    This list will also be a great extension to 31 Days to Build A Better Blog workbook. I just got this and will begin shortly.

    Great post – thanks – keep it coming!

    Faith @BloggerSum

  33. Some great suggestions. I will keep them in mind
    The ‘tell a story with pics’ seems like a quick, easy way to blog. I actually was just at a blog that must’ve already saw your site as it was just pic after pic-although in that case a little writing would have been nice

  34. Very nice list on how to write different ype of posts on our blog. I would really love to apply all of them particularly the “share” as i love to share my own blogging story.

  35. Great tips! I will try to apply these tips. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Great suggestions Christie, I’ve started taking a more personal note on CB lately and I’ve found it’s really increased reader participation.

    Will be putting a few of these to work over the coming month :)

  37. 6. Laugh is a great idea…comic strip with just pictures no words or maybe bubbles or something…

  38. 12. Resource
    Develop a free downloadable resource for your readers.

    This one is nice. I do this often too.

  39. yap, there are many ways to blogging..

    but, the most difficult step for me is starting up my words. have a lot of ideas but don’t know how to make it in words.hehehe


  40. Whoa, thats soeme really cool ideas…honestly, yeah, bloggers feel sluggish doing the same work all over again on a regular basis but I hop,e these innovative ideas from your stable will prove helpful to many of us…

    Thanks for sharing..

  41. A very informative and interesting post to write more on our blog

  42. and get an iPad to draw those pictures. We just need an app to come out that integrates the interface to wordpress for some touchscreen blogging and design. That would be fun.

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  44. This is really an exhaustive list of things to do in order to get your blog to next level.

    I’ve especially became interested in colors lately, because I’ve realized how different blog posts about same things (for example FTC, which has been a lot discussed lately) can be on different blogs, depending on the mood and the atmosphere the blog design and colors determine.

  45. Quite a bit list here and a lot of excellent ideas. I’m joining people together on my blog through their top 10 favorite blogs each month actually. We’ll see how this turns out!

    Great article!

    Re-Tweeting now :)

  46. Once again, you provide great advice for me as a novice blogger. I see this list as a nice template to create variety in my posts. I can easily see how I can use many of your options to keep my medical blog from becoming too uniform. I have skin care advice PDFs I use for educational office paper products that people can download, I can give away my UV sensing bead key ring for a limited time, I can photograph an interesting skin condition or procedure, I can video how to properly apply a micro zinc oxide sunscreen for transparent application etc. I like the idea of mixing it all up. Thanks for the nice list of options. Cynthia Bailey MD

  47. Nice post Christie, lots of useful tips. Especially liked the sticky notes idea.

  48. Simon says: 01/31/2010 at 6:15 am

    Some great ideas here, I especially like the drawing one, the example blog you linked to has been added to my bookmarks. I love it when people try new things.


  49. Hi Darren,
    No.1 and No.2 should go just fine as more and more readers are going visual blog reading. All the best!

  50. excellent tips and this is a great blog need to stop spending so much time reading all the great posts, its taking up so much time lol

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