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14 Ways to Promote Your Latest YouTube Video

Posted By Guest Blogger 2nd of November 2012 Social Media 0 Comments

This guest post is by Jenny Dean of Floppycats.

If you’re like me, you put a lot of time, effort, and thought into your YouTube videos.  Even if you don’t, since YouTube is the second most searched engine in the world (and owned by the #1—Google), there is good reason to make the most of each upload.

Here are the 14 tasks bloggers should do whenever you upload a YouTube video to your YouTube channel.

  1. Add an SEO-optimized title: Your YouTube video title is essential in helping your video be found, so use appropriate keywords.
  2. Add an SEO description: Include a description that isn’t keyword stuffed, but does include your main keywords.
  3. Add your website link to the description: If you have a website or blog, be sure to provide a link back to that.  You can also include links to all of your social media channels.  When posting links, be sure to include the “http” or the “https,” as that’s the only way YouTube can automatically hyperlink it.

    Adding your URL

    Also, be sure that your main link is visible above “the fold”—in other words, above where the Show More section. Most people will not click on Show More, but will click on your main link.

  4. Maximize your tags: so many people do not maximize the number of tags that they can have. Tags are your keywords, and they are critically important to being found. Include any relevant tags. Then, check back in a month or two to see how that particular video is being found—and change out some of the tags that are insignificant. For your long-tail keywords, be sure to include them within quotes, like “Business Blog Writers,” so that they’re searched as single phrases, rather than three separate words.
  5. Post on Pinterest: In August, Krizia taught us How to Add Your YouTube Videos to Pinterest. Note that Krizia also suggests branding every video that you have on your channel because Pinterest allows people to watch the video directly on Pinterest. Unless they have motivation or reason to find out more, most viewers will not click through to your YouTube channel.
  6. Like your video: The number of likes on your video helps it gain popularity, so by liking it, you’re just helping it get the attention of the audience you’re trying to target.
  7. Share it on Facebook: Whether you have a Facebook page dedicated to your blog or website, or whether you just use your personal Facebook profile, you will want to share your video there for people to see.  You never know who they will share it with—this is how many videos have gone viral. If you are posting a video that involves a company, take the time to tag them in the post with the video link.
    Share it on Facebook
  8. Share It on Twitter: As usual, you want to shoot a link to your video out to all your Twitter followers. Be sure to include relevant hash tags and, if your video features a company and its product, then you definitely want to include their Twitter handle in the tweet too. For example, when I upload a product review for Floppycats, I then send out a Tweet like this, “Ragdoll Cats Chow Down on Eden Foods Bonito Tuna Flakes—Floppycats http://ow.ly/cU6Gp @edenfoods #cat #cats”.
  9. Share it on Google+: YouTube is owned by Google and so is Google+. They like each other, so make sure they like your videos too.
  10. Share it on LinkedIn (if appropriate): If your video is business-related and will help your efforts to grow your business, then you certainly want to share it on LinkedIn.
  11. Schedule it to post on HootSuite monthly, for the next year: I like to come up with a Tweet or a Facebook posting for each new video, and reschedule them for release once a month for a year. As a blogger, it shows companies you’re promoting that you are looking to maintain your relationships with them, and also helps an old video enjoy new life every month.
  12. Create a video response: Search for a video that is similar to yours, and rather than writing a comment about it, create a video response that will attract the audience you want.
  13. Write a blog post and embed the video: More than likely you are trying to get Google to love your website and want to put it at the top of their search engine results. So make them love it more by embedding your YouTube videos into your blog posts.
  14. Add it to a playlist: Whether you have already established playlists, or need a new one for this video, add it to a playlist using a relevant keyword from the video.

They’re the essential 14 steps, but are other things to do when you post a video, like adding annotations, asking people to subscribe, and adding transcripts, as Deepak covered in SEO Your YouTube Videos in 10 Steps.

What are some of the things that you do when you upload a video to YouTube?  What would you add to this list?

Jenny Dean is the Editor over at Business Blog Writers, online SEO content writers.  She also runs her own blogs and each of them has a YouTube channel:  Floppycats, Antioxidant-fruits and Guide to Couponing.  Business Blog Writers offers a YouTube enhancement service to help you execute these 14 things to do!

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  1. Good points! The Pinterest submission was new to me. Gonna try that trick with my next Youtube video.

  2. That’s really a great one and i am also following some of the tips when i publish a youtube video.I am totally new to some tips….

    Thanks for a great Tip.

  3. A useful post, Jenny. I just add some more methods that I’ve used for my videos: Rename the video with the keyword in it. I found that by this way the video would be ranked faster and better. One more thing is to create some links back to the video in order to make it indexed and ranked well.

    Thanks for your post :)

  4. Thanks for your post, Jenny. I’ve leaned a lot cool stuff. I just add some more methods that I’ve used for my videos: Rename the video with the keyword in it. I found that by this way the video would be ranked faster and better. One more thing is to create some links back to the video in order to make it indexed and ranked well.

  5. Thanks for the good tips. I just opened my own small business and am always looking for ways to promote it.

  6. Good tips! One thing I would add, although its not specific to any one video, is to comment and share other users’ videos. YouTube is after all a “social” network. By sharing and commenting on other videos, you are raising your own visibility and increasing the likelihood that other users will visit your profile and subscribe to your channel.

  7. hi,

    All points are very useful and its really works.

    But after this i want to know sir,is there any way to promote the latest facebook pages.


  8. You mentioned watching tags and editing them based upon YouTube metrics. But I don’t find any area in YouTube metrics that speaks to tags. Can you give us more to go on for this one?

  9. I have to be honest, though I have toyed with the idea of putting together some quality computer related videos, I never have and have always put it on the back burner as I concentrate on the other things. After this and hearing you say that youtube is the second most searched place I may have to just hunker down and get to it. Pinterest was a new one on me, I am on my way to go check out what that is all about now. Thanks for these great blogs!

    Anyone have any great suggestions as to the best software to use in order to make quality youtube videos with? That is one of the other things that have kept me held up, taking the time to research what creators are available and are best to use

  10. Undoubtedly, these are great methods of sharing latest YouTube video all around the internet within few seconds. Personally, I like the method of creatinge a response video. I have never tested this function on YouTube, but now it seems I have to learn more about it and start doing.

  11. Thanks for the list of how to promote your site.

    I just created a new video for Internet Dreams!

    I am glad I did so. Videos do help you get more recognition.

  12. This is something that I have always have wanted to get into. I believe that social profile’s on every social sharing site should be considered. This is yet another way to make money blogging through YouTube videos.

  13. I have been marketing online since 2011 and only ever published a few YouTube video’s, however one in particular has received over 1500 views in that time frame and I done zilch to promote it.

    With the tactics outlined above, I am sure you guys will have success. I may have been lucky or is it simply the reality of the search volume on the “YouTube Engine”?



  14. 11, 12, and 14 were new to me so I am going to try them. I didn’t know how you were going to come up with 14 things. These were good. Thanks.

  15. Wow, this is a very good post on how to improve traffic using video marketing. Straight to the points and I must say, the information on how to rank high in Youtube in this post could have easily repackaged as a course digital information to be sold in the Warrior forum. Powerful tips..thanks

  16. Brilliant tips! Just launched a new blog and plan on doing some videos to accompany the blog. This was perfect. Thanks!

  17. Great tips! Thanks alot for the post Jenny.

  18. I actually love the tips. @ Jenny. Promoting your YouTube video is important. Why all that hard work and effort if no one is going to watch it? Actually the first thing you need to do is share it with your friends through their E.mails. You can also promote your youtube videos using Traffic Geyser.


  19. I know you can’t make people watch your video, but there are things you can do to increase the chances of your video becoming a success; and yea, I completely agree with you on these points. Nice post.

  20. i never using youtube, but it’s good tips :D

  21. Hi Jenny,

    well its really a tuff job to Promote a latest video on youtube ! most many tools are used to Promote youtube video but ever a video doesn’t get succes. Its my own experience with youtube video. I understand that “Add an SEO-optimized title” in youtube video can really help if a video title & description is used as like SEO.

  22. Thanks for the wonderful list! Our plan has been to start including videos on our blog and this is very helpful in getting us started.

  23. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for sharing on this timely tips on youtube as I am just about to start my Youtube Channel.


  24. after reading this now i am estimating that how much mistakes i am doing to promote videos on Youtube.
    once again thanks Problogger.

  25. Hi Jenny, thank you for your great tips about promoting YouTube Video. I don’t think that can only promote video but also article and anything else too. I use all of the tip above to promote my article to get more view and especially advertising, that’s the most effective way to get more viewers. By the way, YouTube has a new design and I’d prefer the old one.

    Thank you – Ferb

  26. Good pointers.
    Over – tagging the video you’re using does not really influence the rakings of your blog, because it’s a one time event. (You embedding the video)
    I can’t stress enough, that the importance of Pinterest as a sharing medium. It’s underestimated.

  27. Hi,

    You have missed on point that if you have more views and more likes then you can get a good rankings as well. Likes and views counts a lot in youtube search.

    Thank you


  28. Really nice tips.. I do most of them. However I never posted it on Pinterest.

  29. Thanks for the reminders. Video Social distribution is one are I need to always remember to do, and I never thought of liking it myself. Excellent!

  30. I have tried all these tips many time for my videos but i got maximum 2000 views. Not good at all. I will try these tips again, and home that time i will be successful.

  31. Good points. I am gonna try them out on one of my video related blog.

  32. Hey can you tell me more about promoting a video in Pinterest? Does it need a popular profile/account in Pinterest?

    Thanks for sharing. Great tips…..

  33. Narek says: 11/06/2012 at 4:15 pm

    Too basic, too obvious. I’d much rather hear about more advanced features like annotations of your previous videos, partner features etc…

  34. I have over 13 million views on my YouTube channel and I don’t think many of this would work that easily, even if you have great content. My recommendation to people is to be at the right place at the right time.

  35. Well, I have been doing video marketing from long time, still i missed few tips like creating a video response!

    Jenny Dean, can you please also add how to a video response!!

  36. Great list. I think being very active on your youtube account will help as well. Promote your videos, but also comment on others and give some feedback to ‘influencers.’ In my experience, paying it forward via social media normally reaps benefits.

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