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113 Must Read Blogging Tips

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of August 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Building-A-Better-Blog-2When I started this months 31 Days to Building a Better Blog and decided to invite readers to submit their own blog tips I’m not sure what I was really expecting – but the results have been fantastic.

I’ve just spent the last two hours surfing through the latest batch of 113 tips (that brings us up to a total of 359 reader tips on the central page) and am quite inspired. I come away from this list with new ideas, new knowledge and with another 20 or so blogs added to my out of control feed reader.

There are still 12 days left of the project so you’ve got time to submit a tip or so of your own. To do so see the rules on the intro to the 31 Day Project post.

Now grab a cup of your favorite beverage and get reading!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks for the links Darren!

  2. Thank you Darren for the links and this month has been great. Keep it up!

  3. Thanks for the link Darren! Greatly appreciated… and as always, this is a fantastic resource!

  4. Thanks for accepting the request !!!! Looks like its going to take one complete day to read all those :)

    Have a good day!!

  5. I think we should all Digg and StumbleUpon this page. For two reasons.

    one – because all of us in the list will benefit
    two – it’s a great list

  6. Wow, talk about an extensive list! Rolling up my sleeves, getting a glass of water and let the reading begging. As always Darren, this is top notch quality info.

    Thanks again!

  7. Great post, I like the one about turning 404 page visitors into readers.

  8. Thanks for the links, Darren! I really enjoy these posts. Besides the fact that I’ve submitted links to most of them, I like sitting down and cruising through all the cool tips.

  9. Darren this is a fantastic list. It will take me hours to get through them all. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.


  10. Thanks Darren! :) This group writing project is really an excellent idea the dig more gold inside the mud! But, oh… I used up to 1.5 hour to read them all! Gosh! :)

    I’m having a vacation now. I will surely submit more once I get back! Thanks again for accepting my request.

    Have a nice day.

  11. Wow, so many usefull posts, thanks :)

  12. Darren, thanks again! I really like this little project since it lets us discover new blogs out there on the web.

    For those who don’t know me and my site, I’m just letting you know that it’s growing and growing each and every day. If you haven’t been there, you’re missing out on a lot of stuff. Please check it out!

    Sly from Slyvisions.com

  13. Darren Thanks for the great list.
    I was so surprised by risks involved in independent publisher blogging by reading Robin Good’s blog ban by Google. I was thinking that this is the most risk free business but I was wrong. I was thinking to have a full time blogger by leaving my current software Job in a MNC since I am getting quite good from all of my blogs now. But no! I will not go into this risk of leaving the Full time Job. Will analyze all the risk and all the alternatives for living if in case such disaster happens to me.

    I request you to write a single post covering all possible Blogging risks and alternatives for those risks so that we could at least survive in those waves.

  14. I just submitted my post. It was actually inspired by a post you wrote, so maybe mine will inspire you in some way.


  15. Thanks for the link Darren. This is my 3rd article you’ve selected for the “31 Days to Building a Better Blog” series. :-)

  16. Very nice list. Pass the coffee.

  17. actually i don’t like bulk list,
    it is better that to add your brief comment for each link.

  18. Karthik Kastury says: 08/19/2007 at 4:26 pm

    Hi Darren,

    There seems to be an error in my link.. it should be Optimizing WordPress for Best Performance rather than daiOptimizing WordPress for best Performance..

  19. Cool! That is a BIG list. You might need more than one beverage to get through it… :)

  20. All good reads. Gonna take me a while to read them all though.

  21. Thanks for including my tip in the list. Lots of good tips for me to read over the next few days. I may have to take a break from blogging as there are so many to read :-)

  22. Thanks for adding my suggestion to the list :) I really enjoy your tips and advice. You’re doing a great job!

  23. Wow – just saw this on the Delicious Popular Page. No wonder I’m getting so much traffic from this!

  24. Many thanks for adding my tips, I’ve had loads of new visitors already :-)

  25. Damn, I really need to comment more on this site if it means possibly being featured in one of these lists. That should be a tip for one of your 31 days.

  26. Top Quality list – thanks!

  27. Thank you Darren for including my post in your list. There are some terrific suggestions and ideas in the articles you are profiling in the series. Thanks for making it possible to collaborate in this way.

  28. Awesome list!!! I’ll be bookmarking this for sure! Thanks!!

  29. Matej says: 08/22/2007 at 9:55 am

    311 people saved it on Delicious by now!

  30. It took me 3 different reading sessions to finish all the links in this post. Any you know what? It was worth it! Much appreciated!

  31. Wow…I think Im gonna reserve my weekend to read all these stuff. Definitely a must read.

  32. Thanks for the tips. This is really helpful stuff!

    I believe you meant to type this month’s 31 days… instead you typed this months.)

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  34. I really appreciate you in helping others make out big by getting free consultations and tips. Now i know that something in the net is free and reliable.


  35. that s hell lot of articles

    thanks for starting this !

  36. Great post, Thanks for the links Darren!

  37. How about read other blogs? I meet bloggers who start blogging but don’t really know who the top bloggers are in their niche because they haven’t read them. That should be the first thing anyone does before they start their own blog.

  38. Darren this is a fantastic list. It will take me hours to get through them all. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.

    iliyas patel

  39. Hey Darren thanks for the huge list. I will add this to my ever growing list of required reading. I only worry that the list is growing faster than I can read what’s on it.

    It’d be nice if someone would go through and condense all of this articles into 1 mammoth post. :)

  40. Oh my gosh! I keep adding more and more posts to my reading list. I feel that maybe now I should have learned about all this BEFORE I started my website and blog.

    Of course by then there would just be more posts to learn from. This is truly a continuing learning experience that never ends.

    I love it.

  41. Man I started going through that list, here I am 2 and half hours later…. I learnt a bit! but I will admit it (i was procrastinating….) I hope my time investment comes back to help me later!!! Great post!!!!!

  42. Hey Darren,

    Great post. Read and learnt a lot from the info above and hope to learn more from you in the years to come.

  43. Nice tips. I definitely agree with the one about putting google analytics on your blog…I finally did that after a couple months or running my blog, and it gives a ton on information.

  44. nice tips , will help a newbie like me a lot

  45. how to decrease the bounce rate of the site.


  46. Great list. Am about halfway through now and have just implemented my own “Comment for a Review” page on my own site.

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