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10 Ways to Find Readers for Your Blog By Leveraging Other Online Presence

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of November 2008 Blog Promotion, Social Media 0 Comments

One of the simplest ways to grow your blog’s readership is to leverage other places that you have an online presence.

Leveraging places that you have presence online could include:

1. Twitter Background Image:

I’ve been using a background image on Twitter that has URLs of other places that I’m online and it’s gotten a lot of interest. While the links are not clickable they do highlight other places that you hangout online – including your blog.


It is impossible to track how many people are impacted by background images but I do know of a number of people who have found my blogs through mine.

2. Profile Pages on Social Media

The other obvious place on Twitter to promote your blog (apart from your tweets themselves) is your profile section which enables you to say a few things about yourself (160 characters) as well as leaving a link.


Almost every social media site going around has an opportunity like this to add a link to other places of online presence in a profile page. The sky is really the limit – do it on Facebook, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, MySpace, StubmleUpon, Digg, Flickr, YouTube…. the list could go on and on.

3. Social Media Sites (eg – Facebook)

There are numerous ways to leverage social networking sites and to drive traffic back to your blog. I’ve already mentioned how you can do this using the ‘profile’ area above but there are often other ways also.

Sites like Facebook also allow you to pull in RSS feeds so that you can have your wall updated every time you post something new on your blog. Look out for opportunities to import RSS feeds – these are increasingly popular and can be really effective.

There are also lots of applications that allow you to promote your content – one that many bloggers us is BlogNetworks.


4. Email Signature

One of the most common ways that website and blog owners have used to promote their blog is to use the ‘signature’ area at the bottom of emails.


It makes sense to use this – if you’re anything like me you are emailing hundreds of people a week (or day) and could potentially be reaching a lot of new readers or reinforcing your brand with older ones.

Note: Feedburner even offer a service that allows you to show your latest posts from your blog in your email signature.

5. Forum Signatures

This is another fairly common one but one that I’ve seen can be quite powerful at times (if used well with a good forum strategy).

The signature alone won’t always drive traffic but as we covered here recently on ProBlogger if you use it in conjunction with being a useful contributer it can be highly effective at driving traffic.

Many forums also allow you to add links to profile pages.

6. Blog Comments

Many bloggers spend a lot of time reading and commenting upon other blogs in their niche.

Every time you comment on another blog you can be potentially adding to or taking away from your blog’s brand. Every comment is an opportunity to connect with both the blogger behind the blog and their readers.

The best way to drive traffic from blog comments is to leave helpful, useful, stimulating, insightful, controversial comments. Do this over time and people will want to know more of who you are and what else you do.

7. LinkedIn ‘Questions and Answers’

One great social networking site that many bloggers have profiles on is LinkedIn (my profile is here). Just being a part of LinkedIn can help promote your blog but their Question and Answer tool is another opportunity that many bloggers fail to use.


You don’t want to make your use of the feature too self promotional but good questions can be effective at reinforcing your brand and even stimulating people to visit your blog (if well written). Also answering other people’s questions can get you on their radar – there are lots of ‘open’ questions which give you opportunity to do this.

8. YouTube (and other Video and Photosharing sites)

Many bloggers create videos and upload them to sites like YouTube. There are numerous opportunities to leverage this. For starters you can add links in your profile page, you can add links to the video description of every video you upload (they work best if they are at the start of the description) and you can add your URL into your video (as a pre roll or post-roll ‘credit’).

Similarly sites like Flickr allow some linking within your profile pages and the pages where you show photos.

9. Your Other Blogs

Many bloggers have more than one blog. While they could be on diverse topics and not really suitable to regularly cross promote within your content there are still opportunities for interlinking them.

One such place is in the ‘about page’ of your blogs. People often go to these pages to find out more about the author – as a result it’s appropriate to include links to other projects/blogs that you’re working on here.

If your blogs are related in topic and it is relevant to mention them in your post then you should be doing so.

10. Guest Posting

I’ve written a lot about the power of guest posts so won’t go on about it again here – however it’s another great opportunity to develop an online presence that can be powerfully leveraged to draw readers back to your blog (and to build your brand).

Read more about guest posting at:

Final Thoughts

The above techniques can potentially drive traffic to your blog but as I’ve written this post I’m reminded of a post I wrote some time back on building your personal brand – one straw at a time. All of the above activities don’t just drive traffic – they collectively build your brand.

The other thing I’ll finish by saying is that ‘relevancy’ is the key to all of the above driving traffic to your blog.

For example – if your YouTube account just has personal videos it’s less likely to drive traffic to your blog if it’s on a topic similar to your actual blog. The same is true for each of the 10 points above.

What other ways do you drive traffic to your blog from other places that you have an online presence? What works best for you?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Twitter background idea is nice and new. I will give it a try today :)

  2. We have use about half of the methods you describe in this post and it is very successful. One of th reasons I believe is because we are first or one of the first blogs in out niche to do that. I think if your niche is dominated by someone else it is a lot harder to breakthrough no matter what you use. What do you think Darren?

  3. Man, I been wanting to do the twitter background thing. I first saw it with Aweber’s profile. My problem right now is finding and making the right background.

    With youtube I think you can add links to the fairly new annotation feature which may be more effective than the description link but I haven’t tested it so you might want to check that out.

  4. This post is a virtual bible of blog traffic ideas. One of the most valuable points I take away is that you are building your brand with every comment you leave on a blog so take your time and really contribute!

    Great post Darren!

  5. These tips also help in getting your blog name or brand into search engines.

    If you Google VlogHog, you get my blog, my inactive page at Mashable, my videos at Revver, my old page at YouTube, my page at MyBlogLog and many other sites that where my username is VlogHog.

  6. My wordpress tags seem to picked up a lot in searches. Get a lot of referrers through them.

  7. Unfortunately,I really haven’t found the most appropriate social site for me, although I have more than 500 followers at Twitter.

    But then, I try maximize the use of forums, guest posting and of course blog commenting.

    Nice list, though.


  8. I love the Twitter background, but I have no idea how to accomplish that. Is there anyone that has a pointer or two?

  9. Other than these methods ” yahoo answers” is also be a good place to show your online presence. I have used it for good results.

  10. Great tips, Darren and I’ve been reading your book “Problogger: Blogging your way to a six-figure income” this week. It’s excellent and I’m really enjoying it – there are lots more tips in it too!

    I write Amazon reviews at amazon.com and .co.uk and this generates some extra traffic for my e-zine.

  11. Very informative. I’m a newbie in blogging and these are just wonderful tip. Thanks a lot.

  12. Jigs Garcia,yes i agree with you.very informative.

  13. Great post but how much time or energy weekly do you advice new companies to spend leveraging this social networking as part of their marketing strategy. It’s time consuming and the ROI isn’t always measurable in the short term. I’m hearing 2-3 hours daily and from others like the CEO of Zappos telling me her spends 1 hour just on Twitter. So what are your thoughts?

  14. I use a combination of leaving comments on blog and signature on forums. However, I have noticed that 80% of my current traffic comes from one website, which is the leading website in my nice, and I have fears about being too over-reliant on one website.

  15. Great list of “to do” for a new blogger like me. I’m wondering if you intended those to be in order of most important to least important? Or we just work at them using the ones we are more comfortable with?

  16. Like always sifu, I agree, its great to have twitter and does indeed brings traffic. :) and from other social network services that I have joined, really helped too.

  17. I my very beginning I used the old-school tactic of handing out flyers across Houston…and it still works to bring new visitors even to my own amazement ;)

  18. Darren,

    Masters of SEO asked for your tips on getting traffic. He is a young blogger who needs some assistance I was better that you would be one of the first to respond. It’s been 9 days and you haven’t responded.

    Please respond to him so I don’t look like an idiot lol.


  19. Correction: i was betting.

  20. Thanks for the great tips, Darren. I was experimenting with widgets lately and will try the Twitter background idea. Wondering, did you create the URL link section using a widget, or other code? Also, I’ve been in Twitter for a while now and find people don’t respond even though I ask a lot of questions and try to help people. Any suggestions?:

  21. Nice. Tons of new ideas. I’ll have to post my URL everywhere, online and in real life.

    Thomas :)

  22. I have been testing new ways to drive traffic to my blog – trying to understand what works and what doesn’t. The particular tests have been around how search compares to social networking to offline PR to blog/community involvement. I have done some analysis in a recent post that you might be interested in: http://dominiquehind.wordpress.com/2008/11/01/whats-working-on-my-blog-stats-update/

    A quick summary is that it shows the main search drivers to my blog are keywords around my name (ie the conscious thought). There are only a few unconscious keywords (ie unrelated) that have been driving traffic. I have found the most popular way to drive traffic is definitely through social networks – particularly when you reference your URL in your profile and then in your status. I will definitely update all of my images to include the blog URL in them – great tip.

    I would be interested in your thoughts and really enjoy reading your blog.

  23. This is an excellent post! I’ve been leveraging some of these, like Facebook, forum signatures, and blog comments. But there are so many good ideas here that I never even thought of! I especially like the idea of embedding links in YouTube videos/descriptions. Thanks, Darren!

  24. Hi Darren

    I agree about the forum. But I also use http://www.craigslist.org, and http://www.kijiji.ca, where I post free ads regarding my free report. I find I get pretty good results from this.

    Also if you can afford it using offline advertising methods like radio, billboards, newspaper, etc.


  25. Thomas,yes i agree with you.well done.

  26. Great article and great method especially 1. Twitter Background Image:

  27. I utilize a lot of these methods and I know that blog commenting definitely helps to find new readers and increase traffic. I should start focusing on optimizing my social media pages, however. Nice tips!

  28. I had somehow forgotten to add my site URL as an email signature. So great tip!

  29. Great post!
    4. Email Signature:
    Make your email signature STAND OUT
    Promote your
    ✔Social profiles
    and so much more…
    via ☛ http://www.wisestamp.com

  30. Very very good article Darren.
    I’ll try to start using facebook the way you recommend and see if i can leverage other people’s presense as you say.

    Best regards…

  31. I will try it, Nice tips!!

  32. nice article

  33. It’s great that you point out what a useful comment is. If we want to get quality traffic from commenting on a blog post, we better help the author out as much as possible by adding relevant information while using keywords that are in the post.

    I also write Amazon reviews at amazon.com and this generates some extra traffic for my e-zine.

  34. Leverage is the key. Leverage. Lean on things and make them work for you. Twitter is a great example- its a has industry behind it. What you tweet gets recorded and published creating back links in dozens of places. See how I have leveraged twitter. Follow me there.

  35. Your list looked pretty helpful. Will definitely try them out.

  36. i like the idea of marketing through social media, thanks for the info :)

  37. I get hits by being listed on the alumni links for my university. Thanks for writing this Darren. I got a lot out of it. So much so, that I’ll be posting about this week. Thank you for taking the time to share what you know.

  38. Thanks for the great tips, Darren. I was experimenting with widgets lately and will try the Twitter background idea. Wondering, did you create the URL link section using sikiş a widget, or other code? Also, I’ve been in Twitter for a while now and find people don’t respond even though I ask a lot of questions and try to help people. Any suggestions?:

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