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10 Blogs That I Read

Posted By Darren Rowse 26th of August 2007 Miscellaneous Blog Tips 0 Comments

Earlier today I set the task for readers to link up to other blogs in their niche. I decided to do it too – but immediately hit a snag.

As I scanned through my feed reader i realized that I read hundreds of blogs about blogging (and related topics). Listing them all would be crazy (and take me hours to filter through) – however linking just a few risks offending those that I miss out. Hmmmm.

So I’ve decided to get a little random and pick 10 blogs from my ‘blogging’ folder in my feed reader – selected completely randomly. I used a random number generator to select numbers and then counted down to the blogs listed in that order. If the blog hadn’t updated for at least two weeks I skipped it and chose another one so as to produce a current list.

The list is actually one I’m pretty happy with – some names that I’m sure many of you will be familiar with, some ‘old timers’ and some new comers. Enjoy:

  • Stephan Spencer’s Scatterings – Blog Marketing and SEO
  • Brian Heys Writes – UK based blogger who admits he reads too many tech blogs – but I’m glad he does :-)
  • Rich Minx – another blogger from Downunder (and over east a bit – from New Zealand) – I even met her at the last New York ProBlogger meetup
  • Andy Wibbels – blog training guru (and someone I’ve even produced a course with)
  • ChrisG – insightful and experienced pro blogger
  • 45n5 – Mark’s just announced that he’s ‘off to get married’ but his archives are full of posts and videos on blogging
  • Bloggrrl – a more recent addition to my feed reader. Michelle blogs with humor and insight.
  • SEOmoz blog – a daily read for me – I love their Friday whiteboard Videos
  • The Blog Herald – a classic blog about blogging
  • Daily Blog Tips – Daniel consistently writes quality tips about blogging
About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Great list, I only read a few of those. I really like RichMinx and Bloggrrl….the lady/girl bloggers are taking over :)

  2. Roberta – they are. I love how both of those two use humor in their blogging – something I think many bloggers could learn a lot from.

  3. Problogger.net is one of my top 10 :)

  4. I too have Minxy and Blogrrl, and lucky to have both them as readers of my blogs. Nice idea, would like to know how to get on your feed reader list Darren ;)

  5. Rhys – the main way is to write on a topic that I blog about (blogging or photography).

    John – thanks mate :-)

  6. I’m putting them in my feeds NOW.
    And I’m sure that no one expected you to reed all the blogs about blogging :D
    I have the feeling that three out of eight blogs are about blogging.

  7. Hey, thanks for the mention! Lucky me, being picked by the random number generator. I am also a fan of Bloggrrl, ChrisG and Blogging Tips. I’ll have to check out the others.

  8. Sorry for the second post (it is off topic).
    I commented few times on this blog, but every time I did it, my FireFox freezes in endless loading after I push “Submit”.
    I really mean ENDLESS.
    And now it will happen again :(

  9. Nice list, I read few of these too, especially DailyBlogTips, thnx for the list :)

  10. I have been reading SEOmoz for some time, and I enjoy Michelle’s writing at Bloggrrl, mostly for the humor. The others I don’t find so appealing. There’s a fine line between writing with personality and crossing into nearly pure self-indulgence and presuming that that adds value (although clearly you’re doing a better job at seeing beyond that than I am).

    I’m not a daily blogger searching for fresh meat as so many are, so my list is short but dense…only the best stuff I know of. My current list (without links…anyone interested can find them, I’m sure)…and this is in addition to Digg, Reddit and BoingBoing:

    43 Folders
    Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim
    Digital Inspiration
    Dumb Little Man
    Get Rich Slowly
    Link Juicy
    MEMWGA (Eric Giguere)
    Problogger, of course
    Search Engine Guide
    SEO Book
    The Link Spiel
    The Simple Dollar
    and Zen Habits

  11. Truden – sorry about that. At least your comments get published though!

    Thanks for sharing your list Chuck

  12. I was also thinking of what Rhys asked…..how does one become a part of the problogger feed reading? I blog about blogging, too ;)

  13. I’ve got the same problem you do… There are too many blogs in my niche, and the one time I put together a list I ended up with dozens of emails from people wondering why they got left out.

    The random number generator… stroke of genius.

  14. great list you should add mines too ;)

  15. I too have a list of top and high ranked blog on my blogroll list and I try to visit them each day to see what is new and most of the time, I alway learn something new.

    ProBlogger is on my list too :-)

  16. I wonder if all these 10 people realized they were just featured on problogger.net. It looks like a couple of them were caught with their pants down.
    I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just think that if they knew they were going to be featured on problogger they would have had a better top post.

  17. Hi Darren,
    I’m not sure where to post this but I have set up my blog at http://www.makemesomemoney.co.uk and have tirelessly read through your website.. my eyes are straining but it’s really good and I hope to benefit from your tips to make some money from it. So far, it’s going well and I am getting some readers.
    The most difficult thing is getting readers though but I have learnt a lot from your site.
    Thank you and keep it up!

  18. Good list! I think every blogger should read “blogging blogs”… even if their niche’s isn’t blogging… like me.

    good stuff!


  19. Hmm, this looks suspiciously like my feed reader. ;-) I’m glad to see my Minx friend on there! Thanks for the mention, Darren. :-)

  20. I read some of these…I’m gonna check the others out, thanks!

  21. I have always enjoyed and used the great tips you always give out about blogging.The list you provided today is very useful to me.Thanks a lot

  22. My blog is not in that list? Awwww. Maybe I still have to work harder with it. Darren (and others), if you have time, please visit Slyvisions. I guarantee you that you’ll find it worth your time. Thanks!

    Sly from

  23. I see a few of my favorites on there! Bloggrrl, you rock :)

  24. Ironically, i wrote a post last week about the 10 Web Sites I Visit on a Regular Basis. Most of my sites are blogs and ways to keep track everything that is going on in social media. Problogger is #2 on the list and well deserved.

  25. Nice list Darren. I am always looking for insightful bloggers and your list has some very good ones. I wonder though what the other blogs are that didn’t make your top ten?

    Hava a great day,

    Mark, AKA The Million Dollar Homeboy

  26. Some great resource blogs there. Thats a lot of info related to blogging.

  27. Thank you very much for sharing some of the blogs you read: it’s nice to “unveil the code” to readers (I did it some time ago, including my podcasts :-)).

    I think I’ll remake those posts updating my new “sources of inspiration” (including you :-)) to keep transparency with my readers :-)

    Thanks a million for the idea (my To-do list is growing and growing because of you :-)).

    Regards from Spain,


  28. Your blog is my # TOP 1

  29. Darren, flattered by the mention, specially because I even encourage people to read Problogger over my own blog :). If after reading it they still got time left and want some more then they can come to DBT!

  30. Nice selection you have there Darren. However do you take time to read everyone’s blog feed. I mean a person can only read so much in a day.

    How do you pick out which posts to read from your feed reader? and what makes you do the extra click to go over to the blog and leave a comment?


  31. Out of those I read ChrisG, Bloggrrl and Daily Blog Tips as well as the SEOmoz blog from time to time. Shame you don’t read Blogging Fingers after all the articles I’ve submitted to the 31 day project, but hey, can’t win em all. :)

  32. So New Zealand is The Land Down Under and to the Right?

  33. I read the Blog Herald. Will have to check out those other blogs.

  34. Hey thanks for the mention, Darren.

    I know you’ve commented a few times, but I didn’t know you were a reader of my blog.

    Much appreciated.

  35. no problem Brian – keep up the great blogging.

  36. wow, thanks a million for the mention and I’m honored to make the probloggers blogroll.

    I guess I can add you to mine now ;-)

    lol, just kidding (you are already there)

  37. I deeply appreciate you sharing with us the blogs that you find most interesting. I too agree with you.

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