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YPN working to introduce Direct Deposits and Increase Ad Relevancy

Posted By Darren Rowse 12th of February 2006 Yahoo Publishing Network 0 Comments

Jake from Crimson Light has had a conversation with YPN employee Ray Devlin about upcoming features for YPN and has found thaty direct deposits are one feature that they are looking to add (no date given). They are also work on ad relevancy and other ways of speeding up payments. Here’s what Ray had to say:

‘There are new developments on the horizon for the Yahoo! Publisher Network. Points such as shortening the revenue verification period and increased relevance are ongoing improvements. Our publishers have also requested such additions as direct deposit as a form of payment. While we hope to have this available soon, there has been no release date indicated for this.’

Read more of Jakes post at YPN to Shorten Revenue Time and Increase Relevance

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  • It may be too late. I think an awful lot of us tried Yahoo and found it wanting – it’s going to be very hard to win us back.

    I’ve left Yahoo ads running on part of my site just to see what happens – it’s only a couple of bucks a day from those pages so I don’t miss the Google revenue. If it picks up there, maybe I’ll bring it back elsewhere, but it would really need to be dramatic to convince me now.

  • John

    are you being paid to plug yahoo

  • Thanks Darren for the post on your site. We have stayed with Yahoo and after speaking with Ray at YPN, we are excited that they are going to take the next step that is needed.
    Competition always breeds better results.

  • I’ve switched to YPN on my entire site with exception to my forums (Google can provide the CPM ads which actually make some money from the forums). YPN pays me 10x what Adsense pays. Hands down I would like to see YPN get better relevancy and faster payments. I am loyal to them right now and unless Google changes from the relatively low payouts they were giving me, I’ll be with YPN for some time.

  • You know, when people say “Yahoo pays me 10x”, I’d really like to know exactly what they mean: were you making $1.00 a day with Google and now make $10.00? Or was it $50.00 and now it’s $500.00?

    I found YPN didn’t scale: I could get a few hundred a month out of it, but not more. My analysis was that they simply lack the ad inventory for my market: Google has a lot more ads that match the things I write about (don’t bother to go look, you wouldn’t be interested).

    Now maybe for a different market they have more and better ads – if that’s the case for you, fantastic. I certainly want to see Google have real competition here: if Yahoo really does well, even if its only for part of the web, that can only force Google to do more for us – not that they are awful now, just that there’s always room for improvement and competition drives change much more efficiently than user desire does alone.

    I think the comment about Darren being paid to promote Yahoo was a cheap shot. Some people definitely do better with Yahoo – my suspicion is that it’s specific markets and maybe the smaller earning sites, but regardless it’s something every web site should try and something we should all keep an eye on AND something we should all hope has success because competition will help us regardless of what ad network we use.

    I don’t know Darren. We live on opposite sides of the world and have never even talked or IM’d. He might be a black hearted sleazeball in real life, but I don’t think so and writing positively about Yahoo, Chitika etc. is definitely NOT evidence that he his.

    Sorry to blather on :-)

  • I’ve just signed up for YPN and I’m interested to see what types of ads will appear on my sites and what the revenue potential will be.

    I have heard mixed reviews on earnings which seems to be completely site specific so I agree that their advertiser base just isn’t as big as google. Just give it time and they will have more specific ads. For now, keep experimenting and let us know through comments on articles like this.


  • John – No. Your comments make me laugh every time.

  • HostingDiary… I have left a message with your question. Hopefully I hear back from them soon. The other times I have asked this I have not received an answer with any information.
    When I get it I will update this on the main post at

  • YPN told me today that they are working on it, but are not releasing any dates.
    Top priority seems better targetting and faster payments.

    Read it on

  • YPN told me today that they are working on it, but are not releasing any dates. Top priority seems better targetting and faster payments.
    Read it on