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YPN Offer Publishers PayPal Payment Option

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of May 2007 Yahoo Publishing Network 0 Comments

YPN (Yahoo’s Publisher Network) have just announced something that I think will make many AdSense publishers quite jealous – they’re now going to give YPN publishers the option to be paid with PayPal.

I’ve been hearing AdSense publishers calling for this for years now but think it unlikely that they’ll do it as a result of them having invested so much into their own Google Checkout system.

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  1. I don’t Jealous at all,, because I don’t have Paypal Account ^^; and don’t think I will make paypay account Soon, my country don’t suppoert paypal.. Waiting for checks is just okay for me, I don’t mind..

  2. Paypal is not as important to me because at least they’ve got direct debit. What I would like however is a reduce payment threshold like YPN has done now with their Paypal implementation. That would be a great boon for small time publishers like me.

  3. I don’t understand why people love paypal so much. I’d much rather get a direct deposit into my bank account (which Google does offer) than get paid through paypal. Honestly, I really _hate_ paypal. I hate that it makes you create a paypal account to buy merchandise from other sites, versus just entering your name, address, and credit card info. And I’ve been screwed more than once by their rediculous, no questions asked policy for disputed charges. They’re supposed to be authorizing transactions, so why am I the one who gets screwed when they mess up?

  4. This is going to see YPN usage soar! Making an easier way to pay will give them a great advantage!

  5. Wow, this is great news!

  6. Yeah, this is good news for publishers, but I doubt Google will follow. Not only because they have their own checkout system, but because they’ll simply not have to. It’s not like everyone is going to give up on Adsense because they don’t pay into your Paypal account.

    It’s a pity though, it would be a nice feature.

  7. This is awesome news, I’m switching some of my ads over to YPN so that I can finally get paid by them, so far I’ve stalled hitting $100 because I don’t want a check.

  8. Yes, I have always doubted that Google would be willing to give PayPal a slice of the Adsense action! Not if you consider that Google is very capable of taking on PayPal as a competitor with its own payments system.

    It would be nice though – publishers outside the “Western” countries can have problems cashing cheques – it would be so much easier and less risky if the money just “plopped” into an electronic account.

  9. wow ,i think u’d better give them more and more freedom,
    u know in such way,they will give great feedback to u.

  10. Some competition was needed. I feel that Google is getting a bit too much power. Let them sweat a bit and we’ll see if this results in improvements towards the publishers :)

  11. wow! I’d definately want ypn now. Shame i can’t sign up yet

  12. Having Adsense pay by PayPal would be a dream come true!

    Hello, is anyone at G listening?


  13. This is really not that big of a deal. My Paypal and Google Adsense deposits are both linked to the same bank account. I have a PayPal debit card which can be used for off line purchases. I also have a debit card for the bank account that Google Adsense deposits into. That is the same account that my PayPal account is linked to if I need to make a big eBay purchase and need to draw off my bank account ot complete the transaction.

    More significant in this story is the $50 YPN minimum deposit vs the Adsense $100 minimum. This might cause new publishers to go with Yahoo instead of Google since it is certainly easier to make the first $50.

  14. Alright that is good news, I am opening my YPN account right now.

  15. Google can’t really use the Google Checkout as an excuse not to do Paypal since they don’t let you get paid through Google Checkout either.

  16. Is YPN international yet ? Shit I’d be happy to have one more income stream.

  17. I’m with TheOzz

    Google deposits my payment right into my chequing account. Paypal takes up to 5 days to get money from paypal into my chequing.

    IMO going to paypal from direct deposit would be a step back.


  18. Actually, I prefer direct bank transfers over PayPal. That’s because PayPal takes a cut out of my payments every time I receive money through them, and my bank does not. I only use PayPal when I must.

  19. I would love to have this in Adsense… :(

  20. I’m sure Yahoo would like to do as much as they can to crush Google Checkout even though they don’t have a competing product.

  21. My payment at Adsense is nearing..Shall collect it and then intend to immediately move on with YPN..

  22. I’m in the group that doesn’t see this as that big of a deal. Sure, it wouldn’t hurt to have it as an option. But I don’t see it as a feature that would lead me to drop Adsense and switch to YPN. On the other hand, I think that anything YPN can do (or any company for that matter) to put more competition out there for Google is a good thing.

  23. Good news for publisher! I’ll wait ’til Payplal accepts our location to start with Yahoo.

  24. i have google ads in blogs, but i cannot publish google ads in google pages, i have tried so many times, but it was not pissible,can i copy ads in blogger and paste in google pages?
    its accepted or not? please reply me

  25. this will definately make things easy.

  26. I think google will release their payment gate. and give an option to push publisher pay thru their payment gate. It’s mean become paypal killer?

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