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YPN tweaks system

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of March 2006 Yahoo Publishing Network 0 Comments

I just logged into b5’s YPN account and noticed a few changes (this must be why I’ve been locked out of it today).

The first change is their new ‘messages’ feature (pictured below) which outlines the latest changes at YPN.


Click on the ‘subjects’ of one of the messages and you get a nice little popup message that ‘greys out’ the background and highlights the message in white and tells you what the change is (see below).


The second change is – as the message says above – a new reporting feature that lets you delete and edit reporting categories.

All in all the changes are pretty minor – tweaks really – as they continue to hone their system.

update: Jen from Jensense also reports on these changes but she notices another one also – a change in reports that allows you to select dates for your report via a little popup calendar (see below).


She also notes that she’s getting nonsecure warnings when she views YPN pages now in IE and unencrypted warnings in Mozilla/Firefox (something I don’t experience – maybe my Mac can handle something Jen’s PC can’t :-) ).

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  • YPN need to seriously review their reporting system never mind their overall performance.

    Currently I am making about $100 a day sales through YPN ads (analyzed through independent tracking) but this is not reflected in their (Overture) tracking system which seems to all over the place.

    Please explain?

  • Darren,

    You may have already covered this elsewhere. However, in a general sense is YPN converting better than AdSense or not? Thanks.


  • AdSense is still the one to go with.

  • John
    unless you’ve got a really specific tech site stick with Adsense.