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YPN launches Publisher Services and New Help Center

Posted By Darren Rowse 17th of June 2006 Yahoo Publishing Network 0 Comments

YPN have just released a new section for their publishers called ‘publisher services’. (hat tip to Scott for the email headsup).

I’ve included a screen shot of it below but it’s basically a collection of tutorials and tools to help publishers improve three aspects of their site development. Here’s how they define the three areas:

  • Drive Traffic – A number of ways to get more visitors
  • Enhance your Site – Quality Yahoo! tools and features from Yahoo! that differentiate your site
  • Build your Site – Solutions for creating and hosting your site

Each section has it’s own page of developing these areas (screen caps of each below – click to enlarge).

I’m yet to go through each page that they provide in great detail but a lot of it seems to be promoting other Yahoo! services that they offer (cross promotion) – some of it looks useful enough though.

New Help Center

YPN have also announced a newly revamped Help Center for their publishers. This includes:

  • A How-To Guide – Detailed instructions on how to use each area of the Yahoo! Publisher Network account management system
  • Account FAQs – A comprehensive set of FAQs that addresses most publisher questions
  • Account Overview Demo – A step-by-step guide that takes you through the most prominent features of the Yahoo! Publisher Network account management system
  • Implementation Guide – Detailed assistance to help publishers set up and manage their Yahoo! Publisher Network account

Here’s some screen caps of the publishers services pages:

Here’s the Drive Traffic Section


Here’s the Enhance your Site Section


Here’s the Build your Site Section


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  • Hola, I see all this talk about YPN. Look I applied 6 months ago the first time. Then two other times since then. I have not received the time of date from YPN. My sites are clean with tons of visits. About 2 million a month that I think is not bad at all. My bad sites get 4 times that a month. Look Yahoo want to be adsense and i think it is just to big for them to handle. Adsense has never banned me. Adsense pays me on time every time. Adsense has made me what my amigos consider a rich person. Adsense aprooves you or not in a couple of days. Yahoo so far none of the above. May be it is my name cause i dont see any reason not be contacted or invited. Then you start thinking why change if adsense has been just outstanding. This has been my take. Adios…..

  • Its very interesting to note that YPN has launched Publisher Services and New Help Center, but i doubt is it limited to only US.