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YPN increase channels and make other Tweaks

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of March 2006 Yahoo Publishing Network 0 Comments

I’ve been offline most of today and just checked my inbox to find 7 people had emailed me to let me know that YPN has increased the number of tracking channels from 50 to 100. They’ve also apparently made a few changes to the design/layout of their back-end and have made a few changes to color palettes. I’ve not logged in to see yet but from what I’ve been told most of the changes are tweaks.

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  • Hi Darren,

    As always I enjoy reading your blog and am a huge fan of many of the articles that you write and the advice that is exchanged. What an interesting networking platform.

    I have a Google vs.YPN question for you.

    Can you utilize Google and YPN on the same pages OR do you have to alternate the use of both programs on separate pages within a single domain?

    You might remember me from my YPN Beta Reject days.

    Thanks for your help,

    Angela :)

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  • They areboth contextual therfore normally it is a violation to use them.

  • Anyone know how to actually get a YPN account? Still waiting…

  • John,

    I’m waiting on YPN too!

    From what little information is available online. It appears that YPN maybe extending sign-ups outside the US sometime this Spring. I’m eager to compare YPN with AdSense.

  • I’m in the US, and I still can’t get an account.