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YPN Banning Some Publishers for Excessive non US Traffic

Posted By Darren Rowse 2nd of February 2006 Yahoo Publishing Network 0 Comments

It looks like YPN have started banning some publishers for sending too much international traffic to their advertisers.

Messages like this one have been sent to publishers being banned for this:

‘We have terminated your Yahoo! Publisher Network beta account [ACCOUNT ID] for breach of the Terms and Conditions and/or Program Policies. Your breach includes but may not be limited to sending traffic from users located outside the United States, in violation of Section 11(l) of the Terms and Conditions. In accord with Section 6(a), we will not include such amounts in your payment. We have refunded amounts generated from the non-US users to our advertisers and will pay any remaining amount owed to you in accord with the Terms and Conditions.’

While I knew YPN is in beta and only accepting US publishers I wasn’t aware that their TOS excluded non US traffic. How publishers are supposed to stop this happening without getting into geo targeting ads is a little beyond my grasp.

I wonder if banned publishers will be allowed back into YPN if and when they go international.

Action like this makes me wonder whether YPN might actually be some time away from expanding into an international ad network. Perhaps non US publishers might have a bit longer to wait to be included than they thought.

Read more on the topic at Yahoo Publisher Network Banning Some Accounts

About Darren Rowse
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  • JT

    That sure is a wierd comment above this one from Know More Media

    This is bad news. I use YPN and so far have been pleased. I do have a lot of international traffic though. I hope I do not see this anytime soon.

  • vivek

    Strange I received one more invitation from YPN, sure they want more publisher. Since they don’t accept publisher outside US I again declined it, even if they accepted it I will not use it as they don’t have much ad inventory at the movement. carried out YPN for one or two days and now they are back to Google ads again. I think YPN is good for not tech sites only, IMPO.

  • Yep! I hope to not see such message again.

  • That sucks. So does their new Aussie homepage


  • I guess this depends on who they are targeting with their terminations.

    I know some bloggers have been using Yahoo ads who are outside of the USA, because they have contacts within the USA who have signed up for accounts, but I cannot see how the location of a publisher/blogger would impact on advertisers, unless those advertisers are marketing local products to local people, in which case why use a global marketing tool such as yahoo/google ads?

    Seems to be a strange concept to want to advertise on the WWW, which in its nature is global, yet only want those in a particular area to be aware of you.

    This step certainly suggests that Yahoo are a lot further away from a worldwide release of the advertising network.

  • Huh?

    If they don’t want non-us traffic, then THEY should identify that at their adserver and not send an ad. It’s their limitation; they shouldn’t push that off on the website.

  • PCUnix is right – it should be their job primarily to filter out the traffic. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they should accept a site written entirely in a foreign language either.

    It is impossible for us to filter out all international traffic. I personally see a decent percentage of international traffic at my site and would be devastated if they cancelled my account. Currently I make about 5X what I was making with Adsense…this would really pinch my plans for a vaction. :(

  • I thought it was the world wide web. And I thought that Yahoo thought that. Wrong again!

  • If they expect their publishers to identify the client’s country of origin and manage or filter YPN ads based on that, they have unreasonable expectations. And putting it in the terms of service doesn’t change that fact.

    On the other hand, if they simply meant that for this beta period, they wish to discontinue the relationship with these publishers because the publishers’ traffic doesn’t fit the YPN program as it exists at this time, they should’ve just said that. Their own lawyers may have shot them in the foot.


  • mattboy

    total BS…..seems pretty amateur to rely on publishers to do their filtering. I wouldnt feel very confident as an advertiser on Yahoo knowing that they can’t be bothered to implement proper ad serving technology.

    What’s next. Get the publisher to write up code to serve relevant ads as well…..

  • It looks like YPS still has a long way to go if they run into problems like this. Obviously, restrictions like this are very limiting and it’s highly doubtful how others will earn from their program especially if you’re catering to a worldwide audience.

  • YPN should simply do the geotarget themselves.
    No ads shown when the page is viewed by non-US


  • And that is why I don’t use Yahoo…case closed.

  • craig

    they are idiots and lossing out on making alot of money from no usa visitors, every site on the internet has alot of traffic from all parts of the world not just usa, why don’t they do what google have done with there ads they are just stupid, i know this is one of the reason I use google adsense rather the ypn, from google i can make momney from every one in the world and make the most of all my sites visitors, i think yahoo has become to corparate and has lost touch with how the internet works

  • craig

    what about that episode of the apprentice it made yahoo look like real hard nose coperatate pricks lol that was funny

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