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YPN adds RPC (Revenue Per Click) to reports

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of June 2006 Yahoo Publishing Network 4

YPN has made a number of changes in their reports and control panel. One of the main ones that caught my eye was a new column in their reports:

Avg. RPC ($) which stands for ‘Average Revenue Per Click’ which they define as:

This shows the average amount of revenue you earn each time someone clicks an ad on your site. Average RPC is equal to (Revenue)/(Clicks).”


This is something that AdSense publishers have been asking for for a long time (ever since I’ve been in the AdSense program at least) and I’ll be interested to see if AdSense give in as a result of YPN going this way.

In effect the RPC figure is something that publishers could work out for themselves but it is nice to see it, especially in a monthly report so that it can be compared from day to day.

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  1. The newest version of AdSense tracker for Firefox now shows RPC.

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  3. […] Last week there was some fanfare about some new products from Google and Yahoo relating to Google’s introduction of dayparting and Yahoo’s YPN program displaying RPC for their small publishers.  Well, I was not too impressed by these announcements since Kanoodle has offered these features to our advertisers and publishers for many years.  That said, kudos to the big guys for recognizing the importance of giving advertisers and publishers the proper tools to manage their accounts. […]

  4. i have been watching RPC since last few weeks its getting down and down for YPN any specific reason ?

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