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YouTube Comes of Age

Posted By 13th of July 2006 Blog News 0 Comments

We’ve recently been playing with video blogging more. Darren has done several in the past weeks and I’ve got a couple buried around too. The most popular video hosting service around, YouTube, has come under fire recently for performance and availability reasons. It’s a big service. They have done a reasonable job, in my opinion, of scaling well with astronomical growth. Truth is, serving up video is a massive undertaking, especially on that scale. I don’t really fault YouTube for having growing pains. AOL did back in the mid-90s when they made the bold move of offering, wait for it… unliited dialup. MySpace seems to experience “glitches” regularly. It seems natural for a growing service to hit some bumps.

This graph was posted on the Qumana blog today (originally from Read/Write Web) charting Yahoo Video (Green), Google Video (Blue) and YouTube (Red) visitors.

My question is how much more can YouTube grow without self-imploding.

  • YouTube will do fine when they get mainstream advertisers to add short (5 seconds max) ads.

    Good advertising income means having the ability to locate caching/redundant servers in various regions to speed up performance.

    They’re on the cusp of something huge. Don’t be surprised if YouTube adds a Media Center plug-in and finds other ways to bring their content straight to the home entertainment screen (set top box a la Akimbo, MCE/Myth plug-in, Tivo hack, etc).

  • Yahoo had a video site? What? :)

  • I think youtube has done a pretty good job considering how much bandwidth it take to stream video in such massive amounts. I think that a lot of their success has to do with the same community that is making myspace grow so rapidly.

  • I’m seeing a lot more spammed URLs in the comments sections. I think Youtube is having growing pains.

  • They should be able to keep scaling. I was talking to some people at YouTube has over 100 servers there and it’s not their only hosting company.

    RackSpace is typically $500/$1,000 per month per server. So you can see the tremendous outpouring of money it takes for such an operation.

    – Bryan

  • I think the key question to ask is how does YouTube become profitable and when. They’re losing staggering amount of money in bandwidth and hosting. And without question their current ad-supported model isn’t working. To all advertisers (other than those focused on brand exposure) YouTube is not presenting a valued proposition. What do they need to do? Become an affiliate? Paid model? Syndicate their content to partners? No one has found the answer for this yet.

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  • Just a note that I was the original source of the chart you’re using:

    The attribution got lost along the way to your post ;-)

  • Right on Richard. I’ll make that attribution note. You should mentioin that to Qumana too. :)

  • Darren McLaughlin,

    >> I’m seeing a lot more spammed URLs in the comments sections. I think Youtube is having growing pains.

    It’s making everyone mad including me, especially the ones for the “take a survey” web site. In fact, I made a spoof video about it on YouTube called “YouTube Comment Spam”. It’s a parody of the song “Secret Agent Man”:

    I think YouTube will tackle these issues soon enough; right now they’re probably going nuts just managing the massive traffic they have.


  • Robert,

    Thanks for the 2.5 minutes of hilarity :) Song parodies have always been a favorite of mine.

  • Nono


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  • nice i thought that yahoo was the best… now im gonna go to you tube.. jeje thnx man

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