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Yahoo unveils ‘overhaul’ of online advertising

Yahoo will today announce an overhaul of their online advertising system which will change the way they rank which ads to show says MSNBC:

‘A new ranking formula, to be adopted later this year, will also take into account the “click-through rate” of an advert, along with a number of other secret factors, said Mr Cadogan – an approach that echoes the one followed by Google.’

As the article says, this is similar to what Google has done with AdWords previously. It looks like the changes are just being announced today and the rollout is to happen in the third quarter. It will be interesting to see if YPN publishers see much of a change when the ‘overhaul’ happens.

Source – John Bartelle who has had a run through of the new system.

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  • Once they get their ad system up2speed for advertisers, expect YPN to boom.

  • It’s not suprising they went in this direction. Only time will tell if it’s good for income or not.

  • Yahoo is doing a great job with there network and i think they are going to dominate in the future.

  • I like YPN, they keep on improving. Soon it will beat Adsense

  • I agree — I think a lot of us former Adsense users are excited for YPN to be ready for the bulk of us. Hopefully they won’t be booting people left and right like Google either…

  • I am looking forward to the day when Yahoo’s Publisher program will leave the Beta phase, and become a competitor to Google AdSense.

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