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Yahoo! Publisher Network Responds to Publisher Termination Reports

A few days ago I reported that YPN had had another round of terminating publishers from their network for ‘poor quality traffic’.

Today YPN have responded to the attention that their actions got around the web in a statement on their blog – Maintaining a Quality Network. They write:

“As noted on certain message boards, some publisher accounts have been recently closed. These account closures were based solely on traffic quality issues.

Yahoo! Publisher Network is still an invite-only beta program. As such, we’re constantly refining the procedures and policies that will help maintain a quality network for our publishers and advertisers. And we won’t release the product to the general publishing community until we are able to serve our constituent’s needs well.

This is a learning experience for everyone, one of the main concerns for our 100,000-plus advertisers who participate is the quality of traffic they receive. For advertisers, we need to consider the source of traffic, the site content, click activity, and the overall quality of leads generated for our advertisers.

As publishers you are also concerned with quality – the quality and relevance of the ads you receive and how well they monetize on your sites….”

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  • I’ve actually seen an increase in EPC since this happened. Maybe it’s related to a lower inventory of ads. Good to see YPN is attempting to protect the advertisers.

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  • Several weeks ago I had a call from Yahoo. The main purpose seemed to be a survey of likes/dislikes, expectations etc. I told them that I give them very few of my pages now because of their limitations.

    At the end they asked if I’d be willing to participate in a program where I’d run 100% YPN ads and they’d guarantee that I wouldn’t lose money – in other words, if I made less than I make from Google, they’d make up the difference.

    I said sure, I’d be willing to try that, but I never heard from them again..

  • I’m wondering… will these publishers who are being kicked out of YPN Beta going to be allowed to re-join when the full launch of the service begins?

  • YPN is doomed and will most likely never come out of Beta. Take it from a former 6-figure earner how went from being terminated to receiving a re-invitation to join. These folks are just scrambling to keep up with the Joneses but are clueless at heart.