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WordPress Feed Styler

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of February 2007 Blogging Tools and Services, RSS 0 Comments

This week I’m writing a series on how to make your RSS feeds POP and coincidentally Ronald Huereca from Dev Lounge released a WP plugin that helps you do exactly what I’m writing about.

It’s a WordPress Feed Styler that allows bloggers to add design elements into their feeds – for example styling blockquotes, images and more.

I’m yet to try it (busily packing for Sydney as I write this) but it looks like the type of thing that has the potential to make your RSS feed stand out a little from the rest.

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  • That looks great!

    Thanks or the heads up, I’ll try it myself.

  • I saw this plugin few days back.It seems to be useful but then it waned somewhere that your readers might not like it always.Lets see I will give it a try and update how it works.I will have to ask some of my readers too about it.

    Wish u a vey happy journey Darren.It’s feb I remember.See u soon

  • Hi again, I Tried it but seems if You are using a feedburner -redirector plugin it might not work.If anybody gets to work it…please share it

  • Apperently, it does! From the site:

    “You may need to go back to an already-published blog post and save it again in order to update your feed. If you use a service such as FeedBurner, ping the service and wait for the feed to show up styled. I recommend not using Google Reader to test out if the styler worked or not because Reader can take hours to show changes.”

  • Ronald Huereca


    What feed reader are you using? I use FeedBurner and mine works fine. The plugin styles the content before the feed is aggregated, so redirection shouldn’t be a factor.

    I know if you are using an online reader, it sometimes takes a while to update. This is not due to the plugin but rather the feed reader and/or feed service.

  • I’ll try this out. Images are always good in a full text rss feed.

  • @Ronald: I am using feedburner myself, But as Saman is saying you might have to save the post again.I wont be preferring that.

    If its like i have to save all the post one by one it will be a hassle and hence a drawback in plugin.I wont mind if it takes time.

    But at the end I concluded better not use any styling.Let it be simple as it can be.

  • @Ashish,

    You won’t have to save the posts everytime. The only time you’ll have to do this is if you have a feed currently out there and you decide to add styles to the plugin. WordPress won’t regenerate the feed until after something happens such as if a new post is made or a post is edited. Saman’s suggestion is only necessary if you haven’t posted anything new and have changed the feed styles and you want them reflected in your feed.

    So if you have added some styles in, the styles should take effect on the next post and every post thereafter without having to do anything.

    I do appreciate you trying it out though. Take care.

  • Tis might sound REALLY stupid and lame and n00b like, to which I apologize. I know what RSS is, how it works, and i even make use of it. Even this site is RSS’ed by me. HOWEVER, doesn’t RSS sort of take visitors away from your site?

    Doesn’t your actual visits to your site decline because everyone is using rss to read you up? Just wanted to know. A bit curious about this.

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  • @Ronald: Thanks for tellling me.I came back to seek if somebody replied.Sometimes

    If it starts from next post Its cool.I will definetly give it a try.I saw my feed on some reader lol It wasnt too good.I will difently give it a try.getting on your blog so ic an contact you in future.

    Thx again for the reply

    @darren: If you can use the subscribe to plugin, it will be easy to get the updates if somebody replied like this.Just an idea….

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