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Will You Be Blogging for Blog Action Day?

Posted By Georgina Laidlaw 12th of October 2010 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

It’s that time of year! This Friday is Blog Action Day — a chance for bloggers the world over to raise awareness of a particular issue.

This year, the theme is water, and the good people at Blog Action Day HQ have announced that the White House and the UK Foreign Office will be joining the chorus to help bring attention to water issues this year.

So will we.

Have you registered for Blog Action Day? How will you focus your blog on the topic of water for the day?

About Georgina Laidlaw
Georgina Laidlaw is a freelance content developer, and Content manager for problogger.net. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  1. Darren absolutely!! Look forward to what you will be writing about.

  2. I already drafted my post, and will probably write a second one as a guest post for an NGO.



  3. I will, but I still do not know how to start it.. :)

  4. I just registered for Blog Action Day. So water is the topic huh? I will start writing my draft now.

  5. I’ll be blogging for Blog Action Day. This will be the third year that I’ve supported this excellent global initiative. It’s excellent to read that ProBlogger will be participating!

    For my post I’ll be focusing on water security, especially with the release in Australia of a major report on the future of Australia’s largest water system, the Murray-Darling Basin.

    Can’t wait to read your contribution to this year’s Blog Action Day.

  6. Thanks for the info.. I will definitely try to write a good blog to raise water awareness..

  7. yah. lets take action now!

  8. This is actually the first time I heard of Blog Action Day. Given the fact that I have four blogs, I am going to have to think about this one for awhile….

  9. What an amazing idea, so sorry this only happens once a year.

    I would love to blog about water, and have so many times in the past. In the present, I am focusing my attention and passion into Suicide Prevention and Mental Illness.

    Not to say water is not a relevant topic. Our Teens in North America and globally are dying, resulting from Bullying, mental illness and the stigma that is associated with them all.

    Best of luck to all the bloggers, creating a global conversation about water! Good Luck!

  10. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be marking my calender now for this. Count me in :)

  11. Thanks for the reminder. Will definitely be blogging. Glad to see so many others on board!

  12. I already registered and currently making a draft.

  13. Georgina Laidlaw says: 10/12/2010 at 8:02 pm

    Hey, that’s great news :) Blog Action Day is a great initiative, so we’ll all be interested to see your posts.

    I’m curious. I always try to tie my Blog Action Day posts to the topic of my blog, so that they’re relevant to every one of my loyal readers. But I noticed Darren’s taken a different approach in the past, sharing his personal experiences and thoughts of the topic for the year.

    How are you guys approaching it? Alex, you mention the Murray-Darling basin. Are you presenting that in a way that’s pertinent to your blog’s topic, or are you making it a sort of “break in normal transmission”?

  14. Yes, absolutely!! I am excited about it and I am looking forward to educating my readers on this global crisis.


  15. Oh, this will be tricky! I think I have one of two sponsored posts around that time. But I will write a draft, and if it looks as though I don’t have a sponsored post running that day, then I’ll definitely post one.

  16. Thanks for the tip off. I didn’t even know that anything like this took place. Well that proves that you learn something new everyday! :)

  17. @ Hear mum Roar – What sponsored review site are you with?

  18. Just found out about this yesterday evening.

    I’ll likely take on bottled water for many reasons, not the least is the major spring water bottling plants in my home region of Mount Shasta which mine our groundwater.

  19. Yes. I participate every year.

  20. Not yet..this is my first time hearing about..I guess I should sign up..

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off

  21. so glad you posted this!! I am very concerned about our dwindling water reserves, but wasn’t aware of the event. I am an astrologer, and the signs of the zodiac are divided into fire, earth, air, and WATER, so it should be a simple matter come up with something compeling to blog about that day for my fellow astrology lovers!

  22. It was news to me, but I think it’s definitely worthy of a post. I will do some research and make it work.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  23. good news..

  24. Today I commented on two posts today. I wonder why none of the comments do not appear ? are my comments considered as a spam? or ?

  25. Love this!

    I’m in.

  26. hey, never heard of this before. As a pet blogger might find it hard to pick a topic for water awarness, but will figure smth out.

  27. Never heard of this sort of initiative before but love the idea of people all over the world blogging on a particular topic.

    I live in Australia and we have water issues here that have always astonished me so I’d certainly like the opportunity to air my thoughts on water wastage over here.

    Good luck and thanks to Ken Pickard from The Empowered Tribe for drawing this to our attention…

  28. I think this is a great idea. In fact I just mentioned this to my tribe of fellow bloggers. I hope everyone who can rally’s behind this cause.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

  29. Jaleesa, I’m with Nuffnang Australia.

  30. Thanks for spreading the word … we have registered and will be blogging about a Lions clubs project to bring clean water to a village in Mali.

  31. I’ve registered and I’m co-writing a post with my hubby. Now if we can just stop elbowing each other away from the keyboard…:)

  32. Yes Darren and thank you for the reminder!
    I have registered for the event. However, I am working on a guest post with a partner as part of our SITSGIRLS workshop assignment… I will have to add a postscript or a new post just to honor the assignment.

  33. I will – some time today and hopefully it will be something meaning!

  34. yes i would be. this is for some good service and this is what i am all about.

  35. yes, definitely i will , why not

  36. i somehow missed all the info to blog on fri, so i am making it up on saturday!

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