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Why Medium is the Best Marketing For Your Blog

Posted By Guest Blogger 4th of April 2017 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Why Medium is the Best Marketing Platform For Your Blog | ProBlogger.net

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This is a guest contribution from Tiffany Sun of Rabbut.

It’d always frustrate me after I publish a post on my blog. Simply because no one would respond or share it.

Did I pick a boring topic? Did I not provide enough value to readers? Did I publish at the wrong time?

No, the real problem was not getting enough visibility to generate a steady stream of visitors to my blog. In other words, I had a dead blog.

The only way I could get people to realize I even existed was to:

1. Write SEO-optimized content.

This required me to research for specific keywords that’d help me rank higher on search engines and write fresh, quality content using those keywords.  


2. Use a mainstream media to promote my content.

This meant publishing my post on active social media sites: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and Quora to drive more traffic to my blog.

To keep it simple, I devoted all of my attention to #2. Surprisingly, Medium had worked the best for me.

In one month, I’d gotten 1,193 visitors who’d read my posts and clicked directly to Rabbut (my blog).

Why Medium is the Best Marketing Platform For Your Blog | ProBlogger.net

Google Analytics | The traffic count from Medium to my site in one month.

Here’s why Medium is the better marketing platform to promote your blog.

Medium targets readers.

Unlike Linkedin who appeals to college graduates and marketers or Instagram who attracts photographers and food/fashion bloggers, Medium targets readers. Readers who crave stories that evoke strong feelings and open their eyes to new perspectives.

Just read one of the posts from “Top Stories” or Editor’s Picks, and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Rarely will you find posts that try to “sell” you a product or waste your time, simply because Medium rewards stories that teach or awaken your senses. As a matter of fact, they keep reforming their homepage and search page to deliver only the best stories to their readers.

What does this mean to you as a blogger?

A sure way that people will actually read your content on Medium and be interested in what you say.

Medium gets more traffic than your blog does.

You can throw out thousands of dollars into marketing or publish hundreds of blog posts, but this alone still won’t get you as much traffic as Medium gets.

I’m talking about 30+ million visitors a month (that’s 1 million visitors a day!). It’s a staggering number, considering how Medium was launched in August 2012.

Where are they now?

Ranked among the top visited sites online, #335 in the world according to Alexa.

Why Medium is the Best Marketing Platform For Your Blog | ProBlogger.net

Alexa | Medium’s ranking on the internet.

So it doesn’t surprise me when people tell me how they got more views on Medium compared to their own blog.

We got significantly more views in the past 90 days on Medium than we got in 18 months on our blog.” ~Quincy Larson, teacher at Free Code Camp

Within 6 hours my post on Medium had surpassed the average number of views a post on my site would get in its entire lifetime. Within 24 hours those numbers quadrupled.” ~Mike Essex, Marketing Manager of Petrofac

Just remember to mention (and link) your blog somewhere within your Medium post. Personally, I like to add it at the bottom of my post under my bio snippet.

Why Medium is the Best Marketing Platform For Your Blog | ProBlogger.net

My Medium post: I write because I care | The place where I mention and link my blog.

I’d get a 8–17% conversion rate by this one simple tactic.

Why Medium is the Best Marketing Platform For Your Blog | ProBlogger.net

Medium | The total number of people who’ve read my entire post, measured by “Reads.”

Why Medium is the Best Marketing Platform For Your Blog | ProBlogger.net

Google Analytics | The total number of visitors who came to my blog from my Medium post: I write because I care.

The Takeaway

Medium brings more people to read your post and follow your blog.

Medium lands more guest blog opportunities for you.

Medium not only attracts readers but also publishers from reputable sites, like HuffingtonPost, Lifehack, Thought Catalog, Flipboard, just to name a few.

The reason is because high quality content is too easily consumed and always high in demand. If publishers want to keep their site’s reputation as the most reliable source for great content, they constantly need to look out for them.

So just keep pushing out great content onto Medium, and you’ll eventually catch the attention of these publishers. They might ask you to republish your post on their site, or better yet, become a contributor for their site.

Either way, this is probably the easiest way to land guest blog opportunities and secure multiple channels of traffic back to your blog without exerting too much effort.

Medium unlocks extra visibility for your content.

Because Medium is both a blogging and social media platform, they’ve added extra features to spread your content.

One, you could highlight snippets from your post and Tweet it out.

Why Medium is the Best Marketing Platform For Your Blog | ProBlogger.net

Medium | Highlighting my content and sharing it on Twitter.

Two, you could share your post directly to Facebook.

Why Medium is the Best Marketing Platform For Your Blog | ProBlogger.net

Medium | Sharing my content to Facebook.

Three, you can add tags to your post to help people discover your content through Medium’s search page.

Medium | Adding tags to my story, so I can get more exposure on Medium’s search page.

Medium | Adding tags to my story, so I can get more exposure on Medium’s search page.

Note: Tags is what Medium uses to categorize their content.

Medium is free.

Why spend the extra money marketing your blog when Medium is entirely free?

So what are you waiting for?

Create a Medium account. Republish your blog content onto Medium! Give it time, and you’ll eventually see more results (more traffic) than blogging on your own.

Tiffany Sun is the creator & marketer of Rabbut – a writer’s best friend for collecting emails for Medium, Linkedin, and personal sites.

About Guest Blogger
This post was written by a guest contributor. Please see their details in the post above.
  1. Hey Tiffany,

    I have been using Medium for a long time and the experience I have is remarkable. People are more about stories.

    I agree with your points of getting more opportunities from this platform. I have met many people and even turned them to be my clients.

    The more you spread your words, the more you get the output. The best thing it’s free for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.


    • Oh wow, sorry Ravi for the late response. I didn’t get a notification when my post got published here. But thank you so much for your support – I love Medium and think it’s the best platform ever created.

      Just hope more people knew about it. :)

  2. Medium and Linkedin Pulse both are very powerful with their large number of audiences. They help get lots more traffic and leads if someone can play with them effectively. I will love to add another cool tool named “triberr”. It also helps in creating network with other bloggers and grow mutually. Thanks for the nice and informative post.

    • Hi Nahid,

      Awesome add ;)

      I have used Medium some Tiffany, and spotted a nice uptick in blog traffic. Triberr is a different platform than Medium – namely, a blogging tribe – but it is a phenomenal platform for making friends and driving blog traffic, offering you paid and free options.

      My Triberr reach is 230 million people. That’a a whole lotta heads LOL. Like the million visitor daily traffic on Medium, this platform taps you into something shared, something big and something that assists you in helping others so all us bloggers can expand our reach.

      Thanks for sharing Tiffany :)


      • I never tried Triberr before, but definitely gonna check it out now!

        Thank you Nahid, and thank you Ryan for briefing me on what Triberr is and what you can do with it. Hopefully I can catch up to your Triberr reach of 230 million – sounds challenging but worth the shot. ;)

  3. I heard first time about Medium. Surely I am going to try it very soon. Thanks for sharing a new traffic source. Really liked your detailed post.

  4. Hello Tiffany,
    I have already publish some of my post on medium, but after reading this out i think i am going to post every single article left in my arsenal.

    • It’ll be well worth it, Nayab. Just make sure you publish one, like everyday, that’s if you have a TON of articles vs publishing everything at once.

      Because the trick to getting more people to recognize you on Medium is if they consistently see your name on their feed. Or when they search articles under specific tags.

      Best of luck to you!

  5. I am using Medium since a month. and it has really increased my website traffic and i will really recommend people to use Medium on daily basis along with Tumblr and other social Media Platform.
    Thanks for the amazing post. Will continue using it!

  6. Hey Tiffany,

    Medium is one of the popular blogging platform that made long-form content cool, poses something of a conundrum for many digital marketers.

    Publishing on Medium is an excellent way to boost your reach and increase your credibility as a thought leader in your industry. Social sharing goes a little bit deeper on Medium. Eventually, thanks for sharing much additional details regarding this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  7. I have started to use Medium now. I hope it will drive traffic to my blog….Thanks for sharing this valuable information

  8. I also agree with your points of getting more opportunities from this platform. I have met many people and even turned them to be my clients.

  9. Do you know if the duplicate content from republishing your own blog posts onto sites like Medium would have a negative impact on SEO?

    I suppose creating original content on Medium separate from my blog would be ideal. But I’ve seen some other folks republish content on a Medium from their own blog as you mention too.

    Thanks, Tiffany!

    • Great question, Tony!

      No, Google won’t penalize you for duplicate content if you publish your own blog posts onto Medium. They’d only dock down your SEO if your content is spammy or you stuff keywords.

      More details here: https://rabbut.com/why-should-i-republish-my-blog-content-onto-medium/

      If you want to assure your blog post gets ranked first on Google, publish it on your blog first. Wait until Google crawls it, which you’ll know by copy-pasting the “URL of your blog post” in parenthesis. Once it’s crawled, then you can publish your content onto Medium for the extra traffic boost. :)

    • Great question, Tony!

      No, Google doesn’t dock off SEO points when you republish your own blog post onto Medium. They only do that when your content is spammy or if you do keyword stuffing.

      More details here: https://rabbut.com/why-should-i-republish-my-blog-content-onto-medium/

      If you want your blog post to be shown from your own site on Google, publish it on your site first. Wait until Google crawls it, which you’ll know when you copy-paste “the URL of your blog post” in parenthesis through Google search. Then republish it on Medium or anywhere else you like.

  10. Super tips, have started posting on Medium again thanks to this (surprised to discover a fair few followers there I didn’t think I had after only posting once or twice a long time ago). Thanks for the inspiration. I find Linkedin is also a good place to post and Huffington Post too.

    • Always glad to inspire. :)

      And yes, definitely stick with Medium – engagement there is ridiculous and incomparable to other platforms. Well, on Problogger it’s just as great!

      👍🏻 to Linkedin and Huffington. That’s where I post too. :)

  11. Medium is a great place to write and share your stories and get some readers for your blog…i am also using it from last few months….thanks for this useful information…!!

  12. Tiffany, are they any SEO drawbacks to republishing your blog content on Medium and LinkedIn Pulse for example?

  13. Thanks for the great article. I will give it a try.

  14. This looks exciting, and the logic certainly computes. Thanks for sharing such useful work, I’m definitely checking out “Medium”. I Get most my Royalty Free images from PixaBay, but you’re quite right. There are many sites to download images, just require a little research. I’m off to test Medium, looks like a great tool…

  15. WOW, just checked out Medium. With over 85 Million Visitors this is a great site to both publish and comment. Thanks again for sharing.

  16. Never heard about medium before. I was searching for generating traffic to my blog. Thank you for sharing how medium can bring more traffic to site.

  17. Sounds great. I’ve been looking for ways to give my blog a shot in the arm, I’ve published five ebooks that people can download for free. Feminism, money, creating great relationships and sharing personal vulnerabilities are topics I focus on. Check me out. I’m heading over to Medium to get things started. Wish me luck !!!!!!

  18. Thank You For this article.It gives best information about medium. Keep writing you will more grow in this field.

  19. Thank you for your great content on medium before it I had never heard about it but now it would help me get better search result on my blog, well-done keep doing, kudos

  20. This is useful info for me thanks for sharing this blog.

  21. Hi Tiffany,

    i’ve been reading your posts on Medium, and it’s nice to see you doing guest post for Problogger!

    I’ve also started my Medium account last year but never really got serious about it until I read this post. this inspires me to write more for Medium. Keep writing, you’re doing an awesome job. Thanks

    • Glad to hear your comment, Jon! :)

      Yup, Problogger is one of the greatest sources for legit writing tips and I wanted to share my expertise on Medium since it’s a bit more rare.

      If anything, just write. Publish on Medium. There’s really nothing to lose, because you can always recycle content (if you have your own blog or could be for another site).

      Keep it up!

  22. Tiffany,

    I get confused by all the categories on Medium. I’ve written a couple of things, but I feel as though I’m writing into cyberspace because no one has seen them. Should I be targeting placement in one of the sections you see when you first log in, such as World, Future, Life, Culture, etc.? Or what about the subcommunities (I don’t know what they’re called, but that’s what I call them), such as Mission, Coffeelicious, Higher Thoughts. I don’t even know how to send something to either category of group. When I wrote what I wrote, I signed in and clicked on Write a Story. It doesn’t seem to get categorized as being under any group, just under my name and picture. How do you handle this?

    If others have solved this, I hope you’ll chime in.


    • My one big advice is to write things you genuinely are interested in. Things about your personal life. Things you wonder about. It’s these types of posts that the Medium folks fall for every. single. time.

      And once you finish writing your post, make sure you add tags (5 max). This will increase your exposure when people are searching for posts within that category – let it be life lessons, life, culture, world, etc.

      If you could too, submit your post to a high-following publication. Or any publication. It’ll give you more readers than if you published on your own. How to get into a publication is simple. Just email them (from their main page) or tweet their editors. Once they invite you to be a writer for their publication, you can submit stories at any time. Once the editors accept your story, it will be published across tens of thousands of eyes.

      Hope that helps! :)

  23. Great insight on Medium, I am still missing out on the opportunity. Thanks for the post.

  24. Medium is great, but just one cautionary note:

    It’s an addition, not a substitute for having your own blog!

    Here’s the problem–Medium is a Walled Garden. They’ve already started changing the rules with their new Paywall. This is a normal part of the evolution of this kind of business model, but it can be devastating for those who come to rely on Walled Gardens too much.

    Much more detail in my article below, but suffice to say, you want to be a Rancher and not a Cow:


  25. Very interesting I have never heard of this platform before. Is it like blog her?

  26. It’s a much simpler platform to write on, where people actually engage with your content (give you recommends, give comments, share on their social media).

    It’s honestly the best blogging platform I’ve ever used. Plus, it’s free!

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