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Why I Don’t Use AdSense on ProBlogger Anymore

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of October 2007 Adsense, Video Posts 0 Comments


One question that I’ve been asked regularly since launching of the redesign of ProBlogger is ‘why don’t you use AdSense any more?’

AdSense has been used by bloggers almost religiously to monetize their blogs over the last few years. It’s for good reason too – many bloggers make a lot of money from AdSense – however it doesn’t work well on every blog and bloggers should consider their options and experiment with a variety of other income streams to see which works best for them.

Without this experimentation you could be limiting your earning potential.

While AdSense remains my equal highest income earner from blogging on my other blogs (here’s how I make money from blogs) – I decided to remove it here on ProBlogger for a number of reasons – this video explains more of why.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, I m a regular reader of your blog. and really like your all tips on adsense/money maker programme.


  2. I don’t necessarily agree with your views, I have adsense in strategic places on my site and they do very well:

  3. You have a really to the point video abt what is to be used and what not …. if people study their blogs and opt for the right method it is definately going to monetize..


  4. Hi Darren,

    Why you stopped adsense on problogger, it will affect to your earnings?
    If I’m is you I will stopped adsense in a good traffic site like problogger.
    But it’s just your decide, I dont have authority to prohibit.

  5. I agree with your thought on problogger readers ignoring the ads, I have this small blog on seo and nobody ever click on the ads. I think you’re right, people interrested in Seo and more generally webmasters don’t click on adsense ads.

  6. I only make an average of 5 cents a day but my traffic isn’t high either. You are correct when you say most of your users are techie savvy. Most of my users come from pregnancy boards and survey boards of people looking for work at home jobs. Once I get the traffic I think I will do good with it.

  7. Darren your totally right, I do get a lot of clicks, not alot lot but about an 8% click through rate, but 700 clicks and only $80 in revenue isnt going to have me retiring anytime soon.
    I still run adsence..but only because of the click rate..but I do run some banners in hopes of monetizing the blog alot better.

    Your add space is very valuble and to send it to some one else for .04 cents would be crazy…great post though..your video work is perfect.

  8. thank you for co-operation

  9. james says: 10/14/2007 at 3:36 am

    Hi Darren, I just wanted to say thank you for these video posts. I am so glad to see that they are happening more frequently as they are one of my absolute favourite parts of the site.

    Does anyone in the problogger community know if there is there a way / plans to be able to subscribe directly to the video posts category (such as its own video only RSS feed separate to the main one for Problogger), or a way to get the posts in audio format (they would make a great problogger podcast!)?

    The reason that I ask is that there’s such a lot of great content on Problogger that it can be quite overwhelming. In the interests of maintaining productivity and sanity I try to limit the feeds that I monitor to audio and video only wherever possible. I’ve found this is a great way to engage with the same blogs and sites that I know and love (Problogger definitely included here on both counts), without drowning in ‘must read’ material. I also find these alternative formats (audio and video) more informative and easier to learn from.

    Anyway, I was just curious. Thanks again!

  10. It was on my mind for about 3 to 4 months. Now at midnight when I hit something, your blog appeared. Though I am not getting your voice clearly, I am convinced I don’t need AdSense or non-sense on my blogs too! It has, in fact, spoiled the appearance of my blogs.

    Thanks Darren! You inspire me…….

  11. nothing’s working that well right now. I was up to $2.50 – 3.50 a day on adsense and getting a $100 bucks a month but I’m now getting $1.00 to 1.50 per day. I’m not getting anything from linkshare either. Gotta make a new plan.

  12. If your making 50 dollars with Adsense, you could probably make $500 with a little creativity and networking.

  13. Hi, Darren.
    This is a great video.

    Can you tell me what kind of blogs works the best with Adsense? For instance, my blog is a colective portuguese blog. What can i do about those things like Adsense or others?

    By the way … i´ve puted a link im my blog to your excelent “Problogger”.



    Great video Darren. Out of all your blogs, which blog works the best with Adsense?

  14. lol but for me adsense is like food vending machine :)

  15. My main blog is a personal blog, so I found adsense to be all over the map with the ads, even picking up my last name for listings that were not even in English.

    After two months and 55 cents, I removed them. I figured my other option was to add more, and place them in post, ect. I don’t care to look spammy to make money.

    Plus, I believe that sponsored content is the best value to advertisers. I want my blogs to support that ideal as much as possible.

  16. Hmm, u made me think!
    With or without…?

  17. I have 1 year with adsense, I dont know what I will doing without google adsense.

    — my opinion; ADSENSE is the best.

  18. Darren, thanks for the indepth video as it always help to learn from those that have been down these paths. Visit our site one day!

  19. Darren,

    You make a very interesting point here about using AdSense …

    I removed AdSense from my blog before you did and decided it worked for you because your target audience is those who want to be “Pro Bloggers” compared to my target audience who are entrepreneurs, indpendent professionals and small business owners who want to sell more of their own products and services with their blog.

    I personally make more money from affiliate commissions and for that reason decided I didn’t even want to spend more time making AdSense work for me and the important thing I recognized from this post is that you’re not saying it doesn’t work, you’re just saying that whilst it does well on other of your sites, it doesn’t do so well here and I think your reasons are valid and clear. Thank You!

  20. I agree with the primary reason that is explained in removing Adsense Ads from problogger. The visitors on this blog are certainly more educated and aware of Ads then a normal internet user and it is less likely that they will ever click the Ad.

  21. Once again, thanks for sharing your experience. I liked it when you said that the viewers of pro blogger know what adsense really is and therefor they are less likely to click on them LOL! … I found that funny and true :)

  22. Many people tend to avoid ads nowadays especially adsense ads. So I would say it’s getting harder to make really good money with Adsense.

  23. Although I’m a bit late commenting on this article. I myself used to run adsense throughout my site… however, I found that the sites position within other search engines but also Google improved when it was removed. Similar results from their analitics program, I deployed it on a handfull of pages only, this probaly gave Google the impression the site was not wel visited and down the site went. Wether or not all this was a coinsidence, I’m sur eit was not. Personally I cannot be bothered with Googles moodswings anymore. My life got a whole lot better :-)

  24. I have a fresh blog for about 1 month and now I’m mainly trying to get traffic to so I left behind the ads part for the moment, but now I would like to try it. I was wandering what is best idea for a starter to do. Start with adsens or go directly to this kind of ads? Till know, from adsense, I’ve earned a couple of bucks but any way I don’t have much traffic to it.

  25. Great post – I have been looking for an alternative to AdSense for a while. I am currently trying out Rubicon, but it ends up that it mostly converts to AdSense anyway (although they get a higher CPM than I do independently which is interesting). Anyway if you know how to monetize a growing image hosting site I’ll be glad to share the profits!

  26. Your reasons are eligibles but you forget the main important reason to do not remove adsense! A lot of users gives clicks in all pictures, in all links without understanding. Most users click in a website in all that running.

    Am I right ?!

  27. So after some time problogger did not reinstall Adsense. Seems that your initial estimations were right. Interesting and now that I look at your site and compare it to mine and must say: yes, Adsense does – at least for me – make a website look “cheaper”.
    Hmmm – have to think about that for my site as well.


  28. deffinitely adsense can hurt revenue

  29. Definitely adsense is not the best for bloggers like you , who are considered the top in your niche .But for people like me , it gets difficult to get private ads , so we got to start with adsense and continue earning via it until we become pros in our niches .

  30. Thanks for the very interesting article Darren.

    I must say, I’m a bit of a late bloomer into blogging, but I’ve well and truely caught the fever now!

    My current mission is pretty straight forward…

    * Write the content.
    * Find the readers.
    * Capture our Niche.

    …. * Make money.

    First three are semi-done, so now we’re onto part four.

    We’ll drop back in a month or two and let you know how we’re doing.

    Many thanks once again, for allowing us to access your extensive knowledge base on this topic, it’s an awesome reference!


  31. Alvaro says: 02/14/2009 at 11:27 pm

    I’m redesigning my blog and don’t intend to use adsense on it anymore. Why? Well, as some people said, it makes your blog or website look cheap, PRETTY cheap. And I have two or three more reasons: 1. adsense ads are UGLY, specially the text ones, they make your site look polluted as hell; 2. sometimes they are 100% irrelevant to the content; 3. they are (and I think this is the worst part) a spamblogs /scrapers / parasites trademark!!! No matter what google does to fight them, spammers always use adsense to monetize. Do you want your site look like that kind of trash? Well, I don’t, so I won’t use adsense anymore.

  32. I have always shied away from using adsense as I dont want to appear to be seen as partaking in MFA sites

  33. I found that Adsense works very well on most of my info or product related sites and it is actually my main source of residual income. However I have not found that it does well on Internet Marketing related blogs. a) The readers are accustomed to the ads b) a lot of the ads are on make money online products, many of which have questionable value/ethics.

    I removed Adsense from my Internet Marketing blog, partially due to point a. above, but mainly due to point b. There are too many scams in the field of Internet Marketing and I don’t want to come across as if I am promoting something in that field when I can not personally vouch for it.

    I feel that this can mislead some readers, particularly newbies, who don’t always realize that Adsense ads are automatically inserted and are not a recommendation of the blogger or webmaster himself.

    So for ethical reasons I remove ads from any site which might pull in questionable ads. I also removed Adsense from a site when I posted an article warning about the fatal side effects of psychiatric prescription drugs. After I posted that, the Adsense ads came along, promoting those same drugs.

    But for simple subjects, such as electronics or basic and generally “scam-free” products, Adsense works great.

  34. As already mentioned, Adsense is not for every blog or website. But don’t be too quick to take it off, specially as so many people here have commented that they only had their ads up for a small amount of time..You didn’t give it enough time, it could of started to work well for you with a little time and effort. Anyway i have a UFO website that gets loads of clicks, problem is, UFO ads are like 0.1 – 0.3 cents a click. So i don’t make much at all. Wish i chose a site subject were the clicks were worth more!

  35. Certainly interesting. Never thought of AdSense as cheapening the blog, but I can understand how a potential advertiser might see it as such.

    I’ve been thinking about changing a few things around on my site in terms of advertising, so was checking out what you have going on.

    Do you find the flashy-flashy ones work for or against you? I might be prone to think against, only because like you said in the video, we’re tech savvy people out here. I’m not being faceous, I think you’re right. Your readers are here because they are trying to do something and have already committed themselves most likely.

    But, wouldn’t the flashy stuff be a negative when though of like that?

    On the positive I think it’s eye-catching.

    Just curious what your thoughts are on that. Cheers Darren!

  36. Thanks Darren, it’s good to know my thinking is supported by a professional blogger such as yourself. I removed Adsense on all pages in my blog because, like your blog, my readers tend not to click on them.

    I will be creating a couple of niche sites this month, and plan to put Adsense there, since those readers will be most interested in the ad’s (since they are buyers, not readers).

    I appreciate your candor.


  37. Me too 0.00 centimes by day, I thank because I have no visitors lol

  38. I have tried many different methods to monetize my sites and blogs.
    Adsense works great as much as I hate them sometimes. However, finding very, very targetted quality affiliate programs which offer services on a recurring basis has beat Adsense for me. The key is
    laser targetting, quality,and ongoing billing. You really have to hand pick the affiliate programs. I would never completely rely on Adsense as good as they are. You can get lazy with Adsense.

  39. While AdSense is perfect for blogs and websites with high traffic, it could be regarded as the first and easiest money making way for a newly published site.

    However, many webmasters decide to not run AdSense on their pages anymore when they reach a point of growing. It’s true that if you optimize your site well for AdSense, you will get higher payouts, but compared to other methods of monetizing, it would not be the best option.

    I also decided to not run AdSense on my websites anymore. Although I like it a lot, I thought to give other alternatives a try and increase my earning potential. Besides, affiliate marketing could be more lucrative and exciting.

    Darren, I guess you have made the right decision, too and turned your website to a super money maker with tons of other channels. You have combined different methods with various models and also given other bloggers a lot of inspiration.

    Problogger Rocks and Darren, You’re the Man!



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