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While We’re on the Topic of Charity…

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgThis one’s really special, gang… As you all know, Darren’s really big on charities, and does quite a bit to help out and promote them here on ProBlogger. Also, we noticed that many of you mentioned charities when you responded on the “If I had a million dollars…” post.

In the call for prizes, we received many very generous offers, but here is where you, dear reader, get a chance to really shine. We’ve got $1,000 to send to YOUR favorite charity! Courtesy of FreeMoneyFinanace.Com

Because this is such a special kind of prize to “win”, we’ve got a really special way of handing out the task for eligibility.

How To Enter

In the next 24 hours write a post on your blog about your favorite charity (Sponsor Stipulation: It must be tax deductible under US laws.) and link to it in the comments below. Please put “charitypost” after your links, to help us with the spam filters. We’ll once again randomly choose one entry to win, and will notify both you and FMF of the notice. I’ll also close off comments here when the entry period ends, and will post the winning charity in an update at the bottom of this post.

The really really good news? This one’s open to everyone, regardless whether or not you’ve already won something in the giveaway. :)

We will make one additional requirement: Your post needs to have some weight to it. You cannot simply write a post that says, “My favorite charity is ABC, and it does XYZ, so you should go donate to it.” Give it a little thought – motivate your readers to take some action and blog from your heart. For some inspiration on what would constitute a “weighty” post about a charity, check out these written by our very own ProBlogger:

So have at it, folks! You have until 9am (EST – New York, USA) on Sunday, October 7 to finish it up and put the link in the comments. I know that I personally can’t wait to read about all the really great charities out there that mean so much to you all!


Thanks for the entries – There are some really fantastic charities written here! I applaud all of you who took the time to focus on this one for the good of others. :)

Entries are closed now, and we will be randomly choosing a winner. Once we verify the charity, we’ll send the winner the details.

Thanks again, everyone who participated!


I’m pleased to announce that the Bloggeroo, writer of the post about the charity RESOLVE, was selected by the random generator to win the $1,000 donation from FreeMoneyFinance!

I want to thank each and every one of you who selflessly took the time to write up a post about your favorite charity, and I hope that this giveaway has at the very least brought some well deserved attention to some really fantastic organizations.

  1. charitypost

    Islamic Relief USA Sponsor an Orphan


    I know that Islam had a lot of bad publicity lately. But lets put our differences aside, whether it may be personal, political or faith. Just think about that kid from Pakistan, India, Sudan, Niger (3rd worst country in terms of under 5 year old dying), Nigeria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran…I can keep on listing but I am sure you got the picture.

    Instead of thinking of the country, think of the Orphans, attempt to make at least to make one Orphan smile out of the 150 Million Orphan worldwide.

    Lara Says: Sami – As it says in the instructions above, you have to write a post on YOUR site about the charity, and link to it here in the comments (ie. Linking to the charity here isn’t going to work). It also has to be a tax-deductible charity by US laws (not saying this one isn’t, but I just wanted to make that clear – this isn’t a post where we can just throw something up – it’s going to take time for each entry based on research and the time it takes to write a post).

    If you do the research, write the post on your site, and link it back here, I’ll be happy to delete this comment so that you can still have a valid entry.

  2. Ooooh, Cool. When I’m done breaking…er… upgrading my sidebar… I’m so on top of this one!

  3. Another great idea from Mr. Problogger. I will definitely be writing one of these posts and linking it back to here. I just have to decide which charity now :)

  4. charitypost

    Great contest idea

    My link is here: http://delabarre.us/2007/09/23/a-change-in-direction/

    I’m raising money for the leukemia & lymphoma society.

  5. Mariella says: 10/06/2007 at 11:52 pm

    (Sponsor Stipulation: It must be tax deductible under US laws.)

    That means a non-US resident can’t participate, right?

    Lara Says: No, in fact it doesn’t. It means that the charity itself must receive donations on a tax-deductible basis under US laws (because the sponsor is located in the US). You can enter your charity of choice regardless of where YOU live, as long as the charity accepts donations on a tax-deductible basis under US laws. Most charity sites will publish this somewhere on their site. The charity can even be located elsewhere (I believe) as long as they meet this one requirement.

  6. What a great idea! I’m all over this one:


  7. http://ejcross.com/2007/10/06/give-kids-a-wish-come-true/


    If I don’t win, at least visit the two charities, they are amazing! Give Kids the World Village and Make a Wish foundation.

  8. http://melissaroberts.typepad.com/blog/2007/10/craft-emergency.html charity post

    The Craft Emergency Relief Fund has helped and continues to help many GulfCoast artists and craftspeople post-Katrina and Rita. Check it out!

  9. http://www.digitalthom.com/2007/10/06/helping-to-find-a-cure-for-multiple-sclerosis/


    Even if I don’t win please visit my blog post and learn more about Multiple Sclerosis

  10. Here’s my post:


    charitypost (to sneak past Akismet)
    I’m hoping if I win, I can have the donation split three ways. If not, I’ll have to select American Lighthouse Foundation.
    Thanks for this wonderful prize opportunity.

  11. What great timing! I work for a nonprofit organization focused on colorectal cancer patient advocacy. I lost my father to colon cancer in 1999. Started as a volunteer, then it turned into a career. Love it when that happens.

    Anyway, we launched a new out-of-the-box campaign to get federal colorectal cancer screening legislation passed. I’ve been meaning to talk about it on my personal blog, and this contest proved to be the perfect opportunity to do that and have a chance at the donation prize. And the campaign isn’t about asking for money from you, it’s about asking for it from the folks you’ve elected. But the organization will take some too, if you’re so inclined.

    Here’s my post:


    charity post

  12. This is really exciting, and my post will be up shortly, as soon as I finish it!

    Have you thought about linking to everyone’s posts in this or another ProBlogger post? That way even the non-winners will have the opportunity to spread the word further about their favorite charities– and everybody wins. :-)

    Lara Says: I agree, and I will do my best to see if we can come up with something. As I said, Darren’s really big on quality charities and I’m sure either he or I will be able to do something with this list. :)

  13. Raising money is a good idea.but idea should be generous not looks like fraud cheat or asking for donation.generate a fresh and healthy idea……….

    Lara Says: JC, could you clarify what you mean by this? I haven’t seen anyone posting anything that looks like “fraud” or asking for a donation to anything that doesn’t seem a valid charity. Are you saying that you have, or are you just stating a blanket opinion? What do you mean by “generate a fresh and healthy idea”?

    This giveaway is meant to have readers write about their favorite charity that’s already in existence, and I’m pretty sure everyone’s aware of that. Entries will not be accepted where readers “generate a cause” or anything like that. These need to be verified, authentic charities.

    Again, I’m just not sure what you mean by your comment, that’s all.

  14. My charity post:


    (I’m not sure if this will automatically link, or if I was supposed to add HTML to it or something.)

  15. The charity I wrote about is Mothers Without Borders. They help orphans and vulnerable children around the world. Even if I don’t win, I hope a lot of my readers will donate.

    Here is my post:



  16. I blogged about Adopt America Network that helps waiting children in foster care find homes.


  17. I would really love to see the money go to the Storehouse Project, a community based church initiative. It has already done so much to reach the people in my area! There is no website yet for the charity, but it has all the paperwork in order for the 501(c)..

    Here’s my post


  18. I was looking to pass up this one because my target audience is people who look for blogging tips, the lack of participation for this contest made me want to chip in.

    The post is this, it was not really meant to be an entry into this contest, just a small bit that I could do to help.

    To whomsoever wins this competition, I’m glad you are going to use the money to donate to charity. All the very best!

  19. My charitypost can be found at this address:


    I do hope that you all read it! It’s a pretty important Charity!!

  20. Do you read Dutch?

    Lara Says: Sorry Ben, I don’t read Dutch, but that doesn’t really matter in this case. As long as the charity you choose is tax deductible under US law, you can write about it! I can use an internet translator if need be.

  21. The charity I wrote about is RESOLVE, the national infertility association. Here is the post: http://egg-donation-directory.blogspot.com/2007/10/what-everyone-ought-to-know-about.html

    Thanks for creating such a great opportunity to do good, Darren.


  22. The Celiac Disease Foundation promotes awareness and makes easier the lives of those suffering from gluten allergy. Please read more at paxoo.com. charitypost

  23. For our troops serving overseas, the USO offers many ways for them to stay connected to their loved ones back home.

    Read more here:



  24. My favorite charity is the ASPCA. They fight to STOP cruelty to animals.

    My post is here:


    Thanks for hosting this opportunity.


  25. charitypost


    Sarah’s House at Ft. Meade, Md., provides every imaginable kind of assistance to homeless families who have fled abusive situations.

    Thanks for the chance to plug this amazing organization.

  26. Here is my post for a Stage IV Breast Cancer awareness organization. After all, it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so the timing is perfect!

    http://www.wellnessandbeyond.typepad.com/wellness_and_beyond/2007/10/what-is-stage-i.html – charitypost

  27. My charity may not necessarily save lives, but it surely changes them. I’m proof of that.



  28. charitypost – charitypost – charitypost – charitypost

    My post “Charity Alert! Some Good News For Consumers” can now be viewed at my blog. Keep up the great idea’s Darren.


    Good Luck Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  29. The $1000 would put me over my fundraising goal for this charity:



  30. http://www.legalandrew.com/2007/10/06/about-andrew-my-favorite-charity/


    It’s a sad testament to human nature that this contest only has 31 entries right now, while others have over 100. But I almost didn’t post anything either…

  31. Charity post.

    See my post “Send up a FLARE — Fat Legal Advocacy, Rights and Education” at http://www.onthewhole.info/2007/10/send-up-a-flare.html.



  32. http://dandelionsanddaydreams.com/blog/2007/10/06/sponsor-a-child-change-a-life-change-the-world/
    My charitypost

    Darren, thanks for adding this one. I really appreciate your blog because I sense that you actually want to help us not just make money. That’s different than some of the other make money online bloggers. Thanks.

  33. Mine is about the wonderful Oxfam (http://www.oxfam.org/en/about/oxfam_sites.htm). Thanks so much to FMF for his generous donation, and to everyone who stepped up to the challenge to spread the word about a favorite charity on their blog.

    My link is here:


  34. Fight Fat Discrimination!

    See http://askanswer.typepad.com/amplealiveness/2007/10/fight-fat-discr.html , which is my charitypost for NAAFA and the FLARE! fund.


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