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While We’re on the Topic of Charity…

problogger-birthday-bash.jpgThis one’s really special, gang… As you all know, Darren’s really big on charities, and does quite a bit to help out and promote them here on ProBlogger. Also, we noticed that many of you mentioned charities when you responded on the “If I had a million dollars…” post.

In the call for prizes, we received many very generous offers, but here is where you, dear reader, get a chance to really shine. We’ve got $1,000 to send to YOUR favorite charity! Courtesy of FreeMoneyFinanace.Com

Because this is such a special kind of prize to “win”, we’ve got a really special way of handing out the task for eligibility.

How To Enter

In the next 24 hours write a post on your blog about your favorite charity (Sponsor Stipulation: It must be tax deductible under US laws.) and link to it in the comments below. Please put “charitypost” after your links, to help us with the spam filters. We’ll once again randomly choose one entry to win, and will notify both you and FMF of the notice. I’ll also close off comments here when the entry period ends, and will post the winning charity in an update at the bottom of this post.

The really really good news? This one’s open to everyone, regardless whether or not you’ve already won something in the giveaway. :)

We will make one additional requirement: Your post needs to have some weight to it. You cannot simply write a post that says, “My favorite charity is ABC, and it does XYZ, so you should go donate to it.” Give it a little thought – motivate your readers to take some action and blog from your heart. For some inspiration on what would constitute a “weighty” post about a charity, check out these written by our very own ProBlogger:

So have at it, folks! You have until 9am (EST – New York, USA) on Sunday, October 7 to finish it up and put the link in the comments. I know that I personally can’t wait to read about all the really great charities out there that mean so much to you all!


Thanks for the entries – There are some really fantastic charities written here! I applaud all of you who took the time to focus on this one for the good of others. :)

Entries are closed now, and we will be randomly choosing a winner. Once we verify the charity, we’ll send the winner the details.

Thanks again, everyone who participated!


I’m pleased to announce that the Bloggeroo, writer of the post about the charity RESOLVE, was selected by the random generator to win the $1,000 donation from FreeMoneyFinance!

I want to thank each and every one of you who selflessly took the time to write up a post about your favorite charity, and I hope that this giveaway has at the very least brought some well deserved attention to some really fantastic organizations.

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