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Which Social Bookmarking Site Would You Prefer to Hit the Front Page Of?

Here’s a question that might provoke some interesting discussion over the weekend:

Which Social Bookmarking Site Would You Prefer to Hit the Front Page Of?

Would you prefer to hit the popular page on Digg, hit StumbleUpon’s buzz page, make it big on Delicious, Mixx or Reddit or is there some other social bookmarking page that you’d rather do well on?

Also – WHY did you choose the one you’ve chosen? Is it just about the raw numbers of readers, that it leads to secondary links, that it’s more focused and brings a higher quality of reader?

Now it’s over to you for your say….

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Either SU of Yahoo Buzz.

    SU will give you quite some traffic even after you hit the front page.

    Buzz will give you quality readers that stay on you site longer and will leave more comments.

  • I’m happy jut to get some links passed around on Facebook or MySpace and to then tke advantage of the resulting buzz. I once had a SU spike of nearly 3000 visitors, but my subscriber numbers stayed the same. So all in all I’m not too impressed by the social bookmarking sites.

  • Digg. I have been promoting one of my site which deals with real estate in Huntsville Alabama and every digg I have done seem to do descent in google. I have tried, squodoo, blinklist, furl, and others, but i keep getting better results on Digg

  • StumbleUpon has given me the best results so far and I´ve never even been close to getting a top ranking on there.

  • One of the comments by George mentioned niche social bookmarking. I never considered that, but it hits the mark! Very rarely do I have a post that would be Stumble or Digg worthy, but I have tons of posts that are worth submitting to niche sites. Thanks for the idea, George!

  • For tech stuff, I’d say hitting the front page of slashdot is the goldmine. It sent about 25K unique visitors to our site in a single day, and then caused people to Digg, Reddit, Stumble and Mixx our content.

    In terms of actual social media, I’ve done fairly well on reddit for quick spikes, can never break into digg, and have only had a few hundred users come from stumbles.

  • StumbleUpon is still my favorite social site! And i like to hit their buzz page ;)

  • Stumbleupon for the traffic, and (formerly Sk-rt) for traffic and being in my niche.

  • team ray


  • StumbleUpon. Because of all the awesome buttons in the toolbar, it’s the one I use the most to browse for neat new content. I think (hope) my blog appeals most to the type of reader who would like StumbleUpon like I do, so that would be the best fit.

  • Stumbleupon, for once awhile, it really give an awesome hits to my website while on the other end, news available from stumbleupon, really did a stumble. :)

  • Yahoo Buzz.

    Just ask Huffington Post Alumni what happens when Yahoo places a top buzzed article on their front page.

    Mayhem on the servers I tell ya.

  • StumbleUpon. It’s the one I use the most. Also, my blog is for my daily comic strip and I gain a lot more regular users from StumbleUpon.

    For me Digg is the same as my strip getting some PR in a newspaper. I get a jump in traffic for awhile but it dies down. Maybe a few new daily readers, but I focus my time on laces that bring in people on a regular basis.

  • Digg for sure! Why that? You can monetize the digg’s traffic very good, with adsense and a CPM and there you’ll get many subscribers too.

  • Hi Darren,

    I’d say Yahoo Buzz – given the fact that they have enrollment-base system to be included as their publisher – this create the sense of scarcity… and scarcity drives, well, buzz (hence the name :D)


  • StumbleUpon for me too. I like that it send me traffic over a longer period of time after the initial spike and that a lot of that traffic is already predisposed to being interested in my site’s topic. So even with a small conversion rate it is still a steady organic growth.

    The only frustration I have is when Stumblers choose inappropriate tags for their reviews. That just generates a spike but not any conversions.

  • CAL

    Im finding SU to be my best option for traffic. Im finding more and more pages are being stumbled now than ever before. I have had one page do very well on SU and it has lead to more subscribers, backlinks (people are adding it to their SU faves) and comments.
    Digg hasnt really worked for me, Reddit has done OK. But SU all the way.

  •, because it would be very targetted traffic.

    I hit the frontpage of Digg with an article getting 5000+ diggs, but out of the 100,000+ visits I only received 100 or so RSS readers. I would rather get 1000 visits but 200 RSS readers.

    Would be an interesting case study to say the least.

  • This depends on your niche I think
    With my new blog, I think Digg as there an ART section, with Law of Attraction blogs SU maybe delicious, an area I need 24 more hours in the day for

  • PC

    Getting on Yahoo! Buzz for highest traffic, though our servers might not survive it.

  • Ashley W

    Probably not Digg, its been proven a lot in the past that even if your server (or hosting) doesn’t die within minutes of the front page, you will unlikely get that many new readers, I would estimate at least 30% of Digg users barely read the article if they visit. Don’t get me wrong, get me on the home page any day of the week and I would be happy, but I would love to get on something better. Maybe like Yahoo! Buzz from what I’ve read about it…..RW/W I think said how many comments and returning visits it got after hitting Buzz.

    But I still think the best method, which is kind of off topic (its not a “social bookmarking” site), is simply getting on simple blogs.

    My blog got a full article dedicated to one of my posts a while back on, and I got TONS of traffic that week, lots of subscribers, and lots of mentions on other blogs. Not quite as many visits as I would have got on Digg, but it meant more to me, plus 90% of the visitors were generally interested in the post.

  • Özkan Şahin

    Well, I used to have an English blog but due to lack of time I suspended it.

    I generally write articles on personal development, marketing etc.

    Since the context I write is not diggy enough (I mean it is not consume and throw away stuff like pictures or current news that will not worth a dime after a week); I think I had better prefer hitting frontpage.

    On the other hand, since I blog in my native language (Turkish) and the big guys (digg, etc) are not quite recognized in my niche; I think for the time being I’d prefer a local counterpart.
    I’d like to hit linkibol’s popular ( clone) or oyyla‘s front page I believe.

    Cheers from Turkey.

  • StumbleUpon has generally proven to send me more high quality traffic than say Digg, so that would be my pick.

  • I would love to get on Digg’s Front page. Simply because I think that would get me the most recognition among my peers etc. For traffic and profit sake, Yahoo would also be a nice place to wind up for a day. How much would you pay for a Digg?

  • Haven’t tried all of them yet.. But.. Would want it to be whichever one had a more serious audience.. They’d be more likely to “get” what I type of.. :)

  • I personally like stumbleupon the most because of the constantly traffic that it sends every day…

    I had my first blog post dugged to the front page last week and got over 27,000 unique visitors from that the first day, around 5000 the 2nd day. Now digg barely sends a couple of visits to that post…

    I remember that one article you wrote Darran comparing stumble and digg.

  • I am new to social bookmarking sites but I am in the process of trying a lot of them out.

    So far I enjoy using delicious the most. I haven’t yet harnested the traffic possiblilities, but because I like the concept behind it and I, myself, enjoy using it, I think I will give it my best effort. I figure that I might as well work with something I enjoy and reap some benefit rather than use my energy on something frustrating or that I don’t believe in.

    My mind may change later, I AM new, ya know!

  • I like semantic web, so I like Twine that is powered by semantic understanding. It automatically learns about your interests and makes connections and recommendations tailored to you. You can use Twine alone, with friends, groups and communities, or even in your company.