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Where is Your Favorite Place to Blog? [POLL]

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of March 2010 Reader Questions 0 Comments

It’s been just over two years since I last ran this poll – so lets see if things have changed with the growth of WiFi and the popularity of mobile devices:



Looking forward to seeing how you respond!

PS: sorry about the ordering of options, ‘other’ should really have been the last one. Not sure why it ended up the top!

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  1. My home “office” (i.e. the downstairs computer) when I have a decent amount of time free from the demands of the kids :)

    This will become an even more favorite place to blog in a few weeks, as baseball season gets here. I have MLB Extra Innings this year, and my wife hates baseball :)

  2. Here’s to clarify my home office setup: It’s a desktop at the foot of the bed with a stool nearby for my coffee. Television is turned off, the mobile phone is on mute. It’s a spartan arrangement. Do I wish things are a little fancier? No, just this deep seated faith my old desktop will not give up the ghost anytime soon because this struggling blogger cannot afford an immediate replacement. :)

  3. I enjoyed working from home. You do have to get discipline since there is a lot of distraction surrounding you.

    For some reason, whenever I go to the coffee shop I get distracted by everyone walking in.

  4. For me, I love to blog at my room. it is simply because it gives me some peace on mind. ^^’

  5. As busy as I am, I have to blog wherever I can…thus my blogging is not consistent. I’m hoping to launch my blogging when I get my schedule under control and can normalize my schedule which will allow me to get some kind of routine in my life. Currently, I’m kamikaze-like in all my activities. Life can only be chaos for so long before it reaches point zero…critical mass…

  6. In my case, it is home, in fact bedroom, and in the night time since it gives me isolation I need to think. Rest of the places distracts me.

  7. My favorite place to blog is at a quite coffee shop — however I normally end up blogging on my bed, while my wife watches TV in the other room, or on the couch after she’s gone to bed.

  8. Andrea says: 03/24/2010 at 1:03 am

    Oh jeez. “TO WRITE” is the verb. Not “TO BLOG”. Please!

  9. I agree with Josh – I don’t know how people can concentrate in coffee shops! There is simply too much going on all around you! ;-)

  10. My home office, which hasn’t been set up yet. So right now I’m at the kitchen table. I used to like the Starbucks down the street, but I’ve since moved, and there are NO cafés around here. It’s quite sad!


  11. In my meditation room….with soft music, candles, and no distractions :)

  12. I’m counting “my desk” as “home office” – or the couch with the TV off. That’s as office-y as I get!

    Never in the bedroom. The computers and the bedroom maintain a separation not unlike the separation of Church and State.

  13. In bed. With a snuggie.

  14. My best place to blog is my home office, that makes me more comfortable and i easily get post inspiration.

  15. I am blogging from home office and bed, i don’t watch TV, but sometimes i use the TV couch. The fact is that always blog from my laptop. I think that you should better asked “What device you use most often for blogging”.

  16. @Darren what is the plugin tool you used for the survey? thanks

  17. voted for ” Home Office ” but my office is haven’t set up yet.
    and I think cafe is worst place for blogging !!!:D lol

  18. I normally blog at the kitchen table or couch! That way I’m available to everyone, but yet, I can be fairly comfortable.

  19. At home with the Food Network channel on :)

  20. Well most time I am blogging from my home office as this is the time when I got the time to blog

  21. For me, I love to blog at “In Front of the TV” while watching news channel such as CNN, CNBC, BBC exct. it is simply because it gives me some ideas if I’m stuck.

  22. A local Pub (The Keg & Swan) does great pub lunches and currently has a special on international beers.

    You get a “passport” and get it stamped with 20 different beers from around the world. When you are done (you have 8 weeks, so no pressure :) your name is immortalized in a brass plate – engraved with your name – on the bar . Talk about a mission!

    Well I think it is the beer, but I enjoy the vibe and relaxed atmosphere and this is where I most enjoy drinking. Oh, and blogging :)


  23. I can’t tell you how much joy I get from sitting in the back patio with the laptop and letting the ideas flow. Unfortunaelty this is seasonal as in the winter there is too much snow and cold.

    While there is some traffic noise it seems more peaceful than sitting inside.

    Niels Henriksen

  24. Not surprising that home office is #1. It’s really bad to type on the sofa or in bed. Just asking for wrist pains!

  25. I prefer blogging at home. I don’t want anyone to be looking at what I do online.

  26. its the only place i blog at home….

  27. My favorite place to blog is my home office. I’ve been remodeling my office for the past two weeks so I’ve been using my laptop while sitting in front of the TV. I’ve found that I’m not very productive at all, even with the TV off. There’s just too many distractions in my living room. My office should be ready to go by next week. I just need to finish painting, installing the new ceiling fan, putting in the new carpet and bringing the office furniture back in.

  28. Voted.
    Where have you been Darren? lots of guest posts on blog lately. Are you busy with some project?

  29. I love blogging at the cafe at Barnes and Noble. I love having access to lots of magazines and books for information. Additionally, I can always grab a cup of coffee.

  30. Home, you need privacy, surely

  31. I’m working right now from a [corporate coffee chain name redacted] across the street from the beach.

    Very inspiring!

  32. I chose other- I like blogging while traveling. There is an endless supply of inspiration to be found while on the road, and lots of photos to take. I like to keep it interesting. ;)

  33. I cannot believe that 29% of bloggers (who apparently would like to be successful) blog in either a cafe, in front of a TV or in bed.

    Interesting stats!

  34. I’ve actually enjoyed blogging on the train. There’s something about being cut off from internet access (at least for most of the journey) which makes me more productive :o)

    I also enjoy blogging at a coffee shop early in the morning, or late at night in my office when nobody is around.

    I really depends on what kind of post I write. An opinion post is best done on the couch with a glass of red wine at hand ;)

  35. Chuckled when I read Jane Rochelle’s comment here… I also meditate in my office or office in my meditation room.

    Actually, I use the second bedroom for both and can almost draw a straight line between the two activities, although why I would I have no idea.

  36. Dagnammit why on earth isn’t ‘pub’ on the list huh? I had to put ‘other’, which sounds like a cop-out…

    Nothing is more lovely than a pint, a laptop, a bowl of chips and the blogosphere all inside a British pub.

  37. In bed, with the TV on.

    You always get a lot of ideas watching TV.

  38. When I purchased my new computer, I decided on a desk top model instead of a laptop. I have my home office set up with all my notes and calendars , which makes it very convenient for me to write my blog.

  39. I’m with Johnathan: my favorite place to blog is a cafe, but most nights I end up typing in my bedroom. I love cafes, but if the tables are too close I cannot write.

  40. I always like writing my posts in my bed. I’m more relaxed and the words tend to flow much better when I’m chillin’ on my bed. Plus, if the words don’t want to come, the TV remote is only a reach and a grab away. ;)

  41. Definitely by the pool

  42. I don’t really get the peace I need when i am at home, constant interruptions from the wife and visitors. I prefer a cafe where people are there to relax and the majority of the time mind their own business so it gives me the chance to focus. And to eliminate the background noise I listen to ocean sounds and soundscapes on the iPod.

  43. Because my blog is my business, I blog where I can work undisturbed. My home office is nothing fancy, but it gives me a quiet space.

    Though, it’s good to know I can take it to the back deck to watch the kids in the pool or move to the library or coffee shop when I want to be around other grownups.

  44. Mine is a sea view room with a terrace, and i blog mostly at night. So its under the stars :) Trust me my setting is a little too romantic for blogging :)

  45. I guess I am with most, home office is the winner so far! I wish I had a local cafe to blog in that would be nice and peaceful … maybe! But alas I live in too small a town, I could sit at McDonald’s but I would rather not ;-) Great poll!

  46. I prefer to blog at my home. I need an environment that i can concentrate on my writing. If possible, i wish that there is no any interruption during the time I’m blogging.

  47. Great Poll. Very interesting to see all of the different answers.

    I blog/write in my home office which is in my living room in front of the TV.

    I agree with most that cafes seem to have too many distractions but I’ve never tried it, so who knows?

    I look forward to your updates every morning. Thanks for all you share and keep ’em coming.

  48. The place I blog most from is my home office. Sometimes I blog whilst watching TV, which can be fun as it feels more relaxed than the home office.

    I have never blogged from a cafe. I would like to try that one day.

  49. I like to blog at my home with relaxed and peace mind

  50. I have to blog in my home office. I’ve tried blogging even at the library and I just can’t focus while having to remember all my passwords, all my ways to find sources, etc.

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