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Where is Your Favorite Place to Blog? [POLL]

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of March 2010 Reader Questions 0 Comments

It’s been just over two years since I last ran this poll – so lets see if things have changed with the growth of WiFi and the popularity of mobile devices:



Looking forward to seeing how you respond!

PS: sorry about the ordering of options, ‘other’ should really have been the last one. Not sure why it ended up the top!

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. In my home office, which is the only office I have. I run my website from home, and I still have a teenage son in school so home is the place for everything I do. Cheap too!

  2. What? There are other places to blog than my home office? I think I’ll take my laptop on a field trip. Where is this Keg and Swan?

  3. There’s just something about work that motivates me and gets the creative juices flowing. I either type it up and save it for later or I post on the spot.

  4. The most efficient place is my home office. Gathering all the external resources and images takes a lot of desk space – even if most of it is done on the computer. I tend to write a lot of notes and reference different materials as well. In order to be thorough – I need to be anchored.

  5. Well currently the only place I CAN blog is my home office but if I had a laptop or other mobile device I’d much rather be blogging in front of TV or in my room, or outside when it’s nice.

  6. Hi guys,

    My favorite place to blog is in my Home Office. Why? Because it’s quiet and I have very few distractions.

    Kind regards,


  7. The only place that I blog is at home. Unless I am on vacation then I will usually take my laptop and just do a couple of short posts.

    However, when I am at home I will sometimes turn on the TV and listen to it as I am blogging.

    This is a great question, I can’t believe that anyone would want to blog at work, unless they are slacking off, in that case I can understand.

  8. Home office. I don’t understand those other places. I’d just be distracted!

    krissy knox
    follow me on twitter

  9. I have a nice home office and sit at the desk a lot. Also have a recliner in there so I can kick back off and on. In the evening, I migrate to the living room and sit with hubs. We both are so laptop dependant that there are 2 in every room. Sad. As soon as “pollen season” is over, I’ll move outside in the mornings or late afternoon. I got a mini-laptop with a sun friendly screen. Yes, I blog from can until can’t.

  10. Just like many others in this poll, I prefer to blog at my home office on my trusty desktop. I have all my tools at my finger tips. If I travel, I like to use my laptop, in a quiet room with no distractions. I don’t know how some can blog in a cafe, it would be so distracting and worrying if someone is snooping on my scoop.

  11. I’m about to get in the mode of blogging anywhere as soon as I get a new phone. I’m looking forward to it because there is so much to say at that moment. That would create many more postings for my blog.

  12. I mostly work @ home, where I blog in my personal bed room to get more ideas without any distraction from outside….

  13. Hey Darren and readers,

    I’m not surprised that the currently winning vote is home office. Because of my busy schedule, I usually blog either at home or at school on my breaks. If I had more time, I would like to go to a cafe or somewhere with a nice vibe. Perhaps in the summer I will do just that!


    Gary Ginn (from Gary Ginn dot Com)

  14. jayant says: 03/27/2010 at 12:00 am

    most like blogging on the bed like me…..

  15. I prefer blogging from the living room couch. We don’t have a tv there so there’s nothing really around to distract me (esp. when I wear my headphones).

    I have transformed a corner of our bedroom into a home office but sometimes it gets lonely cooped up there by myself. On the couch I can at least be with my wife when I’m writing:)

  16. It still is “home office” for me. I think best when I am at home, either alone at my office or with my kids wandering about. It makes me feel more relaxed. And when that happens, the thoughts just keeps on free flowing. :)

  17. Like Tim, I like to blog on the couch. If my son is home, he’s playing with toys and finding ways to play with my laptop, too. :)

  18. I can focus a lot better at work than anywhere else.

  19. Mine would definetaly either be in front of the TV or in bed. During the day your mind is clouded by a zillion thoughts and I find the best ideas come in these two places

  20. I blog in my bed…quiet and no distraction.

  21. In the train! I write up to 4 posts drafts within an hour. I only have to edit, find images for the posts at my home office!

  22. The best place for me to work is home office. everything is very central here, it`s quiet, easy atmosphere, no talkings and I can concentrate my attention on my work. When I`m in bed I cannot think of work :)))))

  23. Well, I think that clears up 2 difficulties for me personally. How about anybody else?

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