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What You Do With Your Blogs Over the Weekend [RESULTS]

Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of July 2009 Reader Questions 0 Comments

Over the last few days I asked the question of – what do you do with your blog on the weekend? There were a lot of great responses so I asked Lara Kulpa to compile the results for me.

Everyone answered in their own way but she managed to make some sense of it and came up with the following categories of what people do with their blogs on the weekend.

The numbers signify how many people said that they did that strategy and they are ranked from most common responses to least common:

  • I write extra posts for the week ahead, work on planning and goals, or do other marketing work for my blog – 54
  • I take a couple of days off (or most of my weekend days) for family and fun or other household chores – 20
  • I write/post 6 or 7 days a week no matter what – 20
  • I write “lighter” posts like link lists or reviews – 18
  • I post less because people are not online as much – 15
  • I work another full time job during the week and use weekends for catching up on my blogging – 14
  • No strategy, or I post whenever I have time or an idea, even if that means weekends – 11
  • I post more to try to keep traffic levels up – 9

So there you have it – most people seem to publish posts that they’ve pre-written.

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  1. Interesting!

    Maybe they have taken advise from you Darren on pre-writting.

    I was one of them too.

  2. I work another full time job so the weekends are the best time for me write my articles for the week ahead.

  3. Currently I am blogging full time, so I write lighter/smaller posts on saturday and have fun on my personal blog on Sunday. Weekend traffic peaks on my personal blog and I make a point to post there. But five days a week, it is serious well researched posts.

  4. Cool work, Lara.

    Currently I only post every 3rd day, paying no real attention to weekends, but at some point I’m going to step it up to every other day and really analyse how, or even if, my stats are affected. Will be fun to see.

  5. What I do is read articles and posts of other bloggers for inspiration and ideas.There have been many times where I’ve spent time with my people, had link lists posted during weekends..

    So I’ve done almost all of what is listed.

  6. I usually try to post something really interesting on Fridays. I don’t post on Saturdays and Sundays unless something really important or interesting comes up. So far this strategy has been working good for me.

  7. I blog full time, so I do tend to spend weekends with my family, until they go to bed then I can’t help myself and either do some writng or research for my blogging, sometimes well into the early hours.

    It’s a Blog Life and I Love it!

  8. On Saturdays, I post a “saturday stew” – essentially, a bunch of small chunks of news and commentary. My “Canadian perspective” writer has a “North of the Border” column on Sundays, to take some weekend work off my shoulders.

  9. Weekend may mean more traffic, so I think publish a pre-written article is a good idea.

  10. Sounds as though I’m in line with many others.

    I don’t post on the weekends, but I use the time to do some batch writing (which is a huge blessing often during the week) and to do other blogging things like catching up on reading others’ blogs, researching for future posts, or tidying up my site. Having a change of pace for a couple of days helps me keep a rhythm.

  11. I read some books on weekends. But I currently one post a week.

  12. I already have posts scheduled for each day including Saturday. I only post a bible verse on Sundays. I tend to do more cleaning up the blog or visiting other blogs or planning on Saturdays. Sundays usually no blog work since the bible posts are scheduled ahead of time. If there is a post that need to go out then I’ll do that but generally weekends are light and reserved for family time and renewing my spirit.

  13. I’m glad I saw this because I was just debating what to do with my blog over the weekend. I feel a bit of pressure to post on the weekends as well to show readers I have new content since I’m a new blog. I’ll consider the results here. Thanks Darren and your 31DBBB rocks!

  14. I need to get better a pre writing content ahead of time. I failed horribly when I went on vacation of writing everyday. Thanks Greg Ellison

  15. I can see scheduling for the coming week and posting light as being really good strategies for the weekends.

  16. I really try to write posts ahead of posting , but i really find it difficult , some how i feel lazy , so i write only when water is over my head .

    I need to change it :(


  17. Hi Darren,

    Great results. I will like to take the opportunity to suggest you to make another poll for getting the number of post the professional bloggers do per day (Working days)

    I will like to share something to you.. three days after on 26 July 2009 My blog is going to complete two long months. It will be a 60 days old blog. Meanwhile , my today’s Alexa rank is 107,526. And seven days average rank is 7 day avg 39,932. This seem to be very interesting to me. I hope within the next 2 days i will enter the top 100,000 blogs zone. You site is really very inspirational …….

  18. If you ask me, my answer will be that I will write posts for the week ahead, work on planning and goals, improving my bussiness, continualy learning and be proactive as many as I can!

  19. It would be interesting to compare these responses to the popularity of their blogs. Sure, someone can tell me what they do but is it working?

  20. I am surprised that those who post more are number 1. Man, you should watch Click (Adam Sandler): “Family comes first”. You should spend more time with your family. Or is your blog a part of your family? :D

  21. Since that poll I decided that the best thing to do is post a little extra on Saturday then take off on Sunday. Out of all the days of the week my traffic is always the worst on Sunday, so its a good time to take a break.

  22. I try to make a post every day, or every other day, but the content has to remain quality for me to feel the need to post. I hate thinking up some random, uninteresting thing to post about. If nothing interesting comes to mind for me, I don’t post. This is basically my strategy as a whole.

    I think I fall into the first category as well though, minus the extra posting. I tend to focus a lot on other marketing endeavors on weekends, rather than working directly with the blog.

  23. I think the weekend is the perfect opportunity to write those long, involved and thoughtful posts that I just don’t have the chance to do during the week.

  24. I’m so part of no strategy… lol!

    yeah yeah I need to change

  25. I find using the the weekend to plan for the week ahead most beneficial for my blog. I don’t know why but i usually get more work done on the weekends.

  26. Weekends must be free and full of fun but for a blogger, not always. I usually leave long posts (which take time and involve research work) as a draft and try to post as many as I can at weekends, those long posts.

  27. I think about them a bit, but rarely do any work on them aside from approving comments, unless there’s a big project I’m excited about.

  28. I post on weekends also. Whenever I have something to write I post. Even at after midnight I have made some posts.

  29. My current strategy is a headsup post on Saturday with the theme for the week (all the posts in the week are tied to the theme in some way). The post on Sunday is something trivial or funny. What is scary is that the Sunday Funnies score highest in popularity while the serious posts languish. The difficulty can be figuring out what your readers are telling you. Since I have only done this pattern for a month, I don’t think I should rush to judgement.

  30. Easier said than done.

  31. Finding a good content from many place and do a summary in my blog

  32. Interesting have different people tackle the week, I agree with scheduling it in that always avoids the issue, but like someone else said if something pops up that I want to post on I will always post to be topical. I think that it is important to look at traffic stats as well if you get a lot of visitors on a weekend it may be worth you posting more or you could look at it from the other perspective.

  33. I post on weekends being really good strategies for the weekends

  34. Bhars says: 07/24/2009 at 7:59 pm

    How come you did not make that chart you usually make? I had to read through the entire lot and figure out the numbers :(

  35. I tend to spend my weekend working on the blog layouts.

  36. yup…always doing prewritten before post something…it’s better to check n recheck the post before else read it…

  37. Well, I’ve just started a new blog (very new!) and I’m spending every spare minute I can writing content for it. I think quite a strict discipline is needed though.

    I write the titles of my next 20 posts in advance so I can see for continuity reasons – of course it might change depending on comments/feedback but at least it is a plan.

  38. I write lighter posts on the weekends. But I do need to manage my time more wisely. It would be advantageous to prewrite posts, and then post them on the weekend. I do notice those who are probloggers do it this way.

    One of the reasons I have written lighter posts on the weekends, however, is I notice a lot of my readers don’t come by as much on the weekends as they do on weekdays. They state the reason as wanting to spend time with their families.

    I, on the other hand, am a multi-tasker. I participate in social media — including reading blogs — on the weekends, as well as spend time with my family and friends.

    But since many of my readers don’t comment on my blogs on the weekend as much as the weekday, I don’t want to schedule heavy posts on the weekends, lest they are never read. I’m wondering if anybody else has encountered this?

    Thanks for posting the results!

    krissy knox :)
    follow me on twitter:

  39. I think I fit in with the first group. If I do anything for my blog over the weekend, it involves more planning for the week ahead than anything.

  40. Since the traffic is sometimes low on the weekend, it makes sense to use the time to get ahead.

  41. Quite an interesting result but mostly writing for the week stays on top due to the fact that its peaceful on weekends.

  42. One more confirmation there is no need to publish post on weekend. It is better to analyse blog or having a rest.

  43. On weekend i don’t publish but i do write some articles for the week ahead!

  44. Interesting post…ideally I am spending some quality time with my daughter. However, I write posts whenever I get a chance, including weekends.

  45. Yep, I definitely write posts ahead of time. Helps me keep things routined!

  46. I have noticed that Sundays are one my highest ranking in terms of unique visits to my site. So I make it a point to post specific, important content on Sundays. I am ususally catching up on other blogs on the weekend that I missed during the week and brainstorming for new blog posts and ideas. Recently, I have been writing a lot of posts and schedule them to be posted as I am traveling quite a bit and often do not have time to post. But I do have time to brainstorm and continue to get further ahead. I like this system as it allows me to focus on other tasks while my blog is ready to go each and every day that I have scheduled.

  47. In the other post, I said I had no strategy at weekends, and just posted as and when I needed, to build up content.

    I’ve changed this weekend, after I didn’t post for a full week last week! Before then, I sometimes made 3/4 posts in a day.

    Today, I’ve written quite a few posts, but I’ve not posted them all – they’re currently sat in Drafts and I’ll release them over the next week so it doesn’t look like I’ve gone quiet!

    Hopefully this will help out when I lack inspiration during the week!

  48. I plan addition abounding time job so the weekends are the best time for me address my online writing for the anniversary ahead.

  49. I don’t touch my blogs at all in the weekends.
    Why not spend some good time with the family too.

  50. Interesting results. I’m still new to blogging but I also sometimes pre-write my posts, but not on weekends – I think it’s important to take a few days off for other activities.

    But that’s just my 2 cents

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