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What is your Weekend Blogging Strategy?

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of July 2009 Reader Questions 0 Comments

Update: we’ve compiled your answers on your weekend blogging strategy and have posted them here.

What is your weekend blogging strategy?

  • Do you post less because people are not online as much?
  • Do you post more to try to keep traffic levels up?
  • Do you just take a couple of days off and just take a break?
  • Do you write posts in advance and schedule them to go off automatically?
  • Do you use the weekend to write posts for the next week because you’ve got extra time on my hands?

Interested to hear your strategy.

PS: I’ve written a little more about what I do on the weekends here and here.

PS2: the weekend’s the perfect time to kick start your blog. Why not start the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hi Darren,

    This question is a lil backwards for me since I work on the weekends and have the week off. I spend my time off work (the middle of the week) doing extra posts and research. I try to post everyday, but I tend to run out of ideas. I think I should take a day and make a goal of writing 100 post ideas then use the ideas throughout the week.


  2. I am using the weekend to prepare for the week, if not weeks, to come so that I can be ready to populate my blog with contents.

    I do recognize slow traffic over the weekend. I guess this will also be an opportunity for new bloggers to get their story read? no? less competition?

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  3. Always post on the weekend as it’s the only time I have with a full-time job

  4. Hi Darren,

    I use the weekends in a variety of ways. Sometimes (like today) I’m feeling the need to post on a few of my blogs so I’m cranking up the mindset. What I write today, I’ll post today. I’ve found Mondays to be kind of poor in terms of traffic or whatnot. I think it’s because there are so many things posted on Mondays that it’s easy to get lost in the fray. Tuesdays seem to be a good day.

    Regardless, I’ve not problem posting on a weekend but I’ve no specific strategy that I follow.



  5. Weekend = less people online = less posts to write = less traffic!

  6. I try to post on the weekend to keep up the traffic. It seems to work

  7. I find the weekends a good time to strategize and write for the coming week. If possible, I schedule posts, tweak adverstising and add content. Always looking to boost traffic.

  8. I typically use the weekend- specifically Sunday- to write two to three posts for the coming week. Helps me get a headstart on things because you never know what life will throw at you.

    The Geek Entrepreneur

  9. Write extra posts during the week and schedule them to be published on weekends.

    Weekends are there to enjoy :)

  10. This is certainly a thought provoking post! Since I write a food/recipe blog, I use the weekend to cook, develop, and photograph recipes. During the week, balancing work and “regular” blog work (writing, photo editing, etc.) can make it hard to create new material. So, the weekend lets me relax and focus on why I started blogging to begin with.

  11. I tend to only post important things on weekends, like if I’ve been to a protest, or done some major writing or some world breaking event has happened. I don’t go out of my way to post because traffic usually drops on the weekend.

    Except this Saturday, my blog got featured on StumbleUpon and I logged on to find my traffic went through the roof.

  12. I don’t post on the weekends. I keep them free for having fun, catching up with people and relaxing.

  13. I do a lot more blog reading and email reading, getting ready for the week to start writing posts.

  14. I usually post on week end, This is the time for me to think and write peafully.

  15. I used not to post on weekends, but recently changed that into posting the series of articles, one connected to the previous posted the weekend before. The first results are quite good and I intend to continue doing this.

  16. In my week end , I just make some unique and usefull article. Add some friends on social networking…

  17. I avoid it. Our traffic goes down anyways, I’d rather work on it during the week.

  18. Thats an interesting question because visits are much less on the weekend even as much as half or more. I’ve been trying to decide what to do but in the end I tend to post daily anyway. Or at the least one of the days.

  19. i am enjoying my weekend. most probably going to a film or playing cricket with my friends. also take a note of next week post plans……..

  20. I am VERY new at blogging -I just started my first one last week, but I bought your book a month ago and have been following your posts faithfully. You provide the greatest information!
    As for weekend post, right now, I am a “weekends off limit” blogger, due to my hectic work schedule.

  21. As for the weekends, I don’t blog on the Sabbath (Saturday), but I find that I usually do some really good writing on Sundays.

  22. i take a break, because i need to…but i check in on twitter and catch up with my rss feeds, and make plans for the following week. ok, that’s not really a break, but it’s easier to wander about the internet like a civilian, knowing you’re not going to post that day.

  23. I decided early on that I would lose my mind if I posted with the same frequency on weekends that I do during the week. I write 1-4 (mostly 2-3) posts per weekday. So many weekends I don’t post at all. Some weekends I post once.

  24. I am developing that strategy now. I try to do more writing during the weekend so that I have posts ready for the work week. I definitely see a drop in visits during the weekend, which is why I am using this strategy. Of course should that change, so would my approach.

  25. I blog mostly on the weekends because that’s when I have the extra energy, not at the end of a long workday as I relax in my chair.

  26. My strategy is to NOT blog at all.

    I find I enter the week refreshed and ready to create useful content. Weekends for me are for family and friends, not business :)

  27. As for the weekends, I don’t blog on the Sabbath (Saturday), but I find that I usually do some really good writing on Sundays.

  28. I often take a break on weekends by using the strategy I wrote about in one of my recent post, “How to Post Daily Without Posting Daily” http://bit.ly/wxQCX.

    In short, I blog and post in advance.

  29. I enjoy weekends with my family, not computers, wordpress stuff on weekends.

  30. i usually use my weekend to write some posts for the next week…it’s too busy to write posts on work days doing office works…

  31. Since I run a technology based blog I find that most of the cool new releases occur during the week, but I do post on the weekend, mostly stories I may have missed or if I need to get caught up. Since I just went full time with my online content writing this week I think I should be able to turn out more articles during the week and focus on featured pieces during the weekends rather than churning out news. I guess the strategy employed depends on the type of blog I am writing.

  32. I take a weekend break

  33. I don’t have any weekend blogging strategy, sometimes I’ll write a post during weekend, sometimes I’ll not, depending on how much time I have on weekend because I’m taking part time course in my local, so I have to go University during weekend.


  34. sometimes I’ll not, depending on how much time I have on weekend because I’m taking part time course in my local, so I have to go University during weekend.

  35. As someone else said, no strategy is my strategy. I do it only if some thing comes to my mind and i feel like blogging it.

  36. Weekend is without any new posts. However, i often write the most inspired ones ready for the Monday then as I have more time to get things sorted out.

  37. The weekend i only monitor the results of my work from the last week! I don’t do any posting on weekends!
    The only exception is that something comes to my mind and i want to let it go and blogg it!

  38. Sprezz Central is marketed as a morning read throughout the work week… my readers don’t check it on the weekend so I like the time to recharge and let some ideas peculate.

    With my blog, I find if I write TOO much in advance, the posts have a stale feel to them but the weekend can be a great time to bounce ideas off of friends.

    I’ll usually come up with my Monday post over the weekend and just let the ideas flow to me.

  39. I get lost on Saturday afternoon and come back on sunday evening. I spend a lot of time reading content from various magazines, newspapers, and blogs. I like to read at starbucks because of the atmosphere and the friendly people.

    I like to think alot about what I’m going to write about and I ‘m sure this isn’t the best way to get traffic so I have vowed to change and just start writing.

  40. What a comment list! Does this mean that week-end blogging is so popular or that people has so much to tell about that?

  41. i post mainly on weekends
    this is my second blog, some time i post every other week.
    or when i feel like :)


  42. I am planning on making weekends an opinion weekend. Basically, I will talk about something totally unrelated to the norm. By doing this, readers will have a chance to be on a bit more of a personal level with my writing style and opinions. I mean, it is only 2 days out of the week, so why not?

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