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What Topic Is Your Blog On [POLL]

Posted By Darren Rowse 14th of March 2008 Reader Questions 0 Comments

What topic do you blog on?

This is the topic of this week’s poll. I’ve chosen a handful of categories that I think most will fit into but if there’s another one that I didn’t include click ‘other’ and add your topic to comments below. Here’s the poll:


Looking forward to seeing the results of this one.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • I’m picky, but I prefer “spiritual” to “religious.”

  • Travel is the only one of those topics that I haven’t written on–and that is only a temporary oversight.

    Where is the Interdisciplinary category?

  • OK, so won’t be starting a blog in the “other” category any time soon, space seems a little crowded.

    Also, I think bloggers in the finance/investing category have been too busy crapping their pants recently for time to fill out surveys on-line.

  • My blog is about value investing and special situation opportunities in the stock market. I’m in a very small niche, but the community is made up of amazing people.

  • My first blog is travel so fine there – second blog (still a baby) is personal development and spirituality. Like Tom above said I feel there’s a big difference between spiritual and religious. Anyway – interesting to see the topics that come up. Food is pretty popular as well. I always get a lot of hits on my recipes section on In Love With Lisbon

  • I’m in “other”. Fiction, or writing.

  • It is amazing how Nature or Wildlife blogs are always overlooked!

  • I suppose I could jump on the band wagon and be indignant that you did not include fashion and design, which is what my blog is all about, but if you listed every niche in the blogosphere it would have been an incredibly long poll.

  • Comic Books, so I put ‘Other’

  • 2 subjects: Las Vegas, the city I live in, and blogging/making money

  • I’m other. Fire Safety Education programs for fire safety educators.

  • I blog about photography in general, but I have three basic sub-topics:
    – images (usually my own)
    – gear (news & updates, DIY projects, must-have lists, etc.)
    – tips (processing techniques, workflows, tutorials, etc.)

    This would have me checking News/Current Events, Hobbies,and Technology. I clicked on Other though – I think Photography deserves a whole section or category.

  • Well I voted “Business” but I do have some hobby-related blogs as well. It’s quite ironic since a lot of my professional work involves bloggers and blogging.

    Its time to have a blog just for fun too!

  • persional and hobbies but about everything

  • I’m a personal blogger but also covering social issues as well.

  • Di

    Plus size fashion and natural cosmetics.

  • I checked “Other”- My blog is about equine rehabilitation, hoof care, and conditioning the rehabilitated horse.

    It seems to be a really small “market”, but it could also be that I am not “growing” it correctly as well… ;)

  • I don’t know what my blog is about..
    But I have another blog that focuss on some niche…
    Sports and comic…

  • i’m here to cover social issues

  • Real Estate Investing education. It may fit in another category also.

  • Don’t forget the food bloggers. There are massive numbers of food blooging sites with tons added everyday :)

  • I almost chose entertainment or internet but I went with Other in the end. My blog reviews simple and quick online games.

  • Darren, you have forgotten to mention one category – ‘Society’.

  • General Writing
    Writing Jobs
    Freelance Jobs

  • I think the question should be ‘What don’t you blog about?’ for me.

    This week has been an Art week, with some politics and a little info about places to visit in Italy thrown in.

    Maybe I write about too many different things, but aside from the general compliments I get, someone (Web entrepreneur someone) said he liked the variety, so I must be doing something right!

  • Another big category: Mom blogs!..
    (slash parenting, slash family, slash product review blogs!)

  • Cooking, specifically Greek food.

  • my latest blog is a regional blog. regional blogging is always something i find very very little content on.

  • i feature art, home decor and design on my blog (and i so enjoy reading your fascinating posts darren!).

  • I have two art blogs. The other one is new and is at

  • Just what I expected, technology to top the other categories..

  • Photography!!

  • Oh, easy enough.

    My blog is a self improvement blog.
    Tips for life, love, you. And I think it’s pretty good

    But i WOULD say that wouldn’t I :)

  • I have more than one blog.. the option to choose multiple answers would have been nice!

  • I have three blogs: is about spirituality (not really religious, though, but I suppose it fits there in a broader sense) is about enlightened health and fitness is on personal growth, geared toward women 40 and older.

  • One more thing: What can you tell us about that polling tool? :)

  • My main blog is Anali’s First Amendment.

    Here, I write about food, mostly baking, politics, current events, and my life. And sometimes I throw in random fun!

  • Adele

    Mine is an adult blog (hence, no self-linking). I did ponder for a while whether it meant I was in the “Hobby” or “Other” category *g*

  • Hiking and the outdoors. Mainly focused in Australia and particularly Tasmania. Have been expanding to include more generic “outdoors” topics

  • Hi!
    I blog about computers, programming and computer graphics. I think that there are a LOT of bloggers that are already covering similar topics… :-/

  • Anime :D. So I chose entertainment.


    Whatever pops into my head for the day. Guess that might be ‘All of ther above’ (?)

  • Personal & Design

  • mine – celebrities =)

  • Don’t know if it has already been mentioned (I am feeling lazy and skimmed the other responses) but mine has been classified as a humour blog. Humour with a U cause I am an Aussie chick :)

    I started off as a personal blog, and sometimes still delve into the serious, but the majority is just silliness and me ranting. Just went with what I was most comfortable doing and the posts that got the best reaction.

  • I describe my blog as “food porn for chocolate lovers”.

    My blog is a photo blog of luscious chocolate concoctions, with a link to the recipes. A lot of fun, it’s amazing how many of us love drooling over the photos. :-)

  • Drishtikone – means perspective in Sanskrit. I write about my perspective on different stuff.. mostly spirituality, politics, current events and history – specifically with a South Asian twist.

    So, do check it out…


  • I blog about anything related to Buddhism… at least for now

  • fair crack of the sav…I blog about fashion, give us our own category!

  • I choose other though business may be a good choice. The reason I went with other though is that I tend to talk about the music business mainly Independants. Though I also talk about bringing fans into a more interactive relationship and thus see my blog more as a musician resource then business or marketing or anything else. Sometimes I think this is too broad and other times I think this is not broad enough but the niche is really small comparatively and most definately could use more bloggers with varied opinions.