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What is Your Favorite Social Bookmarking Site?

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of January 2008 Reader Questions, Social Media 0 Comments

This week’s poll focuses upon social bookmarking sites.

Bloggers have a fascination with these sites – some because of the lure of avalanches of traffic, others because they find them to be sources of inspiration for posts and others because of the social interaction.

But which social bookmarking site do you like the most?


I’d love to hear why you choose the social bookmarking site that you do and if you choose ‘other’ what one you’d add to the list.

Thanks to sitemost on Twitter for the idea for this Poll.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. My favorite is Stumbleupon, because I am curious and love finding new content; I would be into it even if I didn’t blog. But I love checking Reddit and Digg daily for entertainment purposes and to see what the buzz is.

  2. My vote goes to SU, which is already winning! :P

  3. Propeller ranks so high in Google. In a matter of less than an hour i can get a front page link. I hope I didn’t spill the beans

  4. Stumbleupon gives more traffic. But I like reading stories on Digg.

  5. Darren, alongside me, several of the folks I collaborate with in social media consulting circles have taken to using ma.gnolia.com as our social bookmarking site of choice. While del.icio.us is great and incredibly lightweight (plus they have an awesome Firefox plugin), ma.gnolia offers a richer social experience.

  6. I have to say Digg because they just sent me 75,000 unique visitors last week. =p

  7. I use StumbleUpon b/c it’s easy to use, and I feel like I won something when I get to be the one who discovers a new post. Good stuff!

  8. Stumbleupon is the king of new sites and traffic, but for community I’m starting to prefer Sphinn and the cool people in it. You have one site in your list that really shouldn’t be there I think.

  9. I like and use all those sites but Stumble Upon is my favorite.

  10. I use delicious quite often because of its simplicity. I also prefer StumbleUpon regularly.

  11. Here in Brazil the most common social bookmarking site is Rec6: http://rec6.via6.com/

  12. The only social news site I both read and submit to now days is the Australian focused Kwoff. Though I would also call Tumblr a social news/bookmarking site as it goes beyond being just a blogging platform and acts like a discovery tool with social interaction built in for good measure.

  13. Stumbleupon of course! Not only bringing me good sites, but also give me lots of resource to blog about.

  14. stumbleupon all hey way for me,

    coz it not only helps good and voluminous traffic but it also help’s me discover a lot of new sites and stuff.
    I regularly spend around half an hour a day stumbling, and get a load of new stuff.

  15. I chose other because I think http://wpthemez.com is the best social bookmarking site around, Basically, you can vote on what WordPress themes you like the best.

  16. Stumbleupon seems to be the easiest, and sends me far more traffic than other sites. I don’t really know how great that traffic is compared to the other sites.

  17. I have two stumbleupon accounts, One for work and one for fun.

  18. i think StumbleUpon is the best

  19. Am I the only one seeing very, very tiny results bars? I know most of us can count but it is always great to have a visual reference when comparing results.

    I selected StumbleUpon too but I suspect our individual blog niches make a huge impact on the quality and quantity of traffic these social media sites distribute. Our interests would also influence the social aspect of these sites. StumbleUpon seems like the best fit for me (from those I’ve tried so far) and I absolutely love the stats it brings my way. In fact, I love it so much I wrote about it: Hit Explosions – StumbleUpon More Traffic

  20. I like StumbleUpon for several reasons. It sends me more traffic than any other social site. Many others, like Digg only count if you hit the front page and my blog isn´t really meant for Diggers.

    SU also has a variety of very useful content and I use it frequently to get ideas for blog posts and articles that I´m writing. It´s a great source of inspiration (and a good time waster, too, if you aren´t careful!).

  21. Del.icio.us for me as a bookmarking site – I use it extensively. I can organize bookmarks efficiently to use it as a reference, It is not so time dependent – if an article is years old but still of use I can find it there. It is not about what is the flavor of the day or boosting your mates to give them kudos, it is a useful tool.
    I do not class Stumbleupon as a ‘bookmarking tool’, and would rarely go back there to find things again. The emphasis with SU is on the ‘social’ and it is more valuable as a traffic tool and keeping up with what is new. I use the two for very different purposes.

  22. I agree with Sueblimely that I love del.icio.us and still enjoy it as a reference point for months of bookmarking. Also, I don’t see SU as bookmarking as much as social/promotional site.

    I’d add that I’ve really enjoyed Mixx.com and their “your Mixx” feature. It’s the best way for me to see great content based on my keyword interests.

  23. Stumble – for all the reasons supermom in ny said. At age 35 I feel like I’m too old for Digg!!

  24. Darren, I’d love to know what poll software / plugin you’re using. I was stunned to see it appear in my email this morning via feedburner

  25. You forgot sk*rt! And the MotherHood!

  26. My vote goes to Stumbleupon.

  27. I love Stumble, mostly because it sends my little blog gobs of traffic and has really helped my blog grow over the last year. I tried Digg a while back, but got fed up with only a few users controlling most of the content most of the time.

  28. Hi,
    In my opinion the best is Digg. :)


  29. SU a clear winner so far!

    btw – I use a WordPress plugin called ‘democracy’ to run these polls.

  30. Digg – Can receive a spike of traffic within a day, useful of letting people know about your blog~

  31. I love del.icio.us because it is most useful as a personal bookmarking tool. It keeps my hundreds of bookmarks I might need one day.
    I love stumble upon cause it is fun to jump over the web when I am bored and it is a nice way to share what you like.
    I love redit cause it sends me most traffic.

  32. I’m having better, more consistent success with StumbleUpon. I like the fact that it provides an ongoing “stumble stream” rather than the feast or famine “Digg effect”, although I’m still working on creating those lasting, ongoing “stumble streams”.

  33. I’m a huge fan of Digg and StumbleUpon, but if you use the term “social bookmarking,” the answer to the question is SU. Digg is more, to me, like a “social news” site. I typically use it for breaking and interesting news. If I want to get news that I refer back to later, it’s all about SU, baby.

  34. StumbleUpon is my favorite. The reason is that it’s so incredible easy to use.

    Very easy to add new sites, very easy to surf and I almost always get good content when I surf.

  35. I use Delicious to save bookmarks and Stumble to randomly browse the web.

    But I haven’t really checked out the others. I know Digg has a big fan base but it reminds me a bit too much of the Slashdot crowd. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s not a good fit for me).

  36. For now SU is the best. Although social bookmarking needs the blogs pushing, because definitively they cannot make the work single. Posting blogs aid to raise the ranking of your page.

  37. My favourite is stumbleupon, because digg has all kind of unpleasant users, that all they do is bury news and start flames.

  38. SU is a very good resource in my eyes. Not only for traffic, but it is an interesting resource in times of extreme boredom..

  39. I’m with PunditMom: Don’t forget sk*rt! (www.sk-rt.com)

  40. delicious is my favorite social bookmarking.
    digg is my favorite social voting – although mixx is fun too.
    I love SU – but I’m not sure what category of site it really is.

  41. Stumble Upon is by far the best. The range of topic’s. Ease and fun of using. Easy to find tons of info on subjects your interested in. Great for info for blog post. Great for finding friend’s and other bloggers with similar interest.

    Plus I get Sooo Much more Traffic from Stumble Upon than any place els, with so little effort too.

    All the Best My Friend’s !!!******

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  43. digg si my favorite site becuase here i story submiting is very easy.

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