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What Blog Platform Do You Use Most?

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of May 2009 Reader Questions 0 Comments

This is a poll I run two years ago – I’ll be interested to see how (and if) the results differ. I’ve removed the least popular categories from last time and added an ‘other’ option. If you’ choose ‘other’ please let us know what blog platform you run in comments below.

If you have more than one blog and more than one platform running them choose your most used platform.



Looking forward to seeing what your responses are.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. For me I use word press, but lately i’m having trouble with it. I was at blogger, but for some reason when I put google ad sense on it, it gave me wrong ads not for gardening like I wanted. I wish I had one like Darren’s since he has all the space on the bottom of this blog, which I think is kinda cool for ads and links. I dunno it has to be me screwing up on word press. I usually leave the site since I get mad at it lol. I guess for now I will stay with word press even though I make nothing on it, but I have more visitors than I did with blogger. Since April (New Blog) I have had 100 visitors, which floored me lol. Thanks to Darren and for those who have viewed my site.

  2. After studying and testing most of the platforms you mentioned in this poll I really do think that self hosted WordPress and your own domain is the best idea. Also the most professional.

  3. I recently switched my blog from blogger to a self hosted wordpress blog, and I couldn’t be happier!! (In fact, I’m encouraging all my bloggy friends to do the same!)

  4. I’m a Drupal fan, but regardless of the software you use, I highly recommend the self-hosting world. Get off the “public” blog platforms, in my opinion. It both makes you beholden to their policies and software, and also leads to a rather unprofessional look.

    This might be fine for some personal stuff, but to me if you’re looking to be running a “business” off your blog, having your own world is important.


  5. ~~~~~~~B2Evolution~~~~~~~


    Multilingual multiuser multiblog engine.

    B2Evolution has very helpful forums (if you need them at all), a brilliant humble community (I have never read a rude or disparaging remark in them over 2+ years), led by an approachable lead developer (who I believe Darren has now met at SXSW 2008).

    It was a fork from the B2/cafelog that WordPress came from too – those interested can read how WordPress asked the developer to write his code back into WordPress.

    Kudos to B2Evolution!

  6. Another WordPress love-in……

    I just switched from WordPress back to Movable Type – best thing I could have done. After 5000 entries on my old site, WP was slowing down load times, chewing up heaps of bandwidth (even with supercache) and not indexing as well on search.

    If you can handle the lack of instant gratification and the smaller support network, Movable Type is a great platform.

  7. Self hosted wordpress of course. If you not using self hosted wordpress software, you already counted yourself out.

  8. I love blogger. It is very simple once you learn it. You can edit the html also pretty easy.

  9. I’m a great fan of self hosted wordpress blogs because they’re so easy to customize with themes, plugins, etc. and because it’s open source, you could even do some development on the back end.

  10. I love Joomla! but for a simple blog it is overkill.

    For a blog site wordpress is just so much easier to get working fast.

    I am excited for buddypress to develop more and see what can really be done with a wordpress easy community.

  11. If you take yourself and your blog serious, especially if your aim is to monetize (hate this term) it, than you HAVE to selfhost your blog.

    Don’t think about earning money without doing at least this small investment. There is no such thing like money for nothing.

  12. Nothing seems to beat wordpress. I think it has really taken off from the rest. Also self-hosted is the best way to go. Just about every host makes it so simple to install anyway.

  13. Why Textpattern wasn’t included in the pool?

  14. Right now I’m using blogger…it is my first blog. But, as I look at some of the blogs I admire, I am getting tired of the layout. I will likely switch to self hosted WordPress sometime in the near future.

  15. I use Tumblr for blogging. If you’ve never heard of it, imagine if Twitter and WordPress had a child, with all of WordPress’ features, but Twitter’s social networking feel to it.

  16. I’ve gone through quite a few in my time with Blogger and Serendipity, but self hosted wordpress blogs seem to be the best in functionality and look.

    All hail wordpress.

  17. I’ve used WordPress.com and Blogger to experiment with different blogging ideas in the past, but never really used them for anything serious.

    For non-experimental purposes though, WordPress self hosted is my weapon of choice.

    I’ve used Joomla for other websites, so I’m interested in what people’s experience is with using that as a blogging platform… anybody have any comments on it?

  18. I wouldn’t see myself running a professional blog on anything else than a self hosted version of WordPress!

    And so feel my readers, as many of them have been migrating to WordPress from Blogger or Tumblr.

  19. With over 400 blogs now, we’re looking forward to seeing you begin to segment blogging platforms… some are robust content management systems used for websites and/or blogging. Some are great for podcasting or vlogging. The typical blogging package is built for online publishing, like Problogger. We’ve built a SaaS application that is automated, requiring no tagging or categorization, and is used to target inbound marketing leads for enterprise corporations. We’re built on an incredible foundation – utilizing a content delivery network, cloudbursting, SOA… even a ping service. Our newest feature, webtopost, is allowing customers to submit their own blog posts to the corporate blog!

  20. Self hosted WordPress – it goes without question.

    It is professional and customizable. If you are really serious about your blogging, a domain name and a self-hosted WordPress blog are a must.

    Soon, the word blog and wordpress will mean one and the same! he he!

  21. using blogger though it lacks the plug-ins and interface the wordpress templates have.

  22. I used to be on blogger a while back but have been on wordpress.org since the last one year and will never go back

  23. @venkat plugins have their substitutes as widgets
    @Ginkgo100 pardon me for the mistake

  24. I am using WordPress.org because it is easy to use for me and wordpress has many plugins. :-)

  25. I used to be a fan of MovableType, but now I use WordPress for everything, even as a general CMS. It’s such a simple yet powerful and extensible web development tool… there’s really no better way to develop a website.

    Also just installed WordPress MU for the first time today, and am looking forward to playing around with BuddyPress. If they can do for social networking what they did for blogging, this could be big.

  26. Before actually viewing the results i was dead sure that it will be WordPress.org ( Self Hosted ) Bloggers loves it.

  27. Ginkgo, thanks for mentioning Injader. I’d recommend it too, but I created it, so I’m biased. :)

  28. WordPress.org is the king ^_^

  29. I moved from ExpressionEngine to WP self-hosted (plus Thesis) just over two months ago. I have seen a massive increase in traffic, comments and expect my google rank to go up next time around. I was a fan of EE for years but the SEO out of the box was rubbish. WP has so many excellent plugins and community support that it encouraged me to give it a try. I don’t regret the change.

  30. I used Blogger for about am ontth when I first started, hated it and moved to self-hosted WordPress. That was three years ago and I havee not looked back since!

  31. It always amazes me that Squarespace is not in the “usual suspects” list… Have been using it for years and is still the best for me.

  32. I used Blogger for a few months before being convinced to make the jump to self hosted WordPress. Blogger was easier out of the box, but WordPress seems considerably more flexible.

    kosmo @ http://www.observingcasually.com/

  33. wordpress.org for both my blog and my mini-blog (see link) with a mixture of love and hate.

    Love for all the possibilities, options, themes, plugins and freedom it offers…

    Hate for the time tweaking it, configuring it, playing with it and trying new things consume.

    One more wordpress.org addict :-$

  34. This is a no brainer, its wordpress selfhosted.

  35. BlogEngine.net for me. wirtten in c#

  36. wordpress. self hosted. Thats what i love to use.

  37. We use DotNetNuke with Ventrians News Articles module. By using DNN we can expand the blog to a large website with functionallity way beyond what WordPress can offer.

    I love WP as a blog only plattform, though

  38. WordPress wins hands down. The plugins freely available everywhere make it even more popular among bloggers.

  39. Very timely question for me. I’m on blogger but spent the weekend start to rebuild at WP.com, but now I’m starting to rethink that decision. I forget that they don’t allow ads. That was the reason I started with them and switch to Blogger in the first place. I also don’t like that you can’t alter the fonts or colors on their offered templates.

  40. I have been very happy with the flexibility of WordPress.org. I am even working on a non-blog project with it. I can’t see needing anying else for blogging purposes. I will eventually need to learn how to use a ground up builder, for a few things I have in mind, but it is amazing how far the abilities of WordPress.org can be stretched, and how many great themes and plug-ins are available for it, completely free.

  41. WordPress as platform is a unique SEO CMS. We have test all platforms and with wordpress we are impressed

  42. I’ve started the firs blogging efforts with Blogger, but later moved to self-hosted WordPress. The main reason being full control over the system and content ownership.

  43. I’m also using self hosted wordpress it is the best. Have used blogger and wordpress.com. Still use wordpress.com for personal and test blogs.

  44. My first blogs were on Livejournal and I tried blogger for a while but nothing beats the control I get with self hosted wordpress blogs.

  45. Sincerely, I’m in love with WP =)



  47. WordPress all the way.. I’ve no doubt about it.

  48. I use Blogger for two blogs and will be making the switch to WordPress for at least one of them soon. I have also used Livejournal but didn’t set it up right so I don’t blog there often.

  49. WordPress self host on my web host provider – no doubt.

    Easy to install
    Easy to maintain
    Easy to use

    what more do you want. The readily available wordpress themes is probably the best part. No thinking about design or layouts.

  50. I’ve used both Blogger and WordPress, but have switched over to Squarespace for both usability and customization options. It absolutely does everything and more for what I need in a website and blog.

    I’m actually surprised that Squarespace doesn’t have some sort of ass-wiping service…seriously, people, it’s that good. I think what really drew me initially, though, was the free trial that didn’t ask for a credit card. Good people, good stuff.

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