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What Blog Platform Do You Use Most?

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of May 2009 Reader Questions 0 Comments

This is a poll I run two years ago – I’ll be interested to see how (and if) the results differ. I’ve removed the least popular categories from last time and added an ‘other’ option. If you’ choose ‘other’ please let us know what blog platform you run in comments below.

If you have more than one blog and more than one platform running them choose your most used platform.



Looking forward to seeing what your responses are.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Looks like I’m in the majority with self-hosted WP.

  2. WordPress Self Hosted is the bee’s knees!

    LoL… I love WordPress. It was actually because of Problogger.net and the tips here that steered me to WP from Drupal and Joomla in the first place. Ever since I haven’t used any other platform. Thanks!

  3. I currently use Typepad (the option I voted for) but I’m moving my blog to WordPress (the self hosted version) very soon.

  4. I use both WordPress.org and WordPress.com and I must admit that I love them so, so much.

    They rock!

    If you aren’t using it, you need to!

  5. Rich Hardt says: 05/12/2009 at 1:16 pm

    Your timing is perfect. I am getting ready to jump into blogging and was asking around to determine which platform to use. Looks like WP/self hosted is the clear leader. Thanks.

  6. I’ve tried, tested, and used many CMS and blog platforms, but WordPress is still the best. I’ve used Textpattern, Joomla, Drupal, Dragonfly CMS, and e107 before, but none beats WordPress in terms of usability. I’d still Textpattern as the more light and robust blog platform, but WP is just so user friendly.

  7. Looks like I’m on the most popular: self-hosted WordPress. :)


  8. Self-hosted WordPress. When you are hosting your own blog, you have complete control over every aspect of your blog – including ad revenue

  9. WordPress Self hosted is the best choice. At least, you can control both usability and customization options.

  10. I use self-hosted WordPress. It is the most customizable platform I tried and the plugins are very easy to use.

  11. Blogspot is the best the best for me, because it just take care of the domain.

  12. WordPress has to be the only option really i have played around with a few alternatives but nothing seems close in terms of customization, flexibility and usability

    also if you pick and good theme a lot of the hard work Seo wise is already done for

    i personally like WordPress because it has taught me a few tricks about php too. I have been able to play around with templates and themes and the support online is amazing if you ever get stuck along the way

  13. I use WordPress.org (Self-Hosted). I am in the process of moving all of my posts over to my Self Hosted Word Press platform at the moment because I use to use Tumblr. After talking with some people and wanting to take blogging seriously, I was told that self hosting my blog on Word Press would be the ultimate platform to use. I am very satisfied with the move over! I use free hosting recommended to me from http://freewebhostingarea.com

  14. I have experience with WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Joomla and Squarespace and I must say that WordPress has offered the MOST in terms of usability, functionality and technology.

    My vote goes for WordPress!!!

  15. I use blogger see here http://qtp.blogspot.com and have voted for it.

  16. Definitely, self-hosted WP. I’ve tried WP.com, Blogger, and a few proprietorial formats. I love being able to customize my blogs for my needs. The fact that it is so SEO-friendly is another plus. I just started using it as a CMS. Another point: its versatility.

  17. I’m impressed with the number of WordPress users. I know it was popular, but not that popular.

    I used Drupal for years and in some regards, I think it has more potential. But WordPress is leaps-and-bounds easier to maintain in recent years. That’s the thing, I do PHP programming as well, and Drupal was incredibly difficult to code for (in my opinion) as compared to WordPress. So that’s how I stumbled back into WordPress. I’m using WordPress for three of my sites now and considering converting one of my other sites from Drupal. It’s a daunting task, but I really think it makes that much of a difference.

    My only beef – finding the right plugins for WordPress is difficult. I think they need to organize the site a little bit better with respect to the plugins.

  18. I prefer a platform close to the heart of search engines and managed by a multi-billion dollar company. Good future and less expenses. :)

  19. Well WordPress is a very good platform to run a blog. However, it wasn’t enough for me and so I created Kezoor to do what WordPress does and then some. Love Kezoor. Of course I know most of you have yet to hear of it but it is moving up the tracks.
    In fact I think Kezoor beats Drupal and Joomla so far. But we shall see.

  20. I will be very anxious to see the results of your poll. I’ve used blogger for quite some time for my personal blog, but because I had heard so much about WordPress, I decided to try it for my novel blog and my new business blog. While I will agree that WordPress is easy and looks more professional, at least the free version isn’t as customizable as blogger, so my vote stays with blogger.

  21. Self hosted WordPress wins hands down. I moved one of my blogs over from Blogger, and couldn’t get over the difference! The interface is SO much more intuitive, and the platform has great functionality. The real icing on the cake is the WordPress.org community! All the plugin and theme developers extending the possibilities of the platform on a daily basis. Good stuff!

  22. I use Ning.com because my blog is part of the social networking community I started on Ning—an all-in-one site, blogging, photo sharing, discussions, membership, networking.

  23. I’ve just started my blog… My wife told me to use a self hosted WordPress platform… I did, because she’s always right :-)

  24. Sure. WordPress. Ops.. do I use most?
    Ok. WordPress Mu version.

  25. I use WordPress (self -hosted) because I have a litte knowledge about PHP and html and because of the several plug-ins and themes available.

    Typepad is very good for people with little or no html knowledge but it is very expensive.

    Blogspot is a little bit rigid but always get more page ranks :)

  26. I recently tried drupal for a community-website I’d like to launch.
    I had worked for a few years on WordPress for my main blog.
    After a few days of hard labor under Drupal… I completely ditched the CMS and went back to WordPress and try to use it as a CMS.

    I’m just to used to it… ! But I do love it :)
    So it’s WordPress all the way, blog… or not!

  27. I thought blogspot will have more user.
    I’ve been using WordPress (Self Hosted) as I see that it have more themes and plugin compared to any other platform.
    It will be much easier to find help if you have any problem with it when there are a lot of people using it.
    Anyway, very interesting survey.

  28. I use self hosted wordpress, it’s so easy to customize and I like to be in control of my blog and it’s hosting etc.

  29. Wow! Self-hosted wordpress is winning by a landslide! That’s good to know. I started out with a free wordpress blog just to see if I would like it since I love to write. I desired to be an author in the past. (Still may be in the cards one day) I ended up on the 1st page of google. Then I wanted more functionality so I switched over to self hosted and have loved it ever since. I have had wordpress designers reach out to me to help me with designs due to their love of my content. Now I have a 2 blogs..a fitness one and a business one. WordPress self hosted all the way! I LOVE IT! :)

  30. I AM COME TO EAT CROW. Earlier in this discussion I said, “Creating a custom layout is, for me at least, a little easier with the blogger tags than PHP.” THIS WAS BEFORE I GOT IN VERY DEEP. I now say: To Hell With Blogger! Or rather, to hell with creating a highly customized Blogger layout. Most of what I said about Blogger is still true, but I am finding it just too ridiculously hard to develop a custom layout that looks the way I want it to.

    Want to know what I mean? Check out my test blog (mypuzzletest.blogspot.com) and look at the right sidebar. I can’t get any of the blogrolls to look right because the Blogger widgets have their own CSS which I can’t access or change. The closest I’ve come are the last three, but even those look nothing like what I have in mind. I could just hard-code it all instead of using Blogger widgets, but then what’s the point of using Blogger?

    Back to the drawing board — on another platform.

  31. I prefer using blogger

  32. Is anyone using Joomla …??

  33. About a couple years ago…I switched 4 blogs over from wordpress to drupal. Since then I have switched one of my blogs back to wordpress (after seeing those really nice magazine themes)…However…I use so drupal views so much that I can’t switch my main blog back…

    so I guess I am bout half and half…at any rate, any new blog will be wordpress…

  34. I voted for other. I use window’s live space. The reason is because I think it is clean and inviting. I used both wordpress and blogger, I stop using them because it did not become inviting. My blog is personal and window’s live is personal. So I think both combine is great.

  35. I answered Blogger, but that answer will be changing soon – I’m in the process of moving to WordPress.org and self-hosting.

    I just need the time to sit down and think through the moving process – make sure I know what I’m doing! I’d been planning to move anyway, but the 31DBB forum folks convinced me to move sooner rather than later.

    I love what I can do with WordPress already after just playing with it, but I’m pretty glad that I “cut my teeth” on Blogger first because otherwise I’d probably never have started writing.

  36. I used WordPress self-hosted since the first time I started my blog, until today..never changed. It’s the best blog platform for me so far, familiar user, strongly recommended!


  37. In fact i am using more than one blog platform as i have several blogs running at the moment . I am using blogger , Joomla an wordpress . I’d rather use WordPress (self-host ) if i could afford it . Anyway i am planning to migrate my blog soon . Looking ahead it wouldn’t be wise to have your blog platform changed after all the hard work you’ve put into it .

  38. I saw this first hand, but really I stumbled into it unintentionally. I put up a bumbling video of myself thanking everyone for allowing me to have over 6400+ visits in my first full month blogging. The video wasn’t great quality or presentation, but people realized it was very genuine and I received several comments and e-mails. Again, I wasn’t out to really benefit like this, but I realized a side benefit from my regular reader’s really connecting with the video. Thanks again for sharing this; it helped me so much in having a great start!

  39. Joomla has much better features then others, more than blogging. It is a framework. vote for joomla.

  40. I love doing things with my theme: theming, adding more functionalities, moving elements around, etc. WordPress is I believe the mighty software for blogging. It’s all well-equipped fot it. It is it. Period. And yes, I started using WordPress with great love for some time. Then along the way I have to satisfy my specific needs. I switched to Drupal and I am just fulfilled. I am not afraid of being the minority around the WordPress majority here, as I always found love, no matter what the software is :) For the poll sake, +1 for Drupal.

  41. I use wordpress.org for most of my site network.
    Really enjoy using wordpress as it has open support from many sources.

  42. I just started on Blogger and so far it meets all my needs and is incredibly easy to manage. And if you do a little homework, you can format it any way you want. You wouldn’t even know my blog was on Blogger.

    Check it out here: http://www.backstagebabble.com.

    • Todd, not to burst your bubble, but I’ve done 12 years of “homework” and I’m here to tell you that your blog is so very, very clearly a blogger blog. While I’ve seen blogger blogs that true, don’t look that way at first glance, you’ve got a few telltale signs like that double bordered box around your text based header for starters… VERY Blogger-esque.

      That and the token “B” favicon that appears in my browser? Yep. Yer on Blogger.

      That being said – if you think for one second that even getting rid of those two things will “hide your Blogger-ness” from advertisers or the search engines, you really should probably crack open another book and start doing MORE homework.

  43. Lara, I understand what you’re saying and yes, my template is still recognizable as Blogger-esque by those who, like you, have done 12 years of homework. But to the 99.99% of my potential readers who haven’t, they won’t know.

    Besides, I’m not trying to hide my Blogger-ness, as if it’s something to be ashamed of. It isn’t. I’m just trying to have it not be so in-your-face.

    And I don’t get that “B” favicon in my browser.

  44. Tezindenver says: 05/31/2009 at 2:01 pm

    Would be nice if I could select more than one option in your poll, Darren. I use blogger and typepad. Not thrilled with either because I get frustrated with the limitations. From all the comments here, I guess I’ll have to try the self-hosted WordPress.

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