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Ways to promote your Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of November 2004 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

Boston.com has a good article on ways to promote your weblog called Don’t let your blog get lost in the fog.

They write – ‘But even good blogs can go unread, without a little extra effort to attract visitors.

What’s needed are some eyeball magnets — blogging tools that will bring new traffic to your site. And there are plenty to choose from.

Syndication, for one. That’s the popular practice of adding a tag to your blog that will automatically let readers know when you’ve added material.

On many popular blogs, you’ll see a link marked RSS, XML, or Atom. Plug that link into a syndication software program, and you’ll get an update every time the website is updated. Most avid blog readers use syndication programs to keep tabs on their favorite sites. Adding syndication to your own blog can deliver a quick boost in readership.

The leading blog-hosting companies, like Google Inc.’s Blogger, provide syndication; it’s just a matter of switching it on and adding a bit of extra code to your blog. If you’re serious about expanding your audience, it’s the first move to make.’

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I’ve followed all of the above suggestions, but I seem stuck at about 50 visitors per day for my sexuality blog. I’ve had all these in place for about 5 months but my numbers don’t go up. Am I just in a subject that doesn’t get many clicks?

  2. Someone please explain me how to use RSS!I also want to know (excactly) how to copy and paste!I am a begginer!

  3. if your blog is made with blogger your xml feed should be http://www.yourblog.blogspot.com/atom.xml. submit that to feedburner.com and it will give you some buttons to add to your blog. ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste.
    hope this helps

  4. Thanks for the tips!!! :-)

  5. Can mixed feedburner and wordpress feeds influence my visits?

  6. I’m a beginner blogger, when you said, “On many popular blogs, you’ll see a link marked RSS, XML, or Atom. Plug that link into a syndication software program, and you’ll get an update every time the website is updated.” What do you mean by that and how do you “plug” the link into a syndication software program. Thanks

  7. Hotpoter – maybe ‘plug’ was the wrong word. Copy and paste the link into your feed reader. Most feed readers have a ‘add feed’ function to allow this.

  8. Visitors are the key of any successful Website, with out visitors any website dies. Additional of adding RSS feeds the blog owner can build traffic by leaving comments of other blogs.

    It is important to always comment in relevancy of the topic or it will look like spam. Also submitting to blog directories is also an important step to get know.

    And the most important step is to submit the blog to directories and search engines, remember keywords are the main key search engines pick your site.

  9. When you have a good syndication set up, you should keep working on writing press releases, submitting to blog directories, post to usenet, forums etcs… It depends on how vastly your blog is spread over internet through various online sources.

  10. Good work. Your blog is a tutorial for new bloggers. I have learned a lot from it, and still consider myself a learner. Please to say that because of “problogger” many new bloggers has been taking this new phenomena seriously. And I am one of them.

    Thanks pro-blogger!

  11. Nice intro to promoting a blog. Thanks!

  12. I just start my blogs for bikini shopping. I just follow one of your suggestion to feed in feedburner. Just one step to promote my blog. Will follow another way to increase my traffic. Thanks for all of your suggestion

  13. This a good tutorial how to promote a blog. I just wonder, it is better if we optimize one blog or just create another blog that link to our master blog? If i read all over other blog, the best thing for promote your blog is you should have one master Blog ( example already have PR5, then create another blog that attach to master blog ). What do you think?

  14. Is it better to have a blog that sells something? Or is having a blog that might just give advise on a particular subject, like golf, ok? I am new to the game so I am seeking answers right now. Thank you

  15. Hi, Darren,
    I am a constant reader of your blog, it gives me immense pleassure to see all the doubts of mine getting touched by in the blog but only one problem since i am very much new to blogging and to this science i feel hard to get in terms with those words you go directly.For normal bloggers who has some knowledge on this tecnical words and tecniques it would be more than enough but for a dump like me, i after reading your blog will be searching for the meaning of the word you used immediately. Why not you start a blog to focuss such dumps like me to show from the basics, Darren
    any how thanks for the tips it s so nice.

  16. Thanks for the tips. Does anyone have any experience with adsense?

  17. Hi! I am new to blogging and adsense. I update my blog quite often. Maybe I’m going to update it everyday. But my problem is promoting my blog. It’s really hard. I think maybe the content is not interesting or important. I have submitted to search engine but it seemed no result. Can anybody help me?

  18. Well, I think creating a blog for a particular topic is better for beginners. Whether selling product or just providing information, you also need to update your blog. If you’re selling products, you may need to take the photos of your product, but it may seem quite a lot of work to do.
    But it all depends on your interest and ability. If you are good at selling product, and some computer skill on editing photo (maybe Photoshop) then selling products, seem to be better.

  19. I agree to you Loker. If we have different blogs on different topic, that would be great rather than to have a blog with many different topics. More blogs means more places to put google ads, right? But it also means that we have to work harder, cause managing more than one blog is harder. What do you think?

  20. Darren, One small doubt after going once again this post can you please, clarify what is the difference between the atom.xml and feedburner. when we are pinging is it necessary if we operate with atom.xml feed or should we have a link of feed burner. Thanks

  21. OK.. cool…But here’s (what i think is) a better way to increase your blog’s traffic:http://wwww.blogs21.com

    I use it on my blog and it’s the best i found so far…
    Anyone have any similar sites?
    This stuff is great! please submit if you have any simmilar sites!

  22. Well,you have mentioned ways which are very time consuming and takes lot of time to get traffic.I am looking for paid advertising to promote the blog.If you have a success with any paid advertising method,Please mention it.It will really tbe helpful

  23. Syndication and good content are the keys of success, I have a blog RSS icon with a BIG “Subscribe via RSS” to catch visitor attention.

    But keeping visitors on my blog is my main problem I wonder what could be the problem.

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