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Want $10? Sign Up for the Pepperjam Affiliate Network Today

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of July 2008 Affiliate Programs 0 Comments

pepperjam.pngOne of the innovative new affiliate networks to hit the market in the last 6 months is Pepperjam Network – and today they are offering you $10 as a signup bonus for becoming one of their publishers.

If you want to earn money by recommending products from companies like eBay, Cartoon Network,, Jelly Belly, Sesame Street, Net Shops, SEOMoz, igourmet and many more (they seem to add new ones every day or two) then PepperJam is a network that you’ll want to test run whether you get the signup bonus or not because they are one of the fastest growing online marketing networks going around (according to MarketingSherpa).

To get the $10 signup bonus you just need to

Not bad – PLUS you’ll then have access to a wonderful new range of affiliate programs to promote to help you make more.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Darren,

    Thanks so much for the enthusiastic post about Pepperjam Network!

    We also have a Blogger Incentive program that I think is a perfect fit for your members. The program provides bloggers with $10 for simply blogging about Pepperjam Network or one of our cool tools like Pepperjam Chat or pepperjamADS. We also allow the blogger to use referral links that will make them an additional $7 for every new publisher they refer to Pepperjam Network. If that’s not enough, our Blogger Incentive program also allows the blogger to offer the new publishers they sign-up $10 (that’s in addition to the above!).

    I am a huge fan of blogging (loved your book and bought several copies for Pepperjam’s internal blogging team) and I believe that bloggers tend to be the lifeblood of our network – we do everything we can to provide bloggers with tools to make money on PJN.

    OK – I’m starting to sound like I’m making a sales pitch…actually I’m the founder and CEO of the company and the idea for the PJN Blogger Incentive program and $10 sign-up bonus was mine. :) I sincerely appreciate our affiliates and want to help bloggers get more involved in affiliate marketing.

    Kris Jones

  • Thanks, Darren. Never heard of it, but I’ll check it out and give it a try.

    Thanks again for keeping us abreast of what’s “out there.”

  • Yeah, but are they any good?

  • Hmm I may give them a shot.

  • Interesting concept, but I bet the $10 is some online store credit or some bs.

  • Anyone know what there minimum payout is? If they give you $10 but make you wait until $100 for a payout, it might not be worth it.

  • WOW, not bad, Thanks!

  • Skeptical here too. Anybody done it yet? I want to here from them. Are affiliates really worth the time?

  • I heard about this the other day on John Chows blog.

    I have used PepperJam ads a little bit back, when I first started blogging. I didn’t get much success with them but then again, at that time I didn’t really get much success with anything.

    PepperJam’s interface is very different and may take a little while to really get used to.

    The main way you will make money off PepperJam ads is pretty much all through sign-ups. The network offers barely and CPC ads.

    I might give them a whirl again. Maybe I can make something off of them.

    I don’t know how they compare to other networks like Market Leverage, for instance.

  • Rachel, Pepperjam is an affiliate marketing network. $10 is just an incentive to get you started with them. To them, $10 per new member is a wise investment considering how some of their new members will stay with the network and make hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars with them in the future.

  • BW

    Darren, do you have any feedback from any users on Pepperjam?

  • Paul William Tenny (and others) – ‘are they any good’ – good question and one that is difficult to answer for every blogger. As with every affiliate program or ad network success will vary depending upon:

    1. your blog’s topic and how relevant the products you promote are to your readers

    2. how well you use it (ie stick banners on your sidebar and they probably won’t convert but promote the products in posts in genuinely useful ways and it can do well.

    I have promoted a couple of products on Pepperjam with moderate success but know of a few other bloggers who have done very well from them.

    Again – it really depends upon your niche. For example if you are blogging about children’s toys and you promote Sesame Street Products (one of the programs that Pepperjam has) then you could see some great conversions.

    The key is to experiment with lots of different networks and find what works. This is one of many that I’d recommend trialing to see what works for you.

  • That’s great to know. I was searching for their referral program when I joined them a month ago. I joined them because eBay joined them as an advertiser. eBay is one of the biggest company and I am sure their recent partnership with Pepperjam is attracting lot of new members to join Pepperjam.

    I will definitely encourage my members to join Pepperjam instead of eBay Partner Network. Thanks for the post.

  • Any luck for non US, non Europe Publisher?

  • Thanks for the link. Great information as always.

  • AB

    One of my good friends actually works at PJ (I live just a few minutes from their HQ), and I’ve met a few other people from the office as well. I’m can’t give out advice about whether or not they have a good program, but I can say that they are, in general, good people – and that’s something you can’t say about every company out there.

  • I will signup via you link Darren! ;)

  • I signed up but no mention of $10 anywhere :)

  • Just after I’d signed up to Pepperjam today I find this post :)


  • Thanks for everything and keep doing what you do best.

  • Darren, would it be great if you had put a bit more information here itself. Cause I believe and have more belief on you rather than any third party sites.

  • I was once an affiliate with Commission Junction. I was brand new to the idea of monetizing a blog so I was canned due to inactivity of my links. I’ve been pretty much using Amazon exclusively, but I’ll go check this out and see what I think.

  • John Frost

    Pepperjam is a no go in my book. Without my permission they auto-subscribed me to their rss feed in Google Reader when I went to their blog. If I can’t trust them there, how can I trust them with my money.

  • Darren, I just signed up under you.
    can’t wait for the result from PN :D

  • I signed up and was accepted to the program, but also no mention of the $10. My balance is at $0 and I wasn’t able to find anything in the pepperjam control panel. Not the best first impression for an affiliate network to make. Any idea whats going on here Darren?

  • FYI in order to receive the bonus after signing up you need to take some additional steps:

    To join the Pepperjam Network Affiliate program, log into your account and click on the “Find Partners” tab. An alphabetical listing of the programs you are not an affiliate of will come up. Find Pepperjam Network and click on the “Join” button. Your application will then be submitted for review.

    It will then take a few days for your account to be credited.

  • I signed up yesterday. It would be nice to know the qualifications to join Peperjam Network.

  • I registered in PepperJam yesterday and am waiting for the approval of my blog.

    Hope it does and I could post some interesting topics after learning a bit from another network.

    Thanks for sharing with us Darren.

  • It all turned out to be pretty easy and simple. I am now confirmed and have even posted a few adds. I like the layout of their site. And they have some pretty good advertisers.

  • I signed up for paperjam on 3rd but haven’t got $10 bonus.
    I guess bonus is for only US publishers. ;-(

  • Edy

    THanks for your info Darren.
    I just sign up and waiting for approval
    Does papperjamNetwork only approve publisher from us or europe?

  • thanks for the information waiting to how long will it last

  • yes…I am a publisher of ebay and amazon….I will check this affiliate program….good bonus $10, hoping great affiliate, thanks for information

  • I wonder if this offer is still good? Anyone know?