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Using Photos in your Posts

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of April 2005 Blog Design 0 Comments

Arieanna asks her readers if they are influenced by pictures in posts? She writes:

‘I notice quite often that I scan blog posts quite quickly to pick up on one of two things: keywords in the title or pictures. One or the other has to catch my eye to stop my scroll down the page.’

I’m a big believer in catching the attention of readers by whatever means is needed – picture, keyword, intriguing title, promise of free gifts (ok – not that one – yet).

I got to look at some Eyetools results for one of my blogs recently and was intrigued to see how pictures inside a longer article can actually help to draw readers eyes down the page. Very useful strategy.

It’s all part of making your blog scannable – drawing your reader in – grabbing their attention.

Do you use photos in posts? What’s your strategy? Do you think it works?

PS – why did I pick the above photo for this post? It was the first one I found in iPhoto – of a few of my mates who watch me blog all day.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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  2. […] lack of choice key phrases (two separate issues, granted). Darren Rowse has picked up on Arieanna’s post at ProBlogger. He has added some great perspecti […]

  3. I don’t use pictures often on my own blog, but I do on some other blogs I write for. I think pictures help break up long posts…make the text flow better. I alternate between align left and right to make the text snake nicely.

    I think I’m going to have to start doing picture experiments.

  4. I have used them on my new blog, as that’s the main point of it, though I do have one problem.. how do you wrap the text around the picture, just as you did here Darren?
    Is it to ask?
    I think the pictures have a more lasting imprimt on the mind, so it may be a great “anchor” to have.
    Well I am not going to forget the “gnomes” now am I? ;o)

    Looking at my blog, the pictures can’t fail to imprint themselves. They are so unique so it helps in that way for me. Though I will also improve it if I can wrap the text around the smaller pictures.
    I would be most grateful if one could let me know how I do that.

    Take care.

    Rob ;o)

  5. I always think a photo, image, or logo within a blog post really makes a post stand out and attract interest, even more than a title can.

    One of my recent blogs is a photoblog I set up to share the pics I was taking with my new camera. I started it to share sample photos with other people searching for information before they purchased the same camera, but it has become a handy way to share photos with friends and family and anyone else who surfs in. Before I’d make a new html page with the photographs and then I’d have to email around the new link, but a photoblog is so much easier.

    I’ve been experimenting with layout and I like the thumbnail with the ability to click through to a larger image so people don’t have to wait for larger images to download within the text.

  6. Rob – if you want to take a look at the source code of this page feel free to (use the ‘view source’ option in your browser menu).

    Basically you can wrap text simply by inserting the – align=”left” – or align=”right” – code into your image tag.

    There are tutorials on this here and here (as well as many other places online).

    Hope that helps

  7. Cna no one let me know of that?
    The wrap around text. :)

  8. Rob,

    img src=”image.jpg” alt=”title” align=”left” /

    with <> at either end.

  9. Thank you for that.. One question Craig.. the last sentance.. with at each end lost me a bit..

    Sorry, I will try this on next post. :)
    Take care,


  10. There were meant to be some greater than and less than characters there. Unfortunately they’ve disappeared when I posted. It was just meant to ensure you close the img tag, thats all.

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  12. I have to admit that I too stopped and had to look at the pictures of the gnomes. This is a great idea.

    I noticed that quite a lot of sites use pictures within their posts and I am more inclined to read them if they have some sort of visual attraction.


    Richard Rinyai

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