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Underground Online Seminar

I’d like to extend a special welcome to Underground Online Seminar Attendees. Congratulations on finding ProBlogger.net – where I talk about Making Money online through blogging.

In my presentation at the Underground Seminar I tried to provide you with a brief snapshot of:

  • why blogging is a great tool for entrepreneurs making money online
  • how bloggers make money online
  • tips to try on your new or established blog

Of course we only had an hour together so what I’ve prepared for you below is some further reading and resources on the different elements of what we covered. The links below will take you to just a fraction of the posts that I’ve written here at ProBlogger over the few years but it’s my hope that they’ll provide you with relevant and useful information to help you explore how a blog might assist you in your own online activities.

As I mentioned in today’s presentation – I have a couple of other options that you might like to check out to help you learn more about entrepreneurial blogging:

Six Figure Blogging – this seven session study at home course will run you through many of the aspects of blogging for money in a lot more detail that we were able to cover at the Underground Seminar. In it Andy Wibbels (a fellow blogger) and have seven hour long sessions (audio based) where you’ll cover everything from the basics of why blogging is a great entrepreneurial took through to in depth discussion about the different elements of how to do it. This course can be purchased at Six Figure Blogging.

Consulting – Do you need someone to talk to about your blog and how to set it up and run it more effectively? I work with a variety of high quality consultants who I’d love to introduce you to. They cover a wide range of expertise from blog strategy, to income optimization, to blog design, to SEO, to social networking and Web 2.0. Contact me and I’d love to put you in touch with one of the team.

Lastly – if you would like to know of some starting points to begin exploring ProBlogger.net then you might find the following links good pages to get going at.

Introduction to Blogging

Writing Content

Making Money from Blogs

Finding Readers for Your Blog

As I say – these links are only just a starting point as ProBlogger has 3500 other articles on a large variety of topics. The more you dig around the more you’ll find. If you have more questions or are looking for something specific please get in touch.