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Tsunami Blogging – What did we learn?

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of February 2005 Blog News 0 Comments

I really enjoyed reading Pete Blackshaw’s Marketing Through the Tsunami Lens article today where he examines some of the lessons learned and trends that have emerged as a result of the mass of blogging that happened around the Tsunami tragedy late last year and in the weeks that followed. He observes 6 key points and then gives key takeaways from each one. Here are some snippets of what he had to say on each point.

The rise of citizen’s media – Our world is becoming more transparent, and the blog-enabled “Web recorder” is archiving real-time consumer/citizen experiences and narratives. This includes experiences with products and services.

Rich media by default – We live in a rich-media, consumer-controlled surveillance culture. Rich media is changing the game. The same factors that historically made TV so persuasive and emotionally engaging are the core building blocks of the blogosphere.

New players serving unmet needs – The dynamic, always-on nature of the blogosphere quickly gravitates to unmet needs. That’s at the heart of effective marketing.

New global influencers – The Web accelerates our thinking about global communication. We must think more broadly about the power of global influencers. When we launch new products, for instance, global influencers matter.

Blogs as an organizing principle – Blogs are more than billboards or diaries. They’re a foundation for real-time collaboration — a better, faster, cheaper organizing platform and principle.

Blogs as accountability tools – Bloggers hold us accountable. If we make promises or commitments, they’ll monitor our progress. If we fall short of expectations, they’ll out us. Bloggers are de facto copy cops.’

Read more at Marketing Through the Tsunami Lens

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