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  1. For hours of fun, search Google for “Untitled Page” to see how many pages lack a proper title. (Those pages actually have titles, though. Having no title is probably better than having “Untitled Page” as a title.)

  2. title tags are very important in the end of the posting

    it will be useful in search engines.


  3. […] Then, here’s another title tip from Blog Business World (via Problogger.) […]

  4. It’s a little ironic that he uses generic site-wide titles on that blog, rather than describing the content of the specific page :-).

  5. My generic site wide tags are not that ironic. First of all, I have the limitations of the Blogger system to work around. Secondly, the most important keywords for me are in those generic site wide title tags. The Blogger generated page URLs are usually sufficient to result in high rankings for each topic anyway.

    Regardless, my blog is on page one (and usually top 3) for searches numbering in the hundreds of millions of results.

    The advice I provided is for your site and blog; not mine. :-)

  6. Everything in your article is emphasising the importance of having your title tag accurately describe the content of the current *page*. In your comment above, you’re contradicting that and saying it’s OK to go with site-wide, generic tags that relate to your overall topic, and that title tags aren’t that important if you have keywords in your URL. So which is it? Maybe that discussion would make a great future article for your site.

    Personally, I don’t care which you do. I was just having a giggle at the irony of someone recomending everyone to do one thing, while they’re not doing it themselves.

    I won’t comment on “the limitations of the Blogger system”. It really is worth looking into running your blog on your own domain. Hosting doesn’t cost that much, and given your blog topic it would certainly enhance your credibility.

    I enjoyed reading several of your other articles. Keep up the good work!

  7. Keep in mind that I do a lot of experimentation with my blog. Of course, I should have mentioned that aspect of my blogging efforts too. It would have helped with the discussion. :-)

    I have another blog where I do all sorts of things that are “good” SEO and “bad” SEO to find out what will be the result. For instance, I changed the title tags on it recently to reflect the topics better. I await the results.

  8. That sounds interesting – it would make a great article!

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