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Three simple actions that doubled my website traffic in 30 days

Posted By Darren Rowse 30th of December 2005 Blog Promotion 0 Comments

The following post on how to increase website traffic was submitted by Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes.

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I started the PC Doctor blog in May of 2005 and for the first few months my traffic was really low – down in the few hundreds of visitors a day. It was pretty depressing I can tell you and there were times when I thought about quitting.  I knew that the site was in the Google ‘sandbox’ and so I either had to keep on plugging at it until it was out or I had to give up.

Fortunately, I decided to keep on posting but in the interim I decided that I was also going to do my utmost to drive traffic to my site manually until Google kicked in. I took a look around at what some of the successful blogs were doing and came up with three tactics that helped to double my website traffic in a month.

  1. First, I made the most of Technorati tags.  I tagged every key word in each of my posts. Initially I did this manually but them I discovered a WordPress plugin called SimpleTags that made the job a whole lot easier. I found that by tagging my post effectively they were getting a lot more attention then their untagged counterparts, and as an added advantage I was getting focused, quality traffic to the site!
  2. I leveraged my existing website.  I’ve been running my business website for a few years and that was getting modest levels of traffic that was relevant to my blog – so why not try to drive some of that to my new blog! I placed a few FeedBurner headline animator blocks on some of my most popular pages and after a day or so I noticed a significant increase in traffic for 5 minutes worth of work on my part.
  3. Finally, I made effective use of trackback links to popular sites. If I commented on a post on another site I would make sure that I set up the appropriate trackback for it. The results from this are varied depending on the site and post that you are linking to but since I liked to comment and interact with the wider blogosphere anyway, it was free traffic!

Using these three simple techniques, I took The PC Doctor blog from a few hundred hits a day into the thousands in less than 30 days. This kept my interest in the site until it came out of the Google sandbox and I started to receiver some serious traffic. However, I’m convinced that these actions I took at the early stages have helped me create a loyal and targeted readership that continues to benefit my blog today.

Further Reading: If finding new traffic for your blog is what you’re interested in – check out 31 Days to Build a Better Blog – a month long set of exercises to help you develop content but also build a well read blog.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Excellent advice.

  2. Do you plan similar topics in your blog?

  3. I haven’t yet seen alot of traffic coming from Technorati myself, but the trackback tip is definately a very good one. This serves multiple purposes, traffic, and search engine placement!

  4. I fell the same way like quitting and giving up but with some advices from other web person I am still here. Experimenting and testing of all SEO Techniques I learned from reading and blogging. :)

    Thank you for a such nice article. :)

  5. gonna give it a try today and will report back in 30 days

  6. Even i feel same; not able to increase traffic, but keep on working. Hope one day it will give me result.

    My suggestion to every reader, keep on working even a small work in day on your website, gives you good result in future.

  7. It seems like 10% of bloggers (whoever the hell they are) somehow manage to get loads of traffic while everyone else jumps through all the hoops, reads everything about it they can find online, does the SEO stuff, voraciously looks for advice like it was a drug, works all day on it (and sometimes late into the night) month after month, joins and comments on other blogs in the hope that it will garner some interest, leave trackbacks, blah, blah, blah.

    It is so absurdly difficult, that a small online cottage industry composed of thousands of websites exists dedicated to helping others find the holy grail of internet traffic.

    If I spent this much time and effort discovering for a cure for the common cold, I feel sure that I would have found it by now. Of course, as soon as I finish typing this, I’ll go right back to it like a monkey searching for that mother load of bananas.

    My name is Jim… and I’m a blogaholic.

  8. Had run the tips and hope grow the traffic true. Thanks Darren.

  9. So I read through it and I can’t help thinking I need a Problogger for Dummies guide so that I can understand half of everything I just read. I joined Technorati a while back but not sure if I need an account there to apply your technique. I don’t have a wordpress blog, so not sure if there is a tagging plugin for Blogger. As for the feedburner tip, unless you already have a site with modest traffic, then it’s moot! I tried many different techniques with my blog http://somebodyunfamous.blogspot.com but eventually came to the point like most other bloggers, that told me, “You’re spending waaaay too much time and making NOTHING from your efforts, time to move on. I hate to let anything I put so much work into die, so I try to create a post occasionally, but honestly, I think it’s on its last leg (it never really got on more than one probably anyway …).

    Thanks anyway for the tips, and congratulations on all your success!

  10. Thanks a lot for your 3 steps to get traffic in 30 days, I’v been set them up one by one and continue going till completely steps, I sure this works and get me huge of traffic……

    go4sukses buddy !

  11. Dear Frenz

    Thanks a lot for your steps to get traffic, its very Excellent Tips.
    I have just installed simpletags on my blog..

    Ioffersearch.com Blogs – Just another Ioffersearch.com weblog

    Thanks Thanks

  12. Great Post.

    I really like the idea of track back links. I would really love to use them and I think they help you get a lot of traffic for free and it is fast traffic.

    Darren I think that you should add some more information about track back links on your blog. It will be a really nice thing.
    Mohammad Afaq
    Free Website Traffic

  13. Hi Darren…I have installed simple tags but I see 3 options in my dashboard, that is, ‘manage tags’ ‘mass edit tags’ ‘auto tags’.. Now how do you use simple tags when posting. How do you use simple tags

  14. I never tried technorati. Even on the community blogs, having your blogs posted with more number of related tags increases your article’s visibility and hence gets more traffic. Using few popular tags is very helpful.
    Let me try technorati tags and see its effect.

  15. Thanks a lot for this Darren. I will try to upload the plug in and see if my traffic will increase.

  16. Darren,Its interesting reading your articles.Really.I dont know about FeedBurner.Its important.But as recommended by you I will surely go deep into it ,read it & use it in my blog.

  17. It is really good tips for every blogger. I even think seriously about this tips. Posting in forum not only give you free traffic plus name also. Keep posting in blog continuously and google will quickly realize it power of your blog.

  18. This is good post for blogger but if a person developing a website then this may be good technic.

    i will also try the same on my site.

  19. I haven’t seen much traffic from techonrati. I feels very sad because of my blog. I havent seen it increasing the reader, although i am using good keywords in my post. I dont know where i go wrong. I want to make my blog like you sir, but i stuck in the middle of getting good visitors. What should i do to increase my readers and traffic as well….

  20. I get so much traffic to old site with google image search, pic’s do help, beleave me, they may not stay long if you dont capture them but google image search should be utalized at all cost’s, my site is new and I seem to be forgeting my advice but I will be using photos more once I decide my add layouts. As my adsence is going where my Image would.

  21. I’ve submitted my post to technorati, but I didn’t get good traffics from there. My purpose to submit my post there is to increase backlinks to my single post, I’m not whether it’s helped but I just did it since I just took me minutes to submit. :)


  22. Wow there is some great ideas to increase lpc and get traffic from search engines. I also start a new site so it is more useful for me.

  23. I have a site whose traffic is very low and also decreasing continuously. I think your tips will help me to increase the traffic towards my site

    Anyway nice post
    Best of luck

    Online education of Learningdom


  24. thanks for the tip. really, when setting up a blog patience is also a factor. don’t lose hope in blogging.

  25. I use blogger. Is there a good program out there to use for the trackback links. Looking though the comments I’m not sure if there is something better now than there was a few years ago. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Thank you for what you do. I’m looking forward to the 31 day challenge.


  26. Very relevant, even four years later! I have been pluging away at what you have shared with us all. I am still trying to fully understand trackbacks, but all in all, Problogger you rock!

    Marie Denee

  27. WordPress Plugins, Duh! Great solution. Using Simple Tags will
    save a lot of time and make a huge difference in traffic. Just like a fine wine, this old post gets better and better. Thanks again.

  28. I apply all three suggestions to a travel blog I write every day. Numbers still in the low 300s. It’s more to do with the stickiness of the subject rather than the quality of the article, in my opinion.

  29. Your information is tight.
    Thanks. I am gonna try it.
    Please, I am new blogger, could you please tell me how I can check the traffic to my blog?

  30. This is good post for blogger but if a person developing a website then this may be good technic.

    i will also try the same on my site.

  31. nice article,some great ideas on how to get more traffic to your new blogs!

  32. I have noticed that being a giver you will receive. That is the key

  33. Excellent blogging advise. I know for a fact that the tips above work just like they are stated. I do the very same things. Simple Tags plugin works very well and is very easy to set up.

    I always say, do what the experts do.

  34. Awsome Ideas,

    I like this post and I am already doing this with my blog so I can hope I will get traffic after some time.

    Mohammad Afaq

  35. I’ve been frustrated when trying out traffic increasing tips. Almost always, it seems to be a case of “what works for someone else won’t work for you.” Then again, my site is not a blog but a browser game (and quite a niche one at that — a fantasy golems vs golems RPG game), so it’s possibly a case of trying the wrong tactics for the target audience.

    How would you change your traffic generating tactics for something that isn’t a blog? Obviously Technorati is for blogs, but replacing that tip with something more appropriate to the site seems logical. In my case, that tip becomes “submit to top games sites.” If you were to update these tips, how would you generalize them to work effectively for more than just blogs?


  36. Great post man.. it will be a big help.. thanks

    But sometimes you need to write things in details, everyone is not pro like you.

  37. thanks for the tips bro.

  38. Just wanted to say thanks for the tips! I’m new to blogging and the tips from sites like yours has helped me so much during the set-up process. Check out my site…I hope you enjoy it. Thank you!! EB


  39. Thanks for the tips. I used to make banner from a site to link to another site of mine. It did drove traffic but not much. I’ll try to apply the tips you have told us.

  40. Great tips. Wish I had seen this before launching my new blog.

    BTW, to Erin at http://www.pieceofe.blogspot.com, nice site!

  41. thanks for great info,
    iwas really getting low traffic these days i will try to make the most of ur info

  42. That is some really good advice. I’ve never actually done much with Technorati, so it makes me think about what I’ve been missing out on. I also never do much with the “trackback” thing, so I’m guessing I’ve been neglecting some serious stuff here! :P Thanks for the post, it gives me some more things to look into now.

  43. Your tips are good but is there something for people like me using blogger, in tags tip.

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  45. One last thing: patience. Give it time; your traffic WILL go up!

  46. Thanks for the information Darren….Will be applying your techniques ASAP…

  47. Nice article..But I just feel that Technorati is not giving enough traffic now a days.

  48. Hello, thanks for this article. But has any one got any idea on how I can implement the 3 steps to my blogger blog? Nothing ever seems easy when dealing with blogger unlike wordpress and it’s vast amount of plugins. Saying that though, I am using free blogger with my own domain name so I thought about switching to wordpress, but realised that free wordpress is no better!

    Maybe if I can get some decent traffic to my blog and make a little money from it, I can get some paid hosting!!!! whoops,,, I’m rambling about nothing again, sorry!!! ;-)

  49. ah…this is what i need….thank you somuch..sometimes even little things out from my eyes and mind to do…..once again thank you so much….

  50. Keywords via Simple Tags and trackback links are the most commonly used techniques to increase website traffic. Although it takes a lot of time and effort, the return is worth it.

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