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Thesis WordPress Updates and Offers a Weekend Bonus

Posted By Darren Rowse 31st of August 2008 Blog Design 0 Comments

I’ve been behind checking my email this week and it could have cost you a great deal….

Apparently the fantastic Thesis WordPress theme (see my first impressions of Thesis here) is running a special this weekend. They’ve just updated the theme with some great new features (see below) but if you buy it before the end of 31 August you get another theme from DIYthemes ‘Cosmo’ (a magazine style theme) for free.

The update of Thesis includes:

  • A new ‘design options’ panel which gives you the ability to customize fonts and font sizes. This will help set your blog apart from others using this theme.
  • Also in the design options it the ability to change the layout of your blog by selecting different number of columns and column width.

There’s more new stuff too – see it all at Thesis WordPress theme.

PS: sorry I didn’t post this earlier – I hope it doesn’t mean any of you miss out, it’s been one of those weeks in the Rowse house with sick little guys everywhere!

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  • I’ve actually been thinking of purchasing a professionally styled theme, but I have some reservations in regards to plugins. There are some plugins that I love that I have found do not work well with certain themes and there are times when these problems cannot be overcome causing me to search for another theme.

    Do you know whether or not there is support for the Thesis theme to overcome wordpress plugin compatibility issues?

  • Thanks for the great blog and book. I’ve been lurking around for about a month now and decided to drop a line.

    Sounds interesting. I will be certain to check this out.

  • Thanks for that Darren!

    Thesis seems to be cutting edge…

  • I have been considering buying a professional wordpress theme. I am not sure if the one I have cuts it.
    I will definately check this out for my entrepreneurs blog and see if it cuts it, then I might go ahead and purchase
    Thanks Darren

  • Thank You for letting us know about this. It looks good.
    I’ve spent the weekend exploring a free design by Thematic. They even have weekend support so I think I will press on with that.

  • I just checked it out Darren, and although it is an awesome them with loads of options, I am not sure if it suits my particular blog. If any other designs are released let me know

  • I have looked at the Thesis quite a few times when considering a theme for a new blog idea. I really like the simplicity and design but it sounds like it’s what’s going on in the back end that makes it stand out. Having the design options panel would really help. There’s just something really nice about not having to dig through a bunch of code when you want to make a simple change.
    As far as the deal is concerned, I don’t see any place to view the Cosmo theme? I guess that’s because it’s up and coming? It’s just hard to get excited about a deal like that if you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. I am interested in the idea of a magazine style theme as I have looked at the Revolution Theme with that style and liked it. I’d be interested to know how this one compares.

  • Thank you
    but I’m really short of money…if only it’s around 50$ I’d buy this theme

  • So sorry Darren that I missed saying this in the first comment, but naturally the family comes before the blog and I hope that those ‘sick little guys’ get better soon. I am sure that we all wish for a healthy Rowse household.

  • Oh my, it’s almost too late for me. It’s the 31st of August already here on my part of the globe and my blog earnings have yet to arrive!


    There’s always the next promo as I’ve been wanting to get the Thesis theme since it was first announced.

  • I’m total novice blogger, but I purchased Thesis a little while ago and I’ve got to tell you I’m very happy with it. So much so, that I paid the extra money for the Developers Option.

    It’s a great theme and as I get used to blogging, I’ll be exploring a few more of the features Thesis incorporates.


  • I use the Thesis theme and am very happy with it. With the design options panels it is the most flexible theme I have ever seen, and I’ve literally looked at hundreds. With the new update, you can even choose 1, 2, or 3 column format, change the typography, change the column widths, and a host of other things, all without coding.

    The forum is worth the price of admission alone. If you do decide to modify Thesis beyond its design panels, the forum is the place to learn how to do it. People are doing some amazing things.

    The Cosmo theme is a magazine-type theme.

    Check out Thesis. If you do get it you won’t be disappointed!

  • Thanks for posting. I’m seriously considering purchasing this by tonight.

  • Sheila Atwood

    Just purchased Thesis. It was my goal to pick and purchase a theme this week. This theme fits the bill for me. I really like the simplicity. I have looked at a lot of other themes, but this one seems to cover everything needed for a newbie like me.

  • Just bought it also. I plan to launch at the same time my book’s cover art is released. Not sure about that date yet. but the image space at the top of the sidebar should work perfect for that and for book promo videos.

  • I really want at some point for someone to custom-design my blog (to make it unique and not the same as everyone’s else).

    I like my current theme but I guess it’s always nice to know that your blog is unique. Perhaps when I can get some more income to my blog, I’ll definitely get one designed

  • I bought thesis already but I am not using it just yet since it gets frustrating as I get to open more and more blogs with the same look and feel as thesis.

    The design panel options is great but the options are very limited and you still get to identify thesis theme no matter how much flip-flopping you do in the design themes panel. The only way to look different is code and dig deep into the structure which is not what the marketing of thesis says. And to top it off the structure of thesis was written by a top developer which makes dissecting it really difficult at the beginner and intermediate levels.

    The reason I bought it is because of the lifetime free upgrades and the free cosmo theme. I also bought it as a learning tool as I am starting to learn PHP for now and Cris Pearson seems to write using best practice coding standards.

    But most importantly I trust that Cris Pearson, would continously improve thesis to a point that you don’t have to dissect it like a top class php developer to make your thesis theme unique.

  • Sheila Atwood

    What do you use to design you affiliate sales page? I really liked your design and how easy it was to read.

  • Just bought it too, but cannot download it :-(

    Will that be because it was via an echeque on PayPal? I’ve tried contacting Chris, but no luck yet.

    Looking forward to using it!


  • I bought the developer version a few weeks ago and have been very happy with it. The latest update was a big improvement, and I trust that additional improvements are on their way. Anyone who wants to see screen shots of the current Thesis Options and Design Options pages available in the WordPress Admin interface should look here:

    As far as the Cosmo theme goes, I haven’t seen it and I’m not sure that anyone besides Chris Pearson himself has any idea what exactly it will look like. So I guess we will all have to wait and find out later.

  • I purchased the thesis theme and Chris is super. I love the theme – and it’s been well worth it to have the developers license. I now have many blogs using this them – and its a pleasure to work with.

  • I bought Thesis and…

    – no Gravatars
    – no built-in contact form
    – you can’t edit your own comment

    The free MistyLook I was using before had these things.

    Gravatars are very important to me – they have been in WP for a while, why on earth not include them?

    There is also no clear way to get help, despite being promised it loudly. (I find the forum not much use)

    It’s early days, but I’m frustrated so far.

  • @Robin – Sorry to hear about your frustration. I’ll try to offer some help here. The best way to find something in the support Forum is to use the search feature. For example, I searched on “gravatars” and got a link to the following sticky post:

    The answers to your questions about contact forms and comment editing will vary. In general, Thesis avoids duplicating functionality that is already provided by popular plugins, and there are several that handle contact forms, for example. This does mean that to really customize your blog you’re going to have to learn a bit about WordPress and plugins, which does represent a bit of a learning curve and potential frustrations.

    It looks like you’ve done a fair amount of customizing of your blog already, so hopefully things will improve for you. I notice you like to use Flickr photos. If you haven’t seen it already, my tip on using Photo Dropper with the Thesis Theme might be of interest to you:

    Hope that helps. :-)

  • this is an excellent post , thanks a lot , I’m grateful to you .

  • @Patrick K. O’Brien – thanks so much for your reply. I’ve been in email contact with Chris P now, and he has been very helpful And now I’m embarrassed that I wrote that comment – oh well – live and learn, I suppose.

  • @Robin – No problem, glad things worked out.

    I noticed that some of the things you were looking for are now included in the new release of Thesis, version 1.2. I’ve added another post to my Thesis Theme blog about the new features here:

    Thesis Theme 1.2 Revealed

    Let me know if it proves helpful.

  • @Patrick K. O’Brien – thanks so much for your reply. I’ve been in email contact with Chris P now, and he has been very helpful And now I’m embarrassed that I wrote that comment – oh well – live and learn, I suppose.
    thank you for this