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Thesis – a WordPress Theme Design Worth Considering

Thesis.pngWhat do you get when you take one great blog designer and match him with a fantastic blogger with superb writing ability and marketing skills?

Not it’s not the start to a bad joke and yes the answer could be many things – but today I’m excited because one of my favorite blog designers, Chris Pearson has teamed up with one of my favorite bloggers, Brian Clark from CopyBlogger to put together a fantastic Premium WordPress theme called Thesis.

This theme is already getting some great reviews around the blogosphere (you can see some testimonials here) and it is no wonder – because it’s got some great things going for it including:

  • SEO – WP is generally pretty well optimized to start with but Thesis takes it a step further and gives you every chance of ranking well in Google.
  • Accessibility – this theme will be able to be accessed by those using all kinds of browsers, mobile browsing and those with special needs
  • Customizable – you don’t want a design that looks exactly the same as everyone else’s – Chris has put together a theme that can have different backgrounds, has support for custom CSS and more. You can have rotating images to make your design even more unique. Alternatively you can use this multimedia box show six 125×125 ads, a video or even disable it. All this is done from within WP’s admin (see picture below) – very cool. Check out the ‘showcase‘ page on the Thesis site to see how others have been using the theme already.
  • Feature Rich – it plays nicely with Google Analytics and Mint, manages your RSS feed for you, separates comments and trackbacks, gives you lots of control over whether to show dates and author bylines on posts and much more.
  • Well Laid Out Design – Thesis is easy to get around and quite intuitive for those arriving on your site of all levels of web experience
  • Simple to Use – Thesis is easy to use and while I’m sure Chris will continue to add features and ways to use the theme it’s quite intuitive to get up and running and looking the way you want it.
  • Support – one thing that I love about Thesis is the support forum that Chris has built for those who invests in this theme. It’s already pretty active and covers a lot of the questions that you’d have as someone using it.
  • Free Upgrades – Chris has already released an update to Thesis which gives an indication that he’s still

You’ll want to check out Thesis for yourself – a good place to start is on it’s About Page.

Thesis comes with two license options. The personal license is $87 and the developer’s license is $164. The main difference is that the dev license allows you unlimited use of the theme across as many sites as you like.

If I were starting out today with a new blog and didn’t have the budget to get a custom design or the ability to design my own – Thesis would be something I’d serious look at investing in. In fact if I were starting a blog network today it’d be an ideal investment to grab the dev license as it is a great way to have a variety of blogs that share a similar look yet are customizable.

PS: here’s a look at the fantastic options panel that gives you control over many aspects of this theme (click to enlarge).


About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I’d like to say that the Thesis theme is damn amazing. Its typography and SEO is mouth watering. I’m going to use it for my next blog.

  2. @Ganesh – Be sure to check out the new features in the 1.2 release. I posted about it on my Thesis Theme blog here:

    Thesis Theme 1.2 Revealed

    There are so many new options that I’m having to do a series of blog posts to cover them all. :-)

  3. Yep, this is the one. I love the fact that you can purchase a personal license then upgrade by throwing another $87 to clench the dream deal on this theme steal. Love it… Just Love it!

    Keep Shining

  4. thanks for suggesting thesis. It doesn’t do everything but it is very helpful. Building a website requires A LOT of effort, learning and time. Thesis reduces a lot of that.

  5. Just what I need. I’m looking for a good wordpress designer for weeks….I will check these guys out…

  6. Rich options, but too expansive for me.

  7. Hi Darren,

    Love you blog by the way!!

    I recently have been working as a consultant to hep expand a clients business. I decided a blog was absolutely the way to go in her case in particular. I researched various blogs, and decided that i liked WordPress features the best, but eventually went with Blogger because WordPress wouldn’t allow forms, and i really wanted to include the Feedburner email sign up form, and have the option of perhaps others in the future.

    Now i’m confused… i take it this ‘Thesis’ template is in WordPress, and i see you have forms on your page here. Grrrr… was i mistaken/mislead? My client has already posted several successful post on her Blogger blog….

    I find the Blogger tempaltes very limited, and the features also…

    Any thoughts/advice?


  8. I bought Thesis and am running on my Load of BS blog. Not at all what I expected. I thought it was supposed to be easy to configure but unless you are good with CSS and Hooks it isn’t.

  9. I had earlier heard of Thesis so much.. from so many people that it seemed like a damp marketing squib. But now I stand convinced that Thesis is the best thing to have happened to WP. It is indeed a great piece of code for churning out websites in no time.

    My blog looks cleaner with Thesis. It is simply wonderful that a new-bee like me got started on it in no time. The extent of customisation one can do is great. Kudos to CP!

  10. The thesis site itself needs work. I have been looking for hours for a screenshot of the admin options page, and finally I find it here on problogger!

  11. Thesis’ features look amazing. However, I’m turned off by the price tag. If they can reduce it a bit, then I’ll consider paying for it.

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